Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The solar powered toaster and the "global warming" sceptic

Article by Marc Aupiais

You thought this was a joke didn't you..? "I'm sorry, maybe next time"! (Ok, probably not)! In the meantime laugh at the title!

We are in the process of installing a solar powered water heating system for our house. It is a hybrid between solar and electric power, which saves a lot of electrical power.

I have wanted one since 2007 or 2008 at least, and we finally went ahead.

Due to the juvenile, seemingly blatantly corrupt and apparently egregious behaviour of the UN inter-governmental panel on climate change, and the University of East Anglia's leading scientist et al, media groups and others, who have seemingly openly manipulated peer review, the respect of their institutions and science: I do not believe in significant man-made (anthropological) global climate change, as a scientific fact, but only as a very real possibility.

That said, I am very pleased that I will finally have my solar powered toaster: a geyser (water heating system), which saves up to 70% geyser (water heating system) electricity use, or more.

That with the energy saver lights, and computing systems I use, make me quite proud of myself and others.

Do you have a solar powered toaster of your own: is your tv green, or your computer, or water heating? Are you a solar powered toaster? Tell me in comments below!

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