Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The beauty of the common creatures


Hello Mr Impala,
I have missed you,
And that black tail between your buttocks,
I say!

He shrugs, as do his 50 temporary wives,
Many with children!
Their secret lovers also nearby!

I look at that African animal!
The tail which keeps away the insectile nuisance,
Very well placed!

Everywhere I see Impala,
Every place I love to see them,
As much joy as my cheetahs,
As wondrous as the Lion!

Truly African,
The Impala and his many many nagging wives!

Everywhere they and Wildebeest run,
Or rather, with Impala- graze!
And they give such joy,
Common, impala!

Beige foolishness!

These flourishing commoners!

Beautiful, common,

Truly African,
Following a common design,

The Impala and his nagging wives!

Common because he's successful!
The Impala, with a hot coal tail protecting his butt!

And his many many many nagging wives!
Their secret lovers waiting nearby,
For a chance to best Mr Impala,

Or sneak a moment with one of his common wives!

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