Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Leaders head us to hell- sweetened deal, though not ours, alone the joy of damnation theirs!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Gost of the Tempest Horses by Marc Aupiais; Art Copyrighted! No Unauthorised Use!

To HELL! Onward! They scream,
It's the only way! Onward they scream;
As though Adulthood is by sin,
And commerce cannot exist without sin!

To HELL! Onward;
And any who recognise us for who we are;
Are But Jealous, of our reward!
We the Devil's Nights, We lead you on our Frantic Steeds,
A Train Up To Hell, We will let you do as you please!

Every Immorality for fashion,
And for scandal if you please:

The Very Word Jesus chose for the worst sin,
That for which any capital punishment, Even Genocide is better!

ONWARD! To hell! And judge only the Christian soldier,
And any who oppose us,
Or warn we're TAKING YOU To Hell!

Worship US! Demi-Gods, Presidents, actors, hypocrits, liars, singers (of immoral songs), performing money making, Powerful People,
And Most of All, The Celebrated, Nights of Hell!

And don't you dare suggest! We're Going to Hell,
We'll do as we please, only the jealous, and prudent go to Hell!

So is the voice of the world, do you join them love?
These Angels who are truly devils?

For sometimes the devil you don't know is God, or an Angel,
But these, and their way, to justify, still?
And add the souls of babies, and others,
Onto the roasting fires of hell!

Justice Blind, for now, as the devil pulls his curtain across,
But not God, love, if you join their flock now,
You'll JOIN THEM In Hell! Love!

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