Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I like the delivery, I said, shall we thus ignore, the message it sent?

Picture: Johannesburg Traffic- by Marc Aupiais; no unauthorised use permitted;

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I ignore the delivery,
I listen anyway,
Some won't,
They say its boring in their stay!

I watch, I wait, I observe and absorb!
I take notes,
And notes,
And notes!

I ignore the delivery,
The bias even,
And I learn!

And then I turn,
I watch the moving picture slate!

And I ignore the delivery,
Some messages I take,
I claim myself entertained,
As false reality I absorb,
As lies,
Become scripts,
Like parables and memories!

False scripts,
Fiery explosions,
When war is black and blood,
Not yellow!

I ignore the message,
The delivery is everything!

And in this I lost my soul!
I forgot the weight,
The bounds, the hope,
Oh, blue white fire,
Of hope, truth!

... And as my standards drop,
I forget the measure,

Delivery, not message,
But the message is now who I am!

Where I am,
What I am,

As I play a video game with real life,
Whoever gets hurt,

In the soapie,
That is me~

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