Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Holiness of the Wayward

Picture- The Hallway, University of the Witwatersrand West Campus- by Marc Aupiais- All Rights Reserved!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I walked to the sinner's house,
I entered her house in my dreams!
I saw things which hurt me so, badly! In my dream!

I asked her if she was related,
To the thinner/binner/tinner or tin man,
She said, only by this,
She had no heart to see!

I walked among the sinners,
And became a sinner,
Hoping she'd love me!

But instead I lost her,
Likeness bread to her apathy!

And I wept in depression--
Depression causing sin!

And though I confessed a googol of times,
What good but minor was to be saved?

For my love and depression--
Pushed me deeper in;
Unto sadness,
Unto wrath!

I feel in love with a sinner--
Sadly more than God--

Heaven seemed so empty,
A barren sand smoothed desert room!
where all the world echoes ...
For what is heaven without her there!

I walked among the Sheep of God;
Baa-ing as loud as I could!
Singing in his House, His Church;
Doing all the good I could;

Wishing she would change~
If only, my soul would be saved!

For I didn't want heaven,
Without this possession,
That fades away!

For I didn't want heaven ...
For I didn't want heaven ...
My heart fell to the wrong place!

And all the baa-ing I had done,
What good if not my heart!
If she, a woman, not God,
Were my pearl of Great Loss!

Just a reminder of transcience,
I prayed to my death,
And the hour there!
For sobering!

And wished! Prayed! Begged!
In my underwear!
For God to give me a new heart!
Please now!
I pray! I pray!
I sinner, I pray!

As my heart does sway and bray! And pray!

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