Saturday, July 23, 2011

My deal with the Centurion

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Tea with the Centaur from Alpha Centuri, upon the turn of the dear Century,
Which Century, I shall not tell!
I flew to his Star!
He said she was for sale,
A dozen a dime,
The Asking Price!

I said sure,
But I'm more interested in the Woman by your side!

Ah! He Said!
Twelve Dimes,
Do as you please!

I thanked the Centaur,
And took my Prize!
As together we talked,

And I asked of the tea!
Why so Red? I said?
So blood Red?

And he offered me milk,
And sugar he said!
But the milk looked oddly milky, on the way!
And the sugar like Sol!
I said,

Black (No! Milk! No Milky Way)
I like my Tea Black!
Rooibos! If you have!
With some honey!

And thus he poored my tea!
And my current cup,
He tossed!
Oddly! It seemed to scream,
Like a million deaths!

And I asked the Centuri!
The Centuri just grimanced!

Some he said from different lands!
Worlds, and systems!
Stars now to be dead!

He handed me the woman,
And offered to make her do whatever I want!
I said no thanks!

And took her tea,
As he muttered "Good Chap"
And the vodka in his tea,
Became apparent in slurs!

I took the woman,
Walking a maze!

And flew home to earth!
Should I put her out to graze?
I wondered!
Though she was adamant!
No! No! That wouldn't do! She says!

She'll pay me a dozen dimes she says!
But don't throw me out to graze!

And so I agreed!
We looked for a house for her to buy!
The Centurion's wife!

And passed on our way!
The Chinese child who made Western Clothes!
And a bit beyond,
A few slaves!
A dozen a dime!

The Centurion's wife!
She said she wasn't married to him!

And I wondered!$
Was this true,
This claim!

I flew up,
But the centurion by now dead!
I wondered what of this to be said!

I sold all I had and with her bought a house!

We bought a dog,
And a serving boy!

And called ourselves a modern!
Western! Family!

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