Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Realisation

Poem by Marc Aupiais

A slave! A man, with no control!

I am a slave, a man with no control!

Pushed back! Forced forth!
By tidal forces, tidal waves!

Broken! Over a surface of the beach! Beech, tryst of the sea winds!
Trade winds,
Of slaving swaying tree!

I realise! No! Now! I am!
I but slave!
To your desires! Of death or love!

My hair does tangle and tear,
Split ends,
The blow in winds!

And slowly! I do age!
And wrinkle, like one chapped in water!

I am your slave,
My hair tangles and swirls in the tidal breeze!
Nearby the beach on the beech,
Under the branches!
I sit near a breech!
of the beech! Treetops!
Nearby the rocks, tormented with affectation, on the beach!

I am a slave to you,
Drying skin, split ends,
My vision may start to go!

I am a slave to you!
All through my li...fe!

Love, where to now!!?
Shall you free me- to love you!!?!!

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