Sunday, October 25, 2015

And you told me of your dreams, how you'd go into the night.

We lay together, on our backs.
Looking together at the great black.
Bright white dots, sparkle in the lonely sky.
And from the stars, our star looks quite white,
Bleached dry, phantom sight.

And you told me of your dreams,
How you'd go into the night.

You climbed upon a futuristic craft,
It travelled to the speed of light.
And I looked at you, as you sped off into night.
Time is but change, and the more massive you became,
As you approached the constant, the barrier for light,
The slower you moved. You were there in the blink of your eye.

And you followed the stars about the milky way,
You went to strange planets, and did speculate.
You looked at the black whole, some distance away.
You said that from space, Sol, our sun, is white.
And you realised that the coloured photographs from the radio telescopes,
were only in reality almost black and white.

And you visited the quasars, and the pulsars, and even approached the great wall.
You did not realise, that time went for you, ever so slow.
When you got there, it was gone, only darkness and night,
Though our galaxy, which you left, still shone ever so bright,
As light travelled with you, one and same speed.
You realised I'd been dead for billions of nights.

And so you headed back home, you were lonely and alone.
Every now and then you stopped to take in the light's ghost of long dead lonely sights,
And time sped up, as you and light did collide.
Billions of years later, you reached, in the blink of an eye.
There was darkness, not a solar system. The earth had long since been taken and turned to night.
And amidst the emptiness, a distress call did sound.
A last craft, with a woman in charge.
She spoke of the end, our race quite extinct.
As you neared her, the time did begin to fly.
You realised she had been dead a billion years hence,
Not even a body remained to decay.
You docked and boarded, you let yourself in.

You discovered that man had learnt to weave gravity, to thwart the universal constant,
And had spread out across every stretch of time and space.
Trillions of galaxies, and trillions of souls.
Mankind had grown and matured.
And you heard the many greatest songs, watched the top films of ever world,
And read the annuls and the greatest of books.
Shakespeare was forgotten, you said... compared with the greats, you weren't too surprised.

And the last survivor had left a diary of the time. Some of her crew had children,
But the gene lines were thin, and even they died within a decade or so.
And they had all taken pharmaceuticals, to extend the range of their lives,
From several decades to centuries,
And you thought that no doubt that was wise,
And you read so many books with your time,
And you watched the greatest of films,
And learnt of the history of time.

And discovered that gravity did not just weave space but time,
And so you sent the ship back so many billions of years, and the vast distance back to were earth is now in the cosmos.
And you found me to speak,
Your eyes were bright like stars, and you were a little older than when you left.
You spoke of so many things,
But you had never looked me up in the great history of things,
Why would you, I guess.
And you hopped back upon your great craft,
And sent yourself through space and time.
You spent millennia exploring planets and stars,
And seeking out alien civilized life,
And when you found civilizations long dead and gone,
You sent your craft back those millennia in time,
And you found the planet which you had found,
Those many parsecs and light years away.
And you watched great and small civilizations rise and then fall.
You observed and sometimes intervened,
You saw the most beautiful and ghastly of all scenes,
And told me of history's great highlights,
And how the first man came to be.

You were older this time,
When you returned.
I guess many millennia had passed from your perspective.
You said you loved me, it was why you always returned,
And the reunion was a fun few hours, before you returned.
You were older when you came back,
Your hair entirely white, your face wrinkled,
But your eyes were lit like quasars, and your heart pulsed like the stars.
You said you only had a short time left,
You died in my arms,
And I sent your dead body to your favourite star,
As set out in your will.

I assume your ship crashed and burnt, disintegrating as your corpse neared its final tune,
For I did not accompany you, I felt your craft was not a great boon.
For it killed you young and all too soon,
And only a few years after we first had met.
I had wanted to have children with you,
A life, a career,
And that ship, had taken you from me, like a suicide, or the wind.
And we had both mourned each other's death,
You, at the end of time, a billion years after humanity had whimpered into death,
A great sadness, you had felt at my death.

We lay together, on our backs.
Looking together at the great black.
Bright white dots, sparkle in the lonely sky.
And from the stars, our star looks quite white,
Bleached dry, phantom sight.

And you told me of your dreams,
How you'd go into the night.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Flashing, pointed sabre teeth, a point.

Flashing, pointed sabre teeth, a point.
The catlike creature stalks.
But I feel as extinct as he,
His teeth once so sharp and potent,
A tiger stalked the plains of day.
He is dead now, but bones on an empty display,
Never again will nature let his padded paws still walk this way.

And the shogun rides eternally upon his horse,
Outdone by devil fire, and an evolving world,
His sword flashes like a flint,
But he is locked in the darkness of a world now lost.
Yet I feel as extinct as he,
His sword once so sharp and potent,
The sound of horse hooves once a fierce sign of war.
He rode until the dust rose up, and forever disappeared into rust.

And I look to the sky, and gaze upon stars long dead,
As dead as actors in the old movies,
As full of life,
And I feel as dull and dead as the as-though-bright stars I see,
Even as I break with energy, and run through the time's trials.

For while my sword may glint,
And my sun may shine within my eyes,
I too, one day, will be extinct.
And what is worse, I wonder about,
Is what is missing from me,
Flashing, pointed sabre teeth, a point.
A reason - A raison d'ĂȘtre!

Monday, October 12, 2015

... and the sky bleeds like in a song

My vision hits the rays of the sun.
I quickly close my eyes,
... the light is far too bright.
And amongst well defined colours, and nothing in shadow,
I somehow struggle to see.
I notice its shine, you sometimes shine too,
... and my heart plummets, it forgets to beat.
I think of you, and what was once so sweet.

My eye catches a motor vehicle of all things, an elderly Mercedes Benz.
A girl's name, for an automotive beast.
I notice its shine, you sometimes shine too, my love.
And as it revs its cylinders into a dance,
I imagine you spinning in the midnight blackness,
... under the flashing and spotting of the many coloured lights.

My vision hits the rays of the sun,
It is setting, and the sky bleeds like in a song.
I look away, it is brilliant, I fear I will be blind.
You shine sometimes, your cheeks are as red as blood.
And I look away, for you burst with explosive darkly light.
And I cannot bear to be blind, I need to have my life-giving sight,
And with you it is always the darkest night.

Sometimes, I sense it still,
Somewhere in my bones,
It is not yet disappeared.
Some iota still feels love,
And like Rome's ancient Dido,
It desires to believe.

For what is rational,
The heart is yet to have seen,
And what is foolish,
It thinks is bound to succeed.
And I look at that Mercedes Benz,
And I wonder why he named it after a girl,
Not himself.

And at the stars in the night sky,
Named after muses, and the raging of the night.
And while some iota still hopes in you,
I know it is not quite yet rational,
And you are the darkly lunar light.
A shadow of dreams, a wisp of what could once have been.
And while I saw you, with unseeing glee,
I ignored what could have been.
I forgot what my eyes could have seen.
And somewhere in my bones,
It is not yet disappeared.

And I think of you, dear love,
And I wonder when it finally will leave,
When my love will disentangle from me,
And yet, still disappear,
... into the blinding sight of brightest day's inevitable night.
It only awaits the death throes of the final blight's fright.