Friday, December 30, 2011

Translation of my poem: The Journey Over Convex Shapes!


A Blizzard! Snow! It pushes with violence,
Angry winds, make the heavy thick snow,
Veer to the edge of sight,

As I scale mountains,
And seek crevices, caves, so shallow,

Still, my eyes, which observe green, red and blue to see all colours,
Are overloaded with white,
The combination of all other types of light,

I am overloaded,
My threshold of sight reached,
I cannot see any but white light.

The only heat here is from my body,
But the icy cold surrounds it,
And takes away my heat,
Which saturates,
Into cold!

I am blinded by white,
And losing heat!

Snow surrounds me in isolation,
And hypothermia!

(I wrote this in English others did not understand, so this is the simpler version)

The journey over convex shapes


Points, drawn, they move to the horizon,
Drawn, connected to gravity,
Heavy gravity,
Points, of high frequency,
In a low threshold of space,
The combination of Red Blue and Green,
White light,

And I journey over deep convex curves,
And into concave circles!

And the combination of all red blue and green light: white! This tends towards an overload, to hurting my sense of sight!

And infrared vibrations are view,
All emitted by myself

As this frequently contrasting part of the curvature of our sphere:
Encompasses my infrared light!
Tending towards this threshold,

As over threshold of Red Blue Green,
I travel, all of it,
And dots of threshold Red Blue Green, do overload my sense of Red, Blue and Green: Sight!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I care not for your connections


I care not! I say not! I care not!
I care not for your connections!
With whom you befriend!

I care not for your money!
Or where you come from!

I care only for your integrity,
That you remain in your strong threshold, deepest domain!

Sounds! Silent! To human ears!
Light! So bright! But invisible to us!
Heat! Unseen light!
All these speak to me!

Of integrity,
Domain! Threshold!
Of you to me!

Don't betray me!
Not even for me!

Restore to me,
In your domain,
My threshold, potential strength!
Withhold not in me!

But have a tight threshold against,
What is but been!
Or will be!

Hold true! To Deep threshold,
Deepest cave depths!

Catacombs! Of complexity!
Crystalline trusting truth!
Not insanity!

Hold always threshold!
It is what holds you to contrast!
And not to sinful- similarity!

Who Am I- with you? I don't know who I am, with you- alone~


We spoke!
You speak! Manipulate me!
With words, you move me,
My body, you change and alter me!

I become someone-
Someone I don't know how!

I lose my threshold- on integrity,
I fall! I collapse!
I set myself to you!

And become one with you,
Spiritual set!

Distance I sought!
But nothing can hide!
I am in the threshold of you,
Of your domain,
Your authority over me!

And again!
You Ask- I obey!

Though I resist hours on end!

And my threshold does break!
I do your loving instructions!

I seek after thee!
Ever in your domain!
Never but in you!
In your true domain!



Overload! Threshold Reached!

I squeal with frequency and length!
My form is concave!
I squeal like a teething puppy!

Threshold! Suffering!
Too much,
Sharp! Blunt!
Senses overload!

And I give out,
I squeel!
I release!

Like a small animal!
Overload! Another word!
For pain!

I'm for sale


My Soul! It Isn't Set!
Its Easily Changed!
Easily ExChanged!

My Soul! Don't ya Know!
Is For Sale! For Penny Or For Pound!
I'd do Anything! You See!

My Soul! It's For Sale!
Unreasonable Price!
Easily Charged! Or Changed!
If You Pay Too Much!
I Might Give you An Exchange!

My Soul! For My Life!
Charge My Account,
Before Midnight

Sale Applies While I am Still In Stock!

You Broke me!


A Spectator! I Watch!
As Hurricane! YOU!
Wash Over me!

A Object! Of Affection!
Tossed and Turned!
Thrown Aside, Chewed by You!
Teething Moment!
Of An Adult Woman!

The Satin Black!
The Lotus White!

Lace Upon your Form!
Written Upon your Broken,
Altering Form!

Wash Over me!

You Say- I Say- Say- Say! Say!


You Say I'm Different!
That Others Misjudge!

That you Misjudge!
Say the Truth!

That in Spent, Done, Gone!
You Misjudge!
I play It Again!
You Misjudge Me!

Everyone! Everyone Of You Alone! Do Misjudge!

You Say I am Special!
Not Different Enough!
To Kiss or Violently Hit My Heart!

You Say I'm Different!
I'm Different For You!

The Sanity of Utter Contrast!


The Definition!
Of God! Of Child!

How Great! How Small!
Is the Difference Between Our Only TriUneGod!

Oh! God! Of Bethlehem!
One Child! Who Is Two Men!

Oh! Great Angels!
You Must Weep!
For God Is Born!
God Must Die!

Timeous Mortality!

Eternity in the Tears Of Man!
As Blood! Unchanging Is Spilled!

And Corruption Wins!
Only to Fade!

Not Contrasting of Earth!
But of its nature- Dust!

I Serve a Contrasting God!


I serve a God, Who's One!
I serve a God Who's Three!
I serve a God who is utterly Good!
Who Made The Devil and The Trees!

I serve a Contrast God!
Who made the Garden and the Fruit of Poisoned Deaths!

I serve The God Of Children,
And of Old Age!
Ages Past and Present!

I serve The God of Love! And Death!

Contrast in His Depth!

The Different One


I sought you in the Wheat Fields!
And Upon the light of Day!
At midday I risked a burning sun!
I sought you in the Night of Day!

In the difference of the quantum Mechanics Quantifi-Differentiation!

I Sought you In-a Scarlett Cloth, and Scarlett! And Winds,
As Willows crack after they sway!

I sought you in my Scarlett sparkling Rosé!
And upon the sands of the endless beech! Of Day!

I sought YOU! Maroon! Pink! Magenta!
Different One!
Because I hoped We Were The Same!

And where was this! My Only Hope! Was Chained, made Sameness to Change!

I want Contrast


Death! Life! Same!
Life! Death! Same!

Same! Sameness! Basis! For death!

I want different!
Separate! Saint!

Different! For that is I-
I won't accept same!
Different! Ferent-iation!
I want not death! Different!
A different Death! I want!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Silent Stranded Sounds

Poem by Marc Evan Aupiais

Fiery orange, deathly
beige! Desert Sunset!
Life is fading, to the
blackest dusk!

Ahead a fish-eagle still flies!
As the Sun Thirsty, Does
all too suddenly, hungrily

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Devil's wisdom!


The devil, works in graduation,
Slight variations,

The differences between
Fuchsia and Magenta,
This he delights in!

As the sky is azure,
I assure you, as the clouds,
Are granite and metal flakes!

The devil, loves the detailed secrets,
That most can never know!

The difference between fushia and maroon,
In this too, he invisibly strides!

Love, how you love the sunset,

The infinite shades of twilight, unto dusk!

You trick me!
Bit by bit!

Again! I am yours!
Step by innocent step!
Well-meaning! You pave the ways!
Paths, all head to, and fro!

The closer to you,
And the further away!

Either, as I struggle,
You encompass me,
A bog monster,
A shark, in the thrashing sea!

I fall into you, fushia, magenta! Azure as the skies are Azure!

The gravitons if extant, they break through,
And draw me into!
And drag me in gravity to!

The painted figure:
Of your promises!

My lover,
Thy tryst to call me to a tryst with destiny!

But love is sacrifice!
It is not sin!

My Realisation

Poem by Marc Aupiais

A slave! A man, with no control!

I am a slave, a man with no control!

Pushed back! Forced forth!
By tidal forces, tidal waves!

Broken! Over a surface of the beach! Beech, tryst of the sea winds!
Trade winds,
Of slaving swaying tree!

I realise! No! Now! I am!
I but slave!
To your desires! Of death or love!

My hair does tangle and tear,
Split ends,
The blow in winds!

And slowly! I do age!
And wrinkle, like one chapped in water!

I am your slave,
My hair tangles and swirls in the tidal breeze!
Nearby the beach on the beech,
Under the branches!
I sit near a breech!
of the beech! Treetops!
Nearby the rocks, tormented with affectation, on the beach!

I am a slave to you,
Drying skin, split ends,
My vision may start to go!

I am a slave to you!
All through my li...fe!

Love, where to now!!?
Shall you free me- to love you!!?!!



I turn on the water
Col!d Ho!t!

I sit, causally(casually)(lly), utterly nonchalant! In my somewhat!
Warm! Cold! Bath!

M!practicing(practising)! so!unds!
Of languages! As !Y!Y!E!T!
Except in the heart of the course depths of a heart!
Court, caught!
U!p! In s!O!U'N!Dssss!

And it sounds!
In the distance!
It calls,
Like three talon($sssssss) claws!
The Fish eagle cries!

And I try to write down his sounds!

Tseuo Tesuo! Tesoo!

In the limits of Roman Al,ph!'abe•tical sounds!

The beauty of the common creatures


Hello Mr Impala,
I have missed you,
And that black tail between your buttocks,
I say!

He shrugs, as do his 50 temporary wives,
Many with children!
Their secret lovers also nearby!

I look at that African animal!
The tail which keeps away the insectile nuisance,
Very well placed!

Everywhere I see Impala,
Every place I love to see them,
As much joy as my cheetahs,
As wondrous as the Lion!

Truly African,
The Impala and his many many nagging wives!

Everywhere they and Wildebeest run,
Or rather, with Impala- graze!
And they give such joy,
Common, impala!

Beige foolishness!

These flourishing commoners!

Beautiful, common,

Truly African,
Following a common design,

The Impala and his nagging wives!

Common because he's successful!
The Impala, with a hot coal tail protecting his butt!

And his many many many nagging wives!
Their secret lovers waiting nearby,
For a chance to best Mr Impala,

Or sneak a moment with one of his common wives!

Uh-OH I feel something new

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Cold affection, freezing affectation.
Ice is my love,in mountains, where the Zebras graze, all alone.

The glassy ocean,
Thick with loving ice!

Oh!U:h! U:h!O:H!

Was that me?
Was that you?

Who chose this feeling;
Colder than zero or death!
As the Zebras graze,
And Eland shiver,
And the Big Cats prowl the day and night!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The coward within


I am a coward!
In my cowardice is my strength!
In my weakness is hope;
My timidity is my hope,

My basis is stronger than,
But platitudes on tin cans,
My hope is deeper than,
The words of artists and liars,
Than gypsies on the ship fronts!

My hopes in life,
Swirl and are not lies!

I am a coward,
Held firm by fear,
Hold still, I say!
Secretly, I am Strong!

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Revenge

Poem by Marc Evan Aupiais

I want you dead, dying painfully over the hours,
I want you hurt, to have destroyed everything, everyone you love,
I want you murdered,
Every bit destroyed,

May poverty take you, infamy destroy your name,
May you have nothing,
Not even your allies or your name.

May you be ended slowly,
Everyone walking by,
No one stopping or caring,
Wild dogs only enemies.

May everything, everyone you hope in, slowly, inevitably be destroyed!
May none of your wealth help you,

This is what awaits you,

And perhaps, were I not Christian,
Catholic to the core,

Somehow I'd enact this scheme,
This desire to end your core!

Yet, this and worse is your fate,

Anyway! For your sins against your God and our core!

Such is hell, is all perdition.
As much you deserve it,
As the prison!

That you made for the rest of us,
With false kindness,
And targeted affection!

A smile for the camera,
A watching of the crowd!

May that pretty smile fade to dust,
And all you love,
Blink, may it be dead and gone,

May perdition overtake thee,
For it is near unforgivable,
What you have intentionally done!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Forged in Darkest Darkness

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Forged in Darkest Darkness,
I must have been,
For the light of your affection,
Splinters into me!

Strengthen in darkness,
Water drowning me like a newly forged blade,
Ancient, arcanum,
I am Secret and I am Set!

In darkest darkness,
You must have loved me,
Raised in my affection,
Like that of the Blind!

In darkest Darkness,
I learned to love you,
And fear every light,
Every sound but your steps!

In darkest Darkness, I learn affection,
But where are you, Affection,
When I need you for all the rest?!

Darkness caress me!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Darkness, turn, swirl,
Like an eel or alligator,
Drowning me in the great river waters!

Darkness fill, splinter, explode!
Darkness, dark night moon, stars, fill my life!

Darkness fill me, darkness and sound!
Darkness overcome me,
Darkness fill my love and life,

Beat of darkness, overcome my night!
Darkness fill me,
Ghosts of dark and night!

Darkness fill my every breath,
Fill my oceans, my cups,
My lakes, and rapid white rivers!

Fill me, Splinter, exploding, Darkened Darkness!

Fill my Soul, Humble Nothingness,
God's Creation,
Before the Eyes of Light!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Poem by Marc Aupiais

If Nice is in France, let's all be very goodly Nice!
But as for nice,
Shall we be nice to oppressors of the weak,
Nice to those who smile,
And us greet?
Nice to Hitler, to him all were quite sweet!

Nice with handsome tips,
Nice to tax collectors,
And soldier men!

Were all ladies nice to all,
Certainly some men would delight!

To be nice is not a virtue,
That I aspire to!

Nice, in France, well perhaps another poem would detail,
That vague concept of Paris, Nice and France;

Friday, October 7, 2011

I concede

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I must abdicate, I concede,
I must disappear, give in,
I surrender, I give up!

I have title! I have right,
But you treat him the owner,
And he you love!

I concede! My heart!
I concede! My soul!
All is not fair in love and war!

But if you choose me still,
Let me know!
Announce with loud noise!
Tell me so!

But I am not one for affairs,
Or such!

Or immoral acts,
Or love and war!

I am timid and soft,
I am a good good guy!

I could never be that evil,
I concede!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Those black frilly lace shoes

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I must admit on seeing them, on you..
By Fashion, my view of you changed!
What fashion, sense!
What beautiful shoes!

How did you come by them,
Was there a second pair,
My my, oh my, what shoes you wear!

And how they put you above the rest!
Why with those shoes,
You go anywhere you want!

You can walk to arizona, and past mexico for lunch!
You can tread the North Pole,
And know exactly about all ice!
And walk to Africa, and through it!
And solve all our problems,

With those beautiful black lace! Frilly high heeled shoes!

Truly! Those shoes are everything!
What would we all be without you wearing them!
We celebrate you,
For your shoes!

Such shoes! You are grand!
Far greater than the designer,
That is a sure truth,
Such shoes!
They elevate you, beyond
The height God set you at!

And set you a throne above the hades!
But love,
Do come down from there for a second,
Listen to me,
Naturally taller than thee!

Those shoes do not spare you judgement,
Not from me or from God!

And dressing to please me,
If not the whole world, with your fashion, love!
It doesn't undo wrongs!

It doesn't make me weep less,
When, wearing such beautiful shoes,
You have a tendency to disappoint:
To put those material things,
Before the truly material to God! And to Me!

So wear those shoes!
But make sure they lift you closer to heaven,
And don't make you bump into the ceiling that is hell!

That you falsely are told,
Is just above!
When the staircase leads only below,
And to disappearing,
And yes! Losing those shoes!
That you can only take to heaven,
In the form of love! And justice!

Not the false perceptions of fallible idiocy!
Not allowed: high heeled shoes in hell!

In heaven perhaps!
Love! But not, love,
If you choose the sinful,
That wish you harm,

As but advantageous sinners want!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Brilliant Saint

poem by Marc Aupiais

Stupidity! ~ Of the heart ~ At war!
We follow us hearts to doom, to doom!
We ought not ~to~ Trust evil, doom!
We ought not to turn to sinners' "sooth"!

We trust again~ Again~ The World!
Golden hours golden time!
We trust again! Again The World!

But Saints and Angels stand Aghast at our sins,
But Saints and Angels! Do not abandon us!

They pray instead on the mountaintops!
On the Distances! On city tops!

And though I foolishness Trust the World,
But a Moment! And It's Proved once again false!

Angel, Protector, Beautiful Saint(s)!

I Pray to Thee,
Three, Free my chains!
Undo my yoke to darkness, Forfeit my sins,
Forget my promises, In Darkest's Dark!
Stop my deception,
Let Lady Lust die!
Stop my foolhardy Heart!
Replace it with one, whiter than
White Rivers' Silt!
And Salt, and Snow,
And the White of my shocked face.

As again the Faith is Proved truth and truth!

Protect Me Angels! Protect Me Saints!
From deception, the woman's evil white gloved hand!

that circles her fingers, and draws in men,
Servant of Hades, Servant of Hell, who deceives all men!
Right unto the grave! Grave Time! When she ceases her game!
Or when her truth, or all truth revealed!

Protect me! Angel;s! Protect me Saint;s!
All Catholic Guardians!
Sift through my soul!
And destroy my wrong!
A New Heart and Soul! Create!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The broken sun hath set, upon the greyest skies of blackest night sky

Poem by Marc Evan Aupiais

The sun! Still! Broken!
I stare! Concerned!
Will it set! Will it seem!
But it stands! Guarding!
It will not release!
Or allow darkness!
Which spills from my chalice!
Upon the hard, dark, brown, black earth!

Ashen clouds! Serenade the sun!
Darkness pledges!
Unity and some!

And the dark! Broken sun!
And disappears,
Red as my rushing artery blood!

And darkness covers every sky!
Even where the sun is up!

And the last sun does set before my eyes!
As in the background!
A grandmother clock, does tick, tick. Tick.

And then, like cardiac arrest,

And then dawn!
When no sun does rise,
Nothing will ever again set!

Joy! Overtake me! Let's make the truth set!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Joy is yellow! Orange on the burning of the night breeze!

Joy is vibrations! My soul!
Screams! Squeals, Giggles!
With vibrations of happiness extremes!

Oh! Joy! How orange!
Now honeycomb!
And joy! You full me!
You saturate, inebriates!
My veins, arteries,
And side roads to everything that does truly,
My soul now please!

Joy! Oh! Joy!
For I have taken then world!
And placed it as a stone!
In front of a tomb grave!
And it was removed!

Joy! Christian soldier!
In everything!

Seeking... In the blackness of day

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Priest he said... Be aware!
And I was! I sense God everywhere!
I sensed him in the wind,
The cool night breeze!
In the trees! They rustle and tan green leaves!

In the combustion of the car's engine!
As it rushed past me!
Full of pollution!

I sensed God in my knees;
Aching from kneeling!
And in the pretty girl I met!
Also confessing!

I sensed God is grey black once tar, upon the sky!
A painter's ashen,
Crucified brush!
And in my cold hands and face!
In the wind of a breeze!

I sensed him as the breeze did storm;
And grey clouds,
Covered! Storm!
Storm! Overtake!

As sunset skies,
Orange red!
Redeeming! Darkness!
That is! Water! Blood!

And I smile! I am overjoyed!
With my friendly lover upon air and skies!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Poem by Marc Aupiais

My life! My life! My life! Is
mine alone! I lift it up! I
lay it down! It is not yours
to take! It is mine!
My life! Alone! And

My life! Love!
No longer do I protect;
So especially! That I may!
Only ever die for you! Love!
It is my life now!
My risks to take!

You have passed on me!
And my life is mine!

What is mine:
My life!
My body!
My mind!
My soul!

I take back from you love;
They are all God's alone!
God's alone! They are!
My life:


Dearest love, be gone, even dead, storm winds, blow away you, instead!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Dearest love, be gone, even dead, storm winds, blow away you, instead!

And as you, in darkness: tread,
Do not neglect;
The pool to miss, as you
throw the ducks your bread!

May you be dead;
In my Heart;
My Muse;
In my Mind;
Now, and forever,
It is, Amen!

As forward I move!
From the night!
To the dear, dear, dear light!
As around me birds fly:
Before the deadly storm,

Like a rat, abandon ship,
As you did; long past 12!
I have now, also said!

Death, to an American

Poem by Marc Aupiais

They insist!
Upon their human rights!
As long as they serve their human interests,
Not saving human lives!

They teach us morals ...
Of sorts,
And are anti-heroes!
Any wise parent is quick to oppose!
And with evil: them appose!

On the Television set...
In magazines, and multi-colour printing spread!

Enemies to all!
Especially in their death!

"Death to America",
Such an easy phrase,
Wolf's bane! ...that kills all but not them!
Bane to the world!
911 call the world Police!

And as another American dies,
All mourn!
Ignoring the thousands of the rest of us!
For the Celebrities!
The wrongly celebrated fews!
As the rest full cassettes, caskets and pews!

And write fan letters,
A million, billion tweets!
And Facebook treats!

For members of this Army,
World Police!
As bit by bit our cultures die!
And all that was deep in the world,
Is replaced by false truths!
Filmstrip thin!

As all, worship!
These! Our world police!

And indeed: "Death to America";
Is the words of worship, of praise!
An acknowledgement to slavery!
To jealousy,
Green as Al Qaeda steam!

No! World Police,
Our service is to God,
Not their God,
The real one!

Dearest loves!
Ignore America, please!

Do not mimic, or worship them,
Or their mass destruction weapons, please!

We must be better!
You must now, must now,
What we see, see!

And ignore the juggernaut,
The death bringer,
In so many orphaned lives!

This is what not, ignoring,
America achieves!

Truths.. Impracticable..

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Swirling waves, breaking sways!
Once you were my centre;
But the centre would not hold!
There are Dreams we'll never achieve! And people we must forever forsake!

Evermore! I walk in dusk!
Apart from you! Dearest Moon Goddess,
My night!
And Upon The Diety Of the Universe!
I leave my Card, and Trust!
In God alone!
The perpetual Lion!
Who helps and Destroys!
All who Ever Live!

Today! I Am!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

To Spring Clean Our Lives;
We need not Only Confess, our lives!

This I realise,
As I throw out my Indian Canoe!

What we Are! What We are not!
I throw out my compass,
I chuck out my green coloured map!

I chuck out the dreams: ... I know I'll never achieve!

I neglect my hopes in the difficult,
And focus on the everyday!

I cease to care; for that to which I need not care!
I forget your face;
Which took so long to find;

I neglect our dream;
There's no point in it!

Whatsoever! Love! Forever and Evermore!
We are done!
Live your life!
But please!
Ulterior! Always avoid!
Me and my life!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't you worry about a thing

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Don't you worry about a thing,
When you are dead,
You won't need much rest!

And we'll put your ashes
in the church amongst all
the rest.

And don't concern your
self with the music;

I'm sure will enjoy your
funeral! None the less!

And in Death They'll talk
about you as in life!

As though you truly were
not still there!

But don't you worry,
You won the rosette,
Best in show,

And don't neglect you to

A lifetime membership,
And this and that!

And your children,
We will not neglect to take;
And change from what
you set out and up;

Don't you worry about a thing;
All is set for the dead!

And that trumpet you
To announce your
presence to the world

So kind of you,
After death to donate to me!

Ahh! What a wonderful thing death is;
Oh!? Are you still here!!!!

Sure be: sign quickly here;
Here and here!

For all is best in death;
All is quite good!

Oh! And remember to pay me!
Don't neglect your debts!
Or we'll have your children in the prisoner's debts!

Now! Enjoy your flight;
They always say heaven's
And so many are visited
by the dead!
But just in case,
I hope you don't mind!

We truly would like to eat
that cake you used to

As we forget .. You ever existed..
Dear : me : what a terrible waste!
Before or after the wake!

As the clock does strike;
And the funeral
Procession all well paid!

Tell me you left a good
... legacy for the children

Don't tell me,
Its all been spent aways...

Dear dear! What a waste!
And your debts to me,
That old banjo I fancied,
Old buddy, old Pal!?

Sign quickly now!
We don't want you to fade!
Just yet! Now!

That Banjo! Remember it!?

Can't you hear: inaudible sounds

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I sat and had a chat with God.
Inspiring as it was.
I do rue to regret!

I had a chat with God!
I asked him where he learnt to forget!
How he, forgiving let you,
And others take what's mine...

I had a chat with God.
A simple, ordinary chat!
We went though a whole pot of tea!

And I asked Him!
How it is, you got so rich,
When the good, and sinful alike,
Toil under his curse!

And he answered me quite in full,
He mentioned you by name,
This God!
And offered me a cup of blackest coloured tea!

And we discussed horses,
And ponies,
And human mankind!

And birds and bees,
And humanity, your sleaze!

And he explained to me the fate of all,
This God! Of Almighty!

And as dusk neared,
Twilight overcame,

And I asked him a favour,
A simple one!

His company again for tea,
I truly enjoyed it!
Pleasant it seemed!

The problem, sadly is:
I must invite you,

So if you'd only be quiet,
And over your head a paper bag,
I think no one will have trouble,
Bringing you,
You see!

Talking to myself

Poem by Marc Aupiais

All alone. No one there.
I started a conversation.
With myself!

Slowly in my mind,
Then near whispers,
Inaudible sound,
I whispered what I spoke in mind,
And soon sang,
And a song did sing!

Of castles, dungeons, armour pieces,

You ask!

But no! This is not my song so I sing!

My song all my own,
A beat on the bar does sound!

And I sing!

And I sing!
And in my mind I write a song!
Height and depth!
My voice does sound!

Creative... Inspiring... To me! It's all that matters you see!

And as I sing, I enter rhythm and breathe!
I fall into the ocean water!
So blue-green!

A green pool!
A reservoir!

Nearby a green snake swims,
And beyond is a Lion,
Quite bayish! And yellow!

And I sing upon the mountaintops!
Slowly regurgitated my thoughts, opinions, beliefs!

And as I sing! I find a freedom!
And a death!

Death to Ghost of
Depressions past!
As hope anew has set!

And my own new song I sing,
Simple to some,
But mine each time!

A unique Aupiais melody!
Me alone! Moi! I alone sing!

The moment that wasn't... Us

Poem by Marc Aupiais

For a moment yours,
A moment, not much longer,
A moment repentant,
Of my choice to leave you!

You, not interested in my good,
You, only interested in my bad,
And in gaining selfish,
Whatever cost,

Whatever harm is done to me!

For a moment I was yours!
That moment has passed!
You, lying evil,
Truth but fantasy!

Darkest eclipse of our sun!
You, faithless spectre,
Monster in mists,
Of time and space!
Daemon of sorts,
Evil force!

A Ghost, super-preternatural!
Leave! Be Gone! Forever! Evil! Ghost!

You are not welcome in my life,
No more!

And to Hell I'd send you,
If power to, was my force!

Instead, Ghost of past!
I walk forward!
Slowly into Dawn, from Dusk!

Be gone Ghost!
You are not welcome here evermore!

Ghost of Guilt

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I'd do anything, commit any sin,
Hurt anyone, as much as need,
If only to escape your grip,
Skeletal skeleton hand,
Rub against my neck, my back,
Grasp my shoulder and my sparks!

I try escape you, any sin,
Anything to cover the curtain,
To hide the stage!

You are pain, suffering!
Ghost of guilt! You make me rue!
But goodness cannot come from you,
I weep I fight,
I'd commit any sin;

But you remain, Ghost, Ghost,
You remain!

And control my life; in entirety!
Thus affect me;
Ghostly Ghostly Deathly Saint,
Of Guilt,
Of death,
Of Destiny!

And I weep!
Any sin I'd commit,
To escape your grasp for good!

Any sin,
But you are with me always,
Deathly Ghost!
Your hand upon me,
Your breath in winds,

Oh! Ghost of Guilt,
Wilt thou not head for hell,
Or leave me be?!

But you are with me!
Until the end of the age...
Beyond... And beyond Death shall we both wade!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I sensed My god in the Chapel!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I Sensed My God! In the Chapel!
I sensed My god in the crypt!

I sensed him here!
And... I sensed him down below!

I head to.. Awake from my God!

Fie! I tell you! Leave the forest of my Life!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

If you kiss another,
I do not desire this to feel;

If you hold them, caress them,
Think of them, or lust!

Exclude me, do not seek me!

As I head into the forest!
Dark and Gloomy Green!
Evergreen trees!
Top the sky in dusky dawn and dark!

And as I head from athens in this Midsummer night!

I ask! Do not follow me!
You are not welcome love!

I flee not to marry you,
Or seek a true love,

But to flee you! Eternal dove of love!
For while I despise you and run,

Even there I sense,
As again you kiss another's lips!

And so do not follow me hence,
Nor let me sense!

For your life! Fie!
Do not follow me as I leave!

As I leave you from all my love!
And seek another life!
Not yours! Which is your own to use and despise!

Do not follow me love!
This Black Forest!

That is lack of you!
Do not follow me love!

I flee Athens to Flee you,
Do not follow me as I flee!

Foul lady of love!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

If you'd Only Leave Me ..

Poem by Marc Aupiais

If you'd Only Leave Me Love ..
Think of this,
In stead!

With you! I brave waves, oceans, mountain, in my stead!
In my bed I sleep, past them!

Hospital I do not fear,
And though I hear weeping, quivering moaning scared!
Weeping grave at a loss,
And should my country fall in its stead!

Still, unless without you,
I can take this in my stead!

And should all I care for vanish,
Even family, friends and health!

Should I have you, this is nothing,
I take it, I accept!

But should you Only Leave Me!
A pin prick, and any smallest thing I cannot bare and or share!

And things fall apart quite quickly!
My centre cannot hold!

They ask why I want marriage.. As though it were restrictions on my .. Happiness

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Some men say they want freedom, or other weird ordinary shared,
For me I only want you,
My love, and the space in my bed!

Some men, they want these threesomes,
I truly would not want,
Though love if you insist,
It won't benefit me,
The thought of any other,
Would result in throw up, puke instead!

The thought of another woman near you love,
Touching my girl instead,
I'd cry and weep and weakly stare,
Out the window or cover my eyes!

My soul attached to your soul,
Long ago and in my heart instead!

Some think casual sex is freedom,
What a prison upon my bed and head!

Rather love! I want betrothal,
And marriage, wedding bells ring instead!

And I get you all, freedom,
Only you to bed!

Do you want Toast With Butter, Milk and Chicken eggs?

~And now you face a choice- make it well- permanent

Poem by Marc Aupiais

This is my request, this is my argument, my hook, my line, my rehash,
I love you I say,
You I do not loath,
But you have a choice to make,
I whisper in your ear lobe!

Do you side with him,
Do you side with me,
An opportunity to prove-
Waiting nicely now!

Where do you lie,
Where sit you down,
Where do you play dead,
Or sick or alive?

This is your chance!
One day first day of them,
You time to prove true, truer than true,
Or to prove quite false, and true to dear me,
You cannot be both ways,
Both ways is a sham!

And so as you do choose!
What will you give away,
Up and away!
As winds do blow you close!
To decision anew!

And I will let you make!
The choice permanent!
The choice permanent!
Where you sit is where you lie!
And you've then dug your grave!
Where shall you attend,
With the devil and his lot?
Or shall you be sick,
And give it all a miss;
And miss it with stylishness,
And with some class!

If it is pretend, then pretend it no more,
And if it has been real,
Prove what you will,
Of what is now not,
And never will again,
Or never will again,
Or never will again!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Your remains

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I look at the ripped up photo,
Collected together pieces,
Let's call them your remains,
Like an ashen casket set!

I look at them and mourn you,
And miss you like fiery winds of hell,
Upon the desert plains!
Of the tundra, of my soul's hopes!

You were once my warm hope,
You were once my love,
Why I woke and why I slept,
Why I breathed or spoke a note!

And yet, to me is nothing,
And for me you do not will;
This testimony you gave,
This is what's read out!

And I look at your ashes,
Hardly ashes yet!
A few smooth ripped up photographs,
And the haunted soul of my heart led,

But I was never yours;
You were never mine;

A ghost I miss indeed;
All my hopes were of you;
Who only ever lies;
Wherever, any plateau ends!


Poem by Marc Aupiais

As we do part, a few things should be said:

I do not wish you well;
I shall not see you through;
I do not want your good;
Or feel pride at your success;

I hope you die in regret;
Yes; I do hope; just that you do;
I hope you die in Regret;
Too True Too True;

And that you are hurt ...
Injured to the core;
As much as you hurt me;
Abused to the core;

Dearest love unfair; unfair; oh we well!
To the Wishing well;
Where you wished for... Yourself!

And now as we do part;
Though you parted long ago;
If ever you knew my name;
I hope it you regret!

And as the night of day;
Becomes the day of knight;
I hope your shining armoured one;
Is delayed .. Is too late!

And when it is your turn;
I hope it is ... Much worse;
I hope the heavens fall;
And crack upon your hopes;

And destroy your dreams;
All those phony friends;
In this tango that is life;

Comeuppance is regime!
And to hope: but anticipate!

Farewell to Love;
Love was Never ... YOU!
Sadly I say in truth;
Love was Never In You!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The bed YOU'll Never know ... Love

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Bed You'll Never Know-
Art By Marc Aupiais
(c) Marc Aupiais
The Bed I think of, Love, You'll never know,
Nor the feel of my skin, Nor my warmth in the long cold nights and night!
Your youth you spent partying, Mine I spent suffering,
And When I called out, You were not found,
Or another's arms embraced, when I most needed your so dearly delicate touch!

The Bed 'f Dreams, In This, Our Sleepiness ,
Where Once, so far apart did we fantasize a life!

A Life No More, For in my hopes it is dead and gone,
As With Your Heart, Long Gone,
As This, Our Room, I keep From You, And Any Other, Love!

This Bed Of Dreams, Matrimony,
I Keep From You Love, As You Keep From Me!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Enfant Canvas ... Infant Child

Poem by Marc Aupiais
Infant Canvas .. Moi
Art by Marc Aupiais (c) Marc Aupiais ..
Enfant, Enfant, not Olifant, Enfant!
I am an Infant, A Child,
Or thus is my stylised Art!

It truly is African, she says,
It's Interesting,
Like a Child's impression,

And as for the poem, I'll show you a collection,
An Anthology of your best,

It... Certainly highlights your views on the current events;
But I am in no state to judge .. I had not time enough ..
Though You asked if I had! Time Enough,
And I said Yes,

But I just don't understand your art,
And You Need an Objective Eye To Select ..

And Did I say In-Fant, I meant Elephant!
Olifant, Olifant!

Like A Child drew it, you see, This beautiful work,
I wouldn't hang on my wall ..

Enfant Enfant Enfant Moi
Infant Infant Infant .. child .. Eternity Marc Marc - it -ing Me..
You See!

Rhino.. Canned.. Africa - Stranger..

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Rhino.. Stranger

The Rhino.. Stranger.. Stranger yet in a Can..
Africa on the side, tin from our or Chinese mines...
If the government doesn't take them we might call them OUR.

On this continent the Western World So Hates.
Enough to flood our market with inferior goods, Aid and Aids,
Immorality hand in hand with cheapness and poor taste.

And our  animals and game you take,
Our dictators you periodically replace,
As canned Rhino's are set free to hunt,
Once a year or whenever it pleases you to take,
You Set our horn, upon the mantle place?

And set our hopes all ablaze,
With the Freedom of Promises, and false love,
Yes, Love - You Also and Too, Western Westerner,
Upon The Africa Ranch -
Before you hunt and leave in great big plains.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Flags that Bind

Poem by Marc Aupiais
Flags that Bind
Art By Marc Aupiais (c) Marc Aupiais
The diving man,
You remember him,
The man who dived before the world,

These flags that bind,
These bonds that sever and destroy!

And Your icons, wear upon the breast,
Icons, symbols, necklace, chain,
The flags of wealth,
Insignia of power,
Flags that bind,
Society That Crumble,

Apart from God, to money aligned,
Or some other flag, Unimportant,
Some archetype,
That seems more important,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Choice

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Life is short as a piece of string,
Figurine, as long as the nile mean!

Life is short, as you ballet dance,
A shortened dress,
Lewd to some!

Life is short, life is long!
Long as an aeroplane circumnavigation, and some !

And I sit and watch my life go red, orange red,
Before my life!

Inhibition to truth disappeared!
Long ago, it disappeared, with fears!

And I watch myself outside myself!
Wrestle for life!
Fight! And I will take the winner's side!

In this choice!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lala's Spectacularly Stupendous adventures in the Land of Nodding Llamas

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Lala's adventures in Llama Lands- Art! By Marc Evan Aupiais
No Unauthorised use permitted!
La.. La... lalala You sing, as you tamp along,.
Greeting all, especially the happy,
Singing you tramp, and skip and hop...
In a fantasy, for your own creatings...

You smile, you own all, and do all,
You save all who need, and you draw attention,
Away from need, Distracting, with strange, immoral routines,
Oddly distracting, teaching different values, in a different world,

A fantasy. Where your actions do good... Not long term bad...
Where all who oppose you, are kept from your sight,
And every word, is an attack, if it slightly smells of truth not fun...

Surrounded always by immoral friends,
Discussing all your immoral achieves..
As broken planes and broken panes, and pains,
Do set up, Your conscience is satisfied,

Uneducated delinquent in the realities,
You think you've saved a million lives...

As you sing of lala in Llama Land,

Surrounding you with those who think you help, not hurt,
And forget us, the billions you've truly hurt!

Forget us, as you nod off, amidst nodding Llamas,
Who never tell truth, to you, anyways, Love,
Nod off, Sing Dance, or !AWAKE! !!
Least you cause me and the world quite a permanent ~WAKE!

Babe, upon a cradle of deluded dreams;
Whoever you step on, you only help, they say,
Praising your every mistake in Llama lives,
As a million souls: you trade as slaves Eternally; for at-tentative, attentive attentions, smile!
And Condemn those who love you most, for smiles~

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Leaders head us to hell- sweetened deal, though not ours, alone the joy of damnation theirs!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Gost of the Tempest Horses by Marc Aupiais; Art Copyrighted! No Unauthorised Use!

To HELL! Onward! They scream,
It's the only way! Onward they scream;
As though Adulthood is by sin,
And commerce cannot exist without sin!

To HELL! Onward;
And any who recognise us for who we are;
Are But Jealous, of our reward!
We the Devil's Nights, We lead you on our Frantic Steeds,
A Train Up To Hell, We will let you do as you please!

Every Immorality for fashion,
And for scandal if you please:

The Very Word Jesus chose for the worst sin,
That for which any capital punishment, Even Genocide is better!

ONWARD! To hell! And judge only the Christian soldier,
And any who oppose us,
Or warn we're TAKING YOU To Hell!

Worship US! Demi-Gods, Presidents, actors, hypocrits, liars, singers (of immoral songs), performing money making, Powerful People,
And Most of All, The Celebrated, Nights of Hell!

And don't you dare suggest! We're Going to Hell,
We'll do as we please, only the jealous, and prudent go to Hell!

So is the voice of the world, do you join them love?
These Angels who are truly devils?

For sometimes the devil you don't know is God, or an Angel,
But these, and their way, to justify, still?
And add the souls of babies, and others,
Onto the roasting fires of hell!

Justice Blind, for now, as the devil pulls his curtain across,
But not God, love, if you join their flock now,
You'll JOIN THEM In Hell! Love!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Eye that Cried snow, and ice, still cried!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Crying Eyes of the Ice Celestial - Art by Marc Evan Aupiais
Copyright Marc Aupiais! All Rights Strictly Reserved!

The Eye that cried, snow, cried Ice, Still, Love, it cried and cried;
And in the warmth, still, Ice, Cold, It cried,
And No Warmth could comfort the icy Crying Eyes!

In Paradise it still Cried;
And with every success, wept the snowy dark eyes!
The Eye Wept and Wept,
It wept Love FOR YOU,
These Crying Eyes,
Are mine!

In Heaven Even, when no tears are cried!
For I love You, Always, Eternity, Love;
Me and My latent Crying All Seeing Eyes!
Of Fate Love,
Of Love! Itself! The Truth Fabric,
That Lieth Not!

My Soul, opened, wide!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Tempest: My Soul Reveal! Art by Marc Aupiais! Copyright Marc Aupiais
All Rights Strictly Reserved!

Skeletal instruction skeletal in structure,
Like a manta-ray, did my soul's chest open wide,
Grey in Matter, as a feeding fish might!

I opened you, to you,
I opened me within.
I showed you my lighted darkness,
My shadows deepness within.

Why I trust you,
I know it not!
As I vulnerability become!
As I break and force my hopes!

My soul opened up, I let you in!
And there you stood Scalpel, or lancet in hand,
To hurt or heal within!

As my soul's eye drops a single tear,
Upon your almost black hair within!

Why, I trust you, but am I safe!

A Scalpel, a Lancet Within!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Forest and my soul- a poem - 2009y/04d/05m

Image by Marc Aupiais- All Rights reserved!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Alone.. the forest I brave, I view the twilight serenade...
In Deathly silence do I wade:
The darkened trees, make the stroll an escapade:
Desperate, the silent night's knife drives me on,
Alone, lonesome, terrified, I hardly dare a glance, a breath

All alone I stroll: abandoned by you,
Apart from hope,
Broken, and terrified I walk:
Desiring that you be here to be,

Separate do we, stroll, and walk ...walk: through the wood, and onto the deathly ice!
Hope now wavers: truth near shattered,
In the forest, my soul vibrates!


Poem by Marc Aupiais

There's silence about it all-
All noise quite distantly background!

Grey! Though colours exist!
Grey! And dark!
In the cold of dark,
Colours faded tangerine!

Into greyest of all backgrounds, grey!

There's something I want to say,
As dawn with my heart,
Sculpt a play!
And all, copper grey!

Destroys my heart,
But peach more, then just staid!

For copper forms can do no harm,
Breath, and life,

Beyond sage!

Coldness within

Image by Marc Aupiais- Copyright! No unauthorised reproduction allowed!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Coldness! Is eminent!
Imminently, I must sense!
I am warmly dressed! In this land!
Infinity Minus-
All in reverse!

I am cold! My arms, my legs,
My heart! Frosted away! With melting ice!

And the sun cannot warm away my cold- icy-cold!
No heat can!
Nothing impacts!
On this cold!

I sit here,
Frozen in invisible ice!
Unable to move-
This cold- too cold!

Frosted over,
Covered under the icy snow!
Invisible! You cannot see!
Likely will never discover me,
Invisible for all the ice you see!

I sit here! In the icy cold!
Imagining a cross-hatch,
Image in an adventure book!

I am so cold, all of me is cold! So cold! Too cold!
You have covered me,
Hid me,
As you focus on your ice, and glaciers!

I am invisible,
More so than ice!

I am so cold!
Coldness takes my heart!
My life!

My breathe, drained white,
Soul! On snow!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Poem by Marc Aupiais

You want me to hide it;
My feelings on life;
Silence wins,
You say;
Illusion conquers;

You think I don't know that;
That I'm some pity pitiable dish;
If I'm broken so be it;
So be it if I'm crumbling;

Like Sparta: you tell me not to; not to scream;

If I'm broken so be it,
My integrity is everything~
If I'm broken so be it-

I'm not gonna hide it and be ashamed~

I don't play your life, shame, name games!

Books were my friend.. When I was a child

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Books my friend..
Characters my best mates,
As a child! I read! I read!
I escaped! I read!

And past bedtime, I read!
Instead of homework!
From novels to Quantum Physics,
Primary School Marc!

And that was me,
Fascinated with the world!
Hiding my many pains,
In an Invisible trove!
Just for God!

But the books changed,
As did life!

And here I am!
Reading old books!
In a language many can't understand, their claimed own!
With happy endings;
Which no longer exist!
To me!

In a world, where rules:
Lies; fantasies!

And the honest are to be condemned!

I wonder at my oldest books;
Of something called

... ...
... ... ...Christianity~

I press pause on life, but it goes on, I just don't see, where it goes on!!?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I pause the medium,
It stops!
I can rewind!

Not life! I can't rewind,
I pause. It goes on!
I am worse! Worse off for my break!
The tortoise beat me!
I took a pausing break!

And I blinked! The world changed!
All I valued, All I had!
Had almost begun,
But fades!

And I wonder,
Am I alive yet?

Life doesn't take a pause!
And here I am, behind!
An enemy,
Because I'm too Real!
Too true,

In the world;
Where Illusions Rule!

If there were a heaven for me, Blackness would be imminence, eminence

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I look at the world,
So bright, too bright, flashing lights!
Imminent voice,
Eminent noise,

As the evil always win,
And the soft, become brittle,
Turn to dust!

Your world, love, you encourage it!
All complicit,
In this game,
Of light!

No! If there were hope for me,
Blackness, in it I'd cede!

To nothingness! Void!
Away from the tempting lights of false hope!

This Universe, is all alone!
None in it are company!

To emptiness I'd fight!
But none of it is in sight!

Only the consistent inconstant.. Voice of Noise!

You recite to me, the peculiar rules of play

Poem by Marc Aupiais

You recite these, rules, don't cry wolf,
You speak of these, games, don't cry, wolf!

You speak riddles,
And ignite hopes!

In this desperate world!
Where you take, and I mayn't hate!
You, have, of no truth but co-incidence!
And I've nothing,

No future or incredibly bleak!
A pencil drawing,
You rub, oh joyous glory,
But only to erase,

For the sin,
Of being what I am,
And mortal, I Am,

My Fairytale! Ending!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I look at you, hardly sad,
Affected, not affected!
You live your life,
Breaking mine!

As I struggle,
I break!
I am the wall keeping me in!
My mind is a prison!
Holding me in!

As I leave this world,
I am with you!
But the fall back to graveyard earth,
Hits me like a broken shovel!

As I conjure a thousands millions magic spells!
Illiterate in your broken world!

Punished, scapegoat for others' sins!
In a world that doesn't judge them.
Though it condemns me, in my sickness,

Vindictive for judging!
I fall again! I fall! Again!

Closer than ever,
Reality again!

It's a shame! A real shame!
I say!

As colours re-emerge!
Life goes on,
My life!
In this desert winds,
Fiery earths!

A broken soul,
Walks a broken world!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Poem by Marc Aupiais

Twilight sunset,
Breaking Dawn,
Upon the broken terrain,

Perfect weather,
Serene terrain!

Everything you have,
To make you possessor of all your miniature lands!

To make you queen of your dreams,
Beyond a broken steam!

Everything is yours,
In your infant mind!
Queen of infants everywhere,
Acting just like them!

Everything is yours,
In this land of Nod!

But you don't have me;
But you won't have me!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anyone but you!!?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

They said you did right, I know not!
You're incapable, of good,
Inconstant, foolish girl,

I look at the fork,
In the road!
I see our paths,
Gradually move apart!

Sadly, knowing your fate,
Foolish girl!

I know your path, where it heads,
As the world, ass, hopes,
You'd do right! And not bray!

They know not you,
Your foolish discontent! Your deadly disconnect!

And I cry! Because I love you!
Foolish ancient am I!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Great Un-great Dead

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Mr Lincoln, Republican,
Slavery, civil war, Democrats,
Kill him,
"Great American President";

So goes the obituary,
So works the Western way!

The greatest men are dead,
For cause, whether theirs,
Or accident!

And if not dead,
They made sure to kill,
Blood alone makes a nation!

And in Africa,
To be in prison is great,
And Others acts make you so!
Sporting events,
Bowing to the West!

While pretending to oppose it!

The Great Men, Living and Living Dead!

Who attack minorities;
Who call for our deaths;
Want our property;
To take away our sleeping beds!

Not much different,
Than the great,
Great American presidents,
And the Indians they wiped out!
Or the great South African President,
The Great Kruger,
Who put Animals before man!

And while America committed Genocide,
South Africa,
Enforced cheap labour!

As we do even now!
Under our Great Presidents,
Enslaving little Asian boys and girls!

BRIC by Brick,
We and NATO,
Build Un Monde,
One world,

On born and unborn,

And minorities,
Are ignored,
However vital,

For the special interest,
Minority made up.
Or of actions, for the day!

The Great Western Presidents,
Who take away innocent lives,
Making them seem Great!
Killing children, indirect,
And their own children,
Destroying their wake!

The Great Westerners:
Who know how to praise;
Their own names!

Not the humble,
Who serves truly God, truth!
And you, love!
And you love,
Not his own inflated Mr Material "His-Self"!

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Man on the local street

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The man, is there,

Eyes yellow as the grass!
He intends me harm-
He eyes my stuff, my property!

I feel, I fight, I wage, I salary, or stood tight!

And he couldn't take what's mine!

The man was elected,
The man on the street!
By others like him!
Eye'ing my house,
What's all mine,
My estate!

And as a government,
These men took it,
And the businesses too!

They ran it!
Right into the ground!

And there is my house,
Now an empty plot!

The man on the street,
Yellow eyed,
Eyes now your house!

The uneducated outnumber!
In this numbers game,

Where the outnumbered good,
The laws forbid we, arbour fight!

Be our nation Catholic, or our heart white!

And elsewhere,
The persecuted wise,
Are different,

But the evil,
Uneducated fire-mongers,
Still desire to take,
And cannibalise,
Their house!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don't sing love songs to --about--me

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Don't sing love songs--
You fickle thing--
Prickly as a pear--
Miss little thing--

Don't sing songs of love--
That fickle thing j'adore!

Don't! For I know you--
Prickly fickle thing--

Not serious about life--

Always smiling--
Pickle smile--
Prickly smile--
Fickle smile!

You fickle fickle thing, Love!
Ah! Fickle! Fickle Pickle!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dreadfully, so

Poem by Marc Aupiais

It's... So I said,
Dreadfully dreadfully so,
Sad? Is it not?
Terribly Terribly sad!
Enough to make a good day bad?!

Indeed, enough to,
To drain the yellow sunshine from my hopes, stars, dreams!

That bad? Indeed, that!

And I sit, discontent,
On yellow sand,
By the river bed,

And see my glumly unhappy reflection,
Sparkle and fade,
As fish fly and fade,

That bad, I said,
And continued,

On my way!

The washed, dry paper

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I look at my world,
Colours fade,
And fade into streams;
Washing has become;
The slate wiped clean;
They said;
Almost clean;
Vivid colours;
Like quicksilver on a rock bed;

And here I watch;
As my world;
Is slated clean;

Wiped away;
Washed away, that's me;

Washed up,
Into the wash;
Plenty a brag;
From a fading past;
But uncaring,

I sit; head down;
Memory fading;
Vivid colours;
Greys, and whites;
Memories fading;
I- nothing;

Upon a blank-er-ing page!

I get up, I slip, I fall

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I get up, I slip, I get up, I fall;
As the weight upon my shoulders;
Somewhat, like your world!
I am pulled down with it,
Down flight and flight,
Of stairs, I take a flight!
Upon your flight, your stairs!

And fall and fall and fall;
Down the corridor of Our Time;
And Our Love; and Songs;

And I fall;
Forgotten; in your self-love;

I fall; as air wishes past;
I, Air, recycled, in your lungs!
I, Waste, upon your disposable trash!

And I wonder, why!
You treat me thus, why so much unholy fuss!?

As you laugh at me,
Quite to my face;
By acting as though;
I frankly don't exist!

Invisibly; a character in a book;
At which you poke;
With inconsistent kisses;
The foolish-lying;
Upon the gullible;

What Are they to you?
Musician; Magician;
Actor who sells souls;
With tricks; of eye;
You win my pledge!
And upon my soul;
Inconsistency; in songs;
Death, sadness did beget!

Injustice; the mark upon;
Injustice: the mark upon:
And I fall;
Into the waiting sun;
Ashen, remains,
Seeking some Sun!
Slightest Release!

But instead,
You laugh;
And play,
With long thin pianist fingers;
My very heart!

Vibrating my soul;
As you throw it away;
It is; you say; Our Modern Way;

To please a man;
Give such hope;
Just before in him comes;
The Unholy Blade;

Not fun;

All below the sun;
Where all is undone;

That ever man or women sung!

To Dearest Good, good to hear~

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I whisper! A secret!
In my hidden prayers!
A Hidden Secret,
Hidden, in there!

In thoughts,
In words I hid it!
What Are words, you say?

A hidden secret!
Died another colour,
Green died quite red!

And I wonder at the secret!
The cloth that covers my hidden soul!
Jealousy, it seems, perhaps?

I tell you a Secret! Lord,

As Red does turn from Green to Black;
Blackest Blackness,
Of my soul!

Ashen remains,
Do harden, and fall before,
Blackest flames!

And red turns black;
Then crumbles,
Like a crayon, grey and white;
A drawing burning;
Giving some light!

And as I fall;
Ashes to ashes,
As I fall;
I'm swept below the carpet;
Just as just as grey!

And upon the carpet they do dance!
And sing,
For all the world;
But I am long gone;
Varnish, for the greyest greyest .. Floor;
Danced upon;
Turned to Dust!

To die myself a character- into an ancient book

Picture - of a Park- by Marc Aupiais- all rights reserved!
Poem by Marc Aupiais

If I could write my life;
A hero, I would be,
Cautious as a cat!
A hero, hidden seeing;
Not deceived by life!

Black ink splodges on and sp-l-ashes,
On my page,
Ashen now!

If I could die myself into a book!
An adventure I would write!
My enemies Blackest evil;
The sort some people;
Think quite good!

And if I could write a book;
Magic repellent on me; quite sprayed!
Keeping the wrong sort far-far away;

If I could write myself;
Splodges of ink, upon a page!

Dear.. I think you'd be a question,
For me to make,

My lover, perhaps,
Or my enemy!
DEEpest sort of enemy!~
Which; love, do you seem;

I hug your words

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I hug your words, love!
I hug them, surround them with my form,
But I don't hug you, I miss you,
But I don't hug you!

And secretly I hug your words,
They comfort and aid me!

I can't hug you,
I can't let you win,
I hug your words,
I need your words!

I can't let you win,
Unless I win you also and too!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Black Mare

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Ur white white complexion,

I wonder at you,
You beautiful woman,
With such black hair!

Ur, I say,
You, Your, Yours!

It belongs to you!
As I do not!

I realised that today!
Any company but yours,
But yours, traitor girl!

But anyone's company;
From moment deny yours,
So dark, cold!

Madness takes me;
When not yours!

But when I trust,
When I give my soul!
Then you betray ..
You then deny ...
You then hurt me!

So for a moment,
I seek warmth and comfort,
A hug,
A kiss,
A sound!
A hope,
Of love and friendship,
In another ground!

For I am not yours love!
I am not your property!

Not now, not now!
Not in a while,
It does seem!

And though I adore you,
I turn it to her,
Whoever she be,
A friend!

And indeed I love my friend,
And hear her voice,
Comforts my soul!

And hug her!
As her warmth caresses my being!
And need her!
I cannot need you~


Poem by Marc Aupiais

Shadows play at the ceiling,
Of this, my grave,
Below a Parish, leaning!

Dark and grey,
Such is life,
You, my love, I despise!

And there you stand,
My crypt-a-night!
Oh! Those eyes,
I dare not look,
Fury, Medusa,
You turn me!
Into stone!
I broken, almost,
My Skeleton of morals: Bones!

I dare not look,
Your beauty,
Turns me into stone!
Your hair,
Wavy, curly hair,
Blackest Black,
Cryptic pharoah-ess!
Mummy of my past!

I dare not look,
I focus on my hate!

In this crypt,
This shallow grave!

I think of my futures past!
What I once hoped! Would be to last!

Shadows fold upon themselves!
I stand upon my cryptic stave,
Firm I must be,

What I do, I must do my best,
This I hold,
To stave you away!
And the temptations,
Of Futures Past!

I like the delivery, I said, shall we thus ignore, the message it sent?

Picture: Johannesburg Traffic- by Marc Aupiais; no unauthorised use permitted;

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I ignore the delivery,
I listen anyway,
Some won't,
They say its boring in their stay!

I watch, I wait, I observe and absorb!
I take notes,
And notes,
And notes!

I ignore the delivery,
The bias even,
And I learn!

And then I turn,
I watch the moving picture slate!

And I ignore the delivery,
Some messages I take,
I claim myself entertained,
As false reality I absorb,
As lies,
Become scripts,
Like parables and memories!

False scripts,
Fiery explosions,
When war is black and blood,
Not yellow!

I ignore the message,
The delivery is everything!

And in this I lost my soul!
I forgot the weight,
The bounds, the hope,
Oh, blue white fire,
Of hope, truth!

... And as my standards drop,
I forget the measure,

Delivery, not message,
But the message is now who I am!

Where I am,
What I am,

As I play a video game with real life,
Whoever gets hurt,

In the soapie,
That is me~

A Good Love and a Good Wine, both I insist I know

Poem by Marc Aupiais

A Good Love, and a Good Win, both I insist I know,
Love! Though, I have experienced neither,
Only bad of both!

They say a Good Wine,
Is an acquired taste,
Perhaps you are too!

Wining always of my mistakes,
But taking no care to stop and help,
Or stop yours!

A Good Wine,
Some say makes a fine wife,
Accompanying you through life!
Maybe 15 years old,
They say,
Any more and it does not taste nice!

But of women, do they then decay?
Is 15 the peak and the height?
Before their worth is gone?

A Good Wine, and a Good Wife,
Both have their place!

With the maturity, of a chaste heart,
A woman matures,
Becomes better as she does age~!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Lord, avenge me

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Black and White,
Like a movie,
With countless greys!

The sky so dark;
Smudge, cloud;

And after 77 times 7 wrongs,
I ask finally,
Do not spare your rod,
Call even the smallest evil thought to account;
Ignore my prayers to stay your hand,
Ignorant of my sinful loves!

Call every small thing to account,
Leave nothing un-sought;
Nor hear my enemy's lying begging;
As upon them,
Justice you lay,
On their head!

For here I am,
Bearing all,
For their life,
In my bones,
In my life,
Of goodness,
And truthful stare!

Punish them fully,
Hold every account due;
And ready!
Forget not the smallest thought!
Neglect not the slightest sin!

Call all to account on them;
The oceans, the seas, the mountains themselves,
I declare~!

Our Doors, which I opened and closed

Picture: U1 Front Entrance, University of the Witwatersrand, East Campus! All Rights Reserved!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Doors, so simple,
So complex!

I watch you live my dreams,
So almost exact,
Even my wildest fantasies?

But not with me!

Doors so big, I cannot enter,
Mayn't enter, oughtn't be allowed to enter,
But those lesser than I, enter with ease!

Doors! To parts of my soul!
I wish were closed!
But visitors enter these parts,
These dark woods!
Rightly so~

And though I opened them,
For but one!
This opening of my gates, hopes, and doors!
Only one, oughtn't be there!
It's none!

Open upon the worlds;
And our dreams unfold within these!

And alone I upon this soul- building site - eye-site-might,
Or with company- yet still alone!

Doors open upon me,
Doors open upon me,

Doors open upon me,
As I fall back!

To look, I beg,
For quiet,

Where no doors reach me,
And no man breathes!

Funny things .. !

They open upon our souls,
Our most private thoughts!

Oblivious to our world,


Yet I wish somehow to share,
My wisdom,
My hurts!

And as icy winds enter in,
I open the door,
I open the door,
I open the door,
'Til our ends do come~


Poem by Marc Aupiais

Is that a word!

I wonder,
At the smudged pencil room!
Light in rays from the pencil lamp!

Like cross-hatch!
But smudged!

And my tears smudge the paper more!
As blackness enters my drawing eyes!

As though!
As though in greatest joy!
Not a single sadness and regret!
Always rising black star,
A white star on a black mare!
And white socks for feet!

And joy you take!
As though I'm not there!
I don't exist!
Forgotten! Not there!
My problems, not real!
My hopes to be avoided,

I watch from a distance,
You always enjoy there!

And act as though I don't exist!

And act as though I don't exist!

And act as I don't exist!

A drawing on a painting,
In a book, sketching book,

And around me appear cross-hatch angels!
That comfort me,
Cure my wounds,
Oils here and there!

It's like I don't Exist! Forgotten! Over there!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Holiness of the Wayward

Picture- The Hallway, University of the Witwatersrand West Campus- by Marc Aupiais- All Rights Reserved!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I walked to the sinner's house,
I entered her house in my dreams!
I saw things which hurt me so, badly! In my dream!

I asked her if she was related,
To the thinner/binner/tinner or tin man,
She said, only by this,
She had no heart to see!

I walked among the sinners,
And became a sinner,
Hoping she'd love me!

But instead I lost her,
Likeness bread to her apathy!

And I wept in depression--
Depression causing sin!

And though I confessed a googol of times,
What good but minor was to be saved?

For my love and depression--
Pushed me deeper in;
Unto sadness,
Unto wrath!

I feel in love with a sinner--
Sadly more than God--

Heaven seemed so empty,
A barren sand smoothed desert room!
where all the world echoes ...
For what is heaven without her there!

I walked among the Sheep of God;
Baa-ing as loud as I could!
Singing in his House, His Church;
Doing all the good I could;

Wishing she would change~
If only, my soul would be saved!

For I didn't want heaven,
Without this possession,
That fades away!

For I didn't want heaven ...
For I didn't want heaven ...
My heart fell to the wrong place!

And all the baa-ing I had done,
What good if not my heart!
If she, a woman, not God,
Were my pearl of Great Loss!

Just a reminder of transcience,
I prayed to my death,
And the hour there!
For sobering!

And wished! Prayed! Begged!
In my underwear!
For God to give me a new heart!
Please now!
I pray! I pray!
I sinner, I pray!

As my heart does sway and bray! And pray!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My deal with the Centurion

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Tea with the Centaur from Alpha Centuri, upon the turn of the dear Century,
Which Century, I shall not tell!
I flew to his Star!
He said she was for sale,
A dozen a dime,
The Asking Price!

I said sure,
But I'm more interested in the Woman by your side!

Ah! He Said!
Twelve Dimes,
Do as you please!

I thanked the Centaur,
And took my Prize!
As together we talked,

And I asked of the tea!
Why so Red? I said?
So blood Red?

And he offered me milk,
And sugar he said!
But the milk looked oddly milky, on the way!
And the sugar like Sol!
I said,

Black (No! Milk! No Milky Way)
I like my Tea Black!
Rooibos! If you have!
With some honey!

And thus he poored my tea!
And my current cup,
He tossed!
Oddly! It seemed to scream,
Like a million deaths!

And I asked the Centuri!
The Centuri just grimanced!

Some he said from different lands!
Worlds, and systems!
Stars now to be dead!

He handed me the woman,
And offered to make her do whatever I want!
I said no thanks!

And took her tea,
As he muttered "Good Chap"
And the vodka in his tea,
Became apparent in slurs!

I took the woman,
Walking a maze!

And flew home to earth!
Should I put her out to graze?
I wondered!
Though she was adamant!
No! No! That wouldn't do! She says!

She'll pay me a dozen dimes she says!
But don't throw me out to graze!

And so I agreed!
We looked for a house for her to buy!
The Centurion's wife!

And passed on our way!
The Chinese child who made Western Clothes!
And a bit beyond,
A few slaves!
A dozen a dime!

The Centurion's wife!
She said she wasn't married to him!

And I wondered!$
Was this true,
This claim!

I flew up,
But the centurion by now dead!
I wondered what of this to be said!

I sold all I had and with her bought a house!

We bought a dog,
And a serving boy!

And called ourselves a modern!
Western! Family!

Be Gone Blackbird

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I know not what,
A Blackbird is,
Nor much, is it a Crow?
A Vulture maybe?
Or a Sparrow or Eagle!

I know not what you are:
Either ...

No, not one bit!

And I wonder at the Eagle!
Whom Years Past! I loved!
The Eagle, so Beautiful!
So Gone!

And I wonder at the Migration,
And a bird,
Never at home, not here, not here!

And, Blackbird,
What are you Blackbird?
A Raven?
Or funeral bird?

Oh! Blackbird,
I know not!

And then I see you!

Memory ..
Blackbird! Black Bird! B-Lack B-ird BL-alack Bi-red!

And I wonder!
Foreign Bird!
I know you not!

Away Blackbird!
Leave me Blackbird!
Away Blackbird!
Beware Blackbird!
Leave my Thoughts!
I am not to be your haunt!

Dear dear Blackbird, Begone Blackbird Begone bygone! Begone!
You Nightingale!
You Raven!

Be-Gone! Bygone!
Fall into the moon!

Away from me Raven-black Blackbird!
Haunt not, My heart is not your haunt!

Dear funeral bird!
Morals you have NOT! Got! NOT!

Be-gone bygone winds I beg, blow you away Blackbird!
Begone! By-gone!
Fly back up to your pray!

Leave me Blackbird!
I beg of you!
I pray!

My eyes are not for you eyes!
My heart not your haunt!
To rip out!
And feed your Raven-black chicks!
In some foreign land!
Far Far North!

Where snow falls,
Upon your West-Nest!

Be-gone Blackbird!
Hibernate, Migrate!
Leave me! Good Blackbird!

Long since has your good kind good!

Be-gone be-gone Blackbird!
Nest in Skyscrapers!
Away! A-way! Waya! From here!
Be-gone! I beg of you!
My dreams ought be your haunt!
Be gone Blackbird!
My dreams shan't be your haunt!

And nor shall I be your cloak!
Warmth in winter!

Be gone! You who betray me!
For Summer's treacherous yokes!

Learn not Blackbird!
My Song!

Of Winter Yokes!

My heart oughtn't be your haunt!
My dreams beg of your leave to leave!
I beg of you Blackbird!
Find another to call The Late!
Late! I am! My clock strikes 10 to 12!

Late! So be-gone Blackbird bygone!
Be gone!
Never again call M.E. late!
For for you I wish I could!
Somehow reserve hate!

Shouting and batting you away!
But crying Blackbird!
For you peck out my heart!
Raven Black Hair!
Oh! Dark Eyes!
Bid me my doom!~

Away Blackbird! Away!
Treacherous Bird!
Give me Back My Heart!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Emperor and his Euthanasia

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Opera House~ fill;
The Modern Emperor- present;
There to watch the play;
With his men ~ quite armed~ quiet armed;

Before him;
Men and women did play;
And screech with the banshee Opera!

And before him; a man did sing;
Oh! Terrible sorrow;
Of love; Oh! Loss of love!

The Modern Emperor;
Did judge;
Surely; the actor; ought;
Though not the writer;
Had him quite convinced;
Instantly; for blasphemy he was put to death;

"Out of his Misery"- the Modern Emperor said.

"Misery", his Lady said, "Misery, he was a singer, an actor; but illusion! It was no mercy to him! He had no suffering!"

"I like to think he did!" Said the Emperor, "Besides, his blasphemy is clear, to Live with pain like that Unnatural, he ought be put to death for choosing life!"

Thus said the Emperor
and the Modern World!

For the source of art,
Of heroism, of ages past!

Courage to live;
To be chaste or good!
To survive!
Quite the blasphemy in the Modern Arts!

Martial-ing us unto death;
Unto death' not life!

And the Emperor and his killing ought not be misread;
"I think," The Lady said, "You killed him for guilt within; because you know his pain you deserve; because you know it awaits you; and empathise; and not able to bear one small bit of his pain; of empathy; you insist he die~"

The Footsteps of the Land of Nod

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Strange; noise; deadly sow;
Footsteps; in this castle fort;
I lie in bed;
Under every spell "protect";
Though my heart is the offender;
As footsteps en-croach;
From the land;
Oh! Deadly Land! Of Nod; Nod; Nod!

And as I doze; Upon my bed;
I see; Oh! Crystal;
Will you not clear!
I see you; always there!
My dear! In this! The Land!
The Land of Nods!

And I fear; and I seer my soul;
Upon the land of Nod;
As I nod and nod;
And wonder if I shall ever wake;
From this Nightmare;
A Nightingale; Upon Day!

Upon Day! And to Day I swear!
Alack! Oh! Night! You Hold Sway Dreams~somehow~ In Day!
What insanity(?)Sanity!!?

What! Obey(?)

Oh! Alack! Oh, dear!

A nightmare of day again!
In the Land! The Land of Nod!~

Reflecting "greatness"; they said

Tower of Darkest hope- by Marc Aupiais; no unauthorised use permitted;

The Tempest and the Hurricane: Reflecting "greatness", the said;

Poem by Marc Aupiais

In the alleys of Paris;
The slums of greatness;
Our hero scavenges;
Scours; seeks; Truth;
Beauty; Hope; Love:
An answer!
To a secret he's seek;

Oh; all the journeys;
Miles and miles;
He's sought; an answer, our hero!

And in dark pursuit,
He seeks and alley;
And chases shadows; ruins;

And ruin; it seems;

Oh! Our hero;
Seeking ruin; we mean truth; ahh! It is so!!?

And he seeks down every alley;
And upon the musky cold street!
Ah? Where is it! Where is it what he seeks!
Our hero; he seeks!
Magnifying glass upon the world!

Deluded perhaps;
Quite well dressed!
This man!

Searching the back~alleys;
Where danger is upon him;
Now even; today!

Dear ~ dear man!
Seeking truth;
Where Angels have since not tread;
For fear of him;
Who's heart so bled!

The Room I can never Leave

Picture: by Marc Aupiais! Unauthorised use not permitted.
Tempest and the Hurricane Poem- The Room I can never LeavePoem by Marc AupiaisI look at blackness,
Upon my blanket;
A feral animal; far from comfort;I try escape; sometimes yet;
I look at the bars,
The deadly fence;
Love you barricade me-
Imprisoned in fate!And as I head for the door;
You sleeping nerve-nearby;
Peaceful; they said! I look at the darkened silhouette;
Of the freedom door;My hand about to open; my heart to run for safety;
And not your suffocating clasp!
Your deadly hand upon my metaphoric neck!And I turn; something holds me firm;
Something holds me here;
Within ... This room;
You've allowed in your heart!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Death~ dearest death

Poem by Marc Aupiais

OH! To think of my hope;
Absolute perfection assured!
A thing's end is its perfection;
Says Aquinus my Hero!

Oh! But if my end is my perfection;
Oh Paramour Death,
Great Loving Washing;

A Promise to me Sure~
OH! OH Death my lover;
You flirt with my soul;

And when I am sad and down;
I look within for your hold;
Ticking ticking ticking hold~

For one day you will be mine my lover;
Though you must pursue me not you!
Oh! Angel of Death;
Great Final Washer;

You cleanse all my sins;
All my hopes;
Dreams unsaid!

You are Finality; Final Final Death!
Oh! I wish for you;
Long for you;
And think of your love when I am quite down;
Dear Deathly Angel of Death!

For to the Christian;
Who does not pursue you!
You are a lover;
Oh! What a beautiful Caress~

Dear Kiss, Kiss me; Kiss of my dearest Death;

I await you patiently;
A surprise gift~
I know not when you will strike;
And pleasure me with love!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If only I were blessed with death or lack of memory of your goddess vision

Picture Winged Angel- by Marc Aupiais! All Rights Reserved!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Perhaps it is man alone,
So blessed and so cursed!
Animals do not feel love!
Petrarchan or of Pyramus,
Nor Adam for Eve unto death,
Or Foolish Romeo and Juliette!

Of Helen and Demetrius,
A clue of mankind's wise foolishness!
If only cupid were to blame?
We would not hold the guilt of shame!

And we do fall to love!
Even long after affection's gone;
When love brings pain and loneliness,
If only we could in love disown,
Or somehow injure to forget the heart and hope!

And I wonder love at the Ghost,
Of the love you once had throes!

And how you once did think of me,
I think of this,
In past or future sense!

For presents only give me pain!

And perhaps if I did not dream your life,
Sense as every day is pushed and pulled, alas,

Alack Alack Alack!
Woe is me who does love,
Like a dog quite and quiet chains!
Unable to escape the heartbreak pains!

Woe oh woe is my love!
I say, for I am become it,
It does become me!
Does it not?

Woe should I love with another's eye;
Perfect are you for me;
I finally admit!

And yet!
I wonder in my eternal bliss,
Painful heart wishing you to touch!

Of God compelled upon the cross!
Unable to resist his lover,
As she, mankind,
Struck him down.

Willingly he fell at her rejection!
Willingly for love!
But to bring life not death,
Unlike Adam, unlike Eve!

I pray, I pray to you,
Dear moon!
Shine my path unto my Day!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I pack my room, I headed... Nowhere

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The music of my ancestors plays,
The French artist,
The journalist who helped cause a massacre,
The German who guarded a bridge against Germany,
In That, Great War!

And I pack my room up,
I throw out bit by bit of my past,
I chuck out my hopes,
Wisdoms on Post-its!
Dreams I once held dear!

And as my bookcase becomes sparse,
And bit by bit I ..
Throw out my past!

I do not look expectant or with hope ..
I do not pack to leave ..
But only to clear space ..
To make this!
My home place ..

And though there is Ireland, France, Germany within!
This is my home!
This is my home!
This is their home!
My ancestors,
All but two dead!

And I stay within,
Light sitting on me!
From my quaint new reading tool!

And in sorrow and joy,
I pack up my hopes,
Moving nowhere, I expect,

Never destined,
To be anyone of note,
Nor to need say, "no place... Like ... Home",
Nor to know even where Kansas is,
Though I know now,
Possibly not in Texas...

And I pack my stuff!

Knowing I am unimportant,
And me, the world hardly needs ..

I pack my stuff,
To make space,
As I work again on living,

So hard in Africa,
When the European,
Is now the conquered!
And the world realises,
Little of the vengeful oppression,
And nothing of mentioning the laws,

As I sit and pack.
To make space for life ...

This is my Home!


My Naam... Marc

Picture: Northcliff Pass, copyright Marc Evan Aupiais! All Rights Reserved!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

My naam...
My naam ... Is Marc...
Marc, is my naam,
Marc.. Evan ... Aupiais...

My naam is Marc,
En ek is Marc!
My naam, is my naam.
My naam is my siel!
Dit is wie ek is,
Dit is waar ek gaan.

My naam is Marc,
En EK is Marc ... My lief!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Courage, show: to be true

Snowball stretch (Picture:) by Marc Aupiais! Copyright Marc Aupiais.

Courage, show: to be true- Tempest and the Hurricane -
Poem by Marc Aupiais

Snow upon, icy soul!
I break, I cake, I fall upon a stake!
And fall upon the piles,
Your eternal Sacrifice;

And inside my soul,
Bloody snow; drip drip drip...
Broken in my soul's dear Depths!

A Christian is the salt, the light,
A gift to God,
A gift to life!

And my task,
I was made,
A gift to you,
Perfect yet!
Imperfect until,
Is where and when I'm complete,
When I stall, when I seek!

And I wonder,
I am a gift of God!
But I don't feel like one,

Not just yet~

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flower of Eden

Picture: Smoke in Soutpans. Copyright Marc Evan Aupiais! All Rights Strictly Reserved!

Poem by M. E. Aupiais

Flower, beautiful,
Splendid thing,
How I despise you,
For you are perfect,
And perfect for me,
And I for you!

OH! flower of Eden,

Why does a gulf separate us;
Not of ocean depths,
No! Of lack of your affection,
And without love?
What am I!

What tragedy,
As bad as Eden,
For my soul lives in hope,

Of you alone,
And Christ!

But shall I ever serve Christ,
If I cannot serve you,
Serve my soul to you love?

Hunting Elephants

Picture Elephant Light by FNB, Wits by Marc Aupiais- copyright Marc Aupiais!

Tempest and the Hurricane Poem: Hunting Elephants- by Marc Evan Aupiais

Hunting Elephants:

I broke my back with my gear;
Its 1923,
Or earlier perhaps;
As I seek ivory;
A rifle in hand;
Shooting an animal;
A thing;
Whose species extant;
Is up to him; not me;

And earlier;
Did they kill him with sword;
Behind the front leg;

Our friend the elephant;
Culled now; not hunted;
Though just as dead;
Species matter; not dearest dear Mr Elephant;

And I look through my sniper's scope;
And for the species do I fire;
Rather than capture and beyond our borders;
Mr Elephant transfer;

And Mr Elephant stands before me;
Me the hunter;
Who's never held a gun;

His ear flap;
His legs strengthen;

I stare at Mr. Elephant;
With my Elephant rifle;
And realise its hardly fair;

And I turn instead to you love;
And hunt; a hunter with no gun;
For some treasure;
To re~win your heart!

If I sit here; in my cocoon

Picture;  My Cocoon, Soutpans Avenue view of long unfinished hotel constructions -by Marc Aupiais; Copyright Marc Aupiais,

Tempest and the Hurricane Poem: If I sit here; in my cocoon - by Marc Evan Aupiais

If I sit: with music on in
bedroom! Walls so
soundproof in house- that
you cannot hear anything

If I sit here;
One voice ; only voice;
If I lay here;
Curtains closed;

If I listen here;
Say here;
It stays here;

If I play my music;
All is blurred;
Its only you and me;

If I listen to my music;
All else blurs;
Darkness over my soul;
Over my heart;
Blackest stars;
Shoot upon the stars;

And green;
Is the darkness of Africa skies;
As a million; billion; trillion eyes;
But none; not;

Stare from a billion clouded stars;

But here; in my cocoon;
Green skies;
Grey and blue clouds;
A strange Cyan-red and purple;
Crimson, red, purple!

And all blurs as my music plays;
Sound-proof-ed walls;
All blurs;
Nothing extant;

And I look to you as I close my eyes;
Typing life upon your eyes;
And I wonder;
Tele-path-y of heart and mind;

The strange clouds circle and swirl;
They blur reason;
They breach sanity;

Red lights flash;
As closed eyes see the sun;

And my music plays;
As the world does change;
And my music plays;
All -all all all that is firmly stays!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Death no cure~ to my insanity

Picture : My Sunset : Copyright Marc Aupiais;
-by Marc Aupiais,

Tempest and the Hurricane
Poem by Marc Aupiais
Death no cure

Death no cure;
No vaccine to sanity;
Not insanity cured;
No answer in that.
Though I follow reason,
I get ill when do;
And moan and groan;
Avoiding doctors,
And their cures.
Death is no cure to insanity;
Though insanity it is not;
For reason; raw says its so;
Yet how can it be?
I wonder in throes;
And often I wish death;
For that; you or death that is;
Is my unholy choice;
And sometimes;
I choose death;
And others; the living Ghost!
Though I live my life;
Straight as an arrow;
Forward; onward; upward;
And then I dream a dream not a dream;
And tragedy happens;
Whenever I reject you!
Or a change of mind;
Last minute; yours;
As with the hour of my death;)!~