Monday, September 19, 2011

The moment that wasn't... Us

Poem by Marc Aupiais

For a moment yours,
A moment, not much longer,
A moment repentant,
Of my choice to leave you!

You, not interested in my good,
You, only interested in my bad,
And in gaining selfish,
Whatever cost,

Whatever harm is done to me!

For a moment I was yours!
That moment has passed!
You, lying evil,
Truth but fantasy!

Darkest eclipse of our sun!
You, faithless spectre,
Monster in mists,
Of time and space!
Daemon of sorts,
Evil force!

A Ghost, super-preternatural!
Leave! Be Gone! Forever! Evil! Ghost!

You are not welcome in my life,
No more!

And to Hell I'd send you,
If power to, was my force!

Instead, Ghost of past!
I walk forward!
Slowly into Dawn, from Dusk!

Be gone Ghost!
You are not welcome here evermore!

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