Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some day

Poem by Marc Aupiais

One day- I lay down on my bed!
I felt that you were there,
I asked God take my breath!
Send me off to death!

Some day, I lay down on my bed!
I wish that I were dead!

But I felt your presence!
In my heart, and head!

A ghostly love!
A hope, and a real spend!

And I await to see you alive!
Neither of us are dead!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nothing but you I want to sleep

Chaste waiting sky - by Marc Aupiais! All Rights Reserved!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Nothing but you,
I want to sleep!
To think only of your face,
Nothing like your touch of me on earth or 100 thousand suns

No touch but yours do I want to permit,
No feel but your feel,
No taste but your taste,
No smell, but your soft sent!

No warmth but your body,
Your form,
To converge with me!

Yet baby girl,
I want you see,
To wait and want and wait on you,
To wait even until an age-
Not to turn that page as a date!

An eternity I can wait!
And until then my love,
My presence and words,
My inner thoughts!
Make love- to you,
My only thought!

Marriage you and me,
Not empty philanthropy!

Nothing feels like you

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I feel your presence as I sleep,
Lying behind me,
Cuddling me!

I know better than to turn,
To meet with your ghostly feat!

I feel your kisses on my lips,
Your breath on my ear,
My cheeks,
And I do kiss your ghostly eyes!
Closed for my kiss!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I think this is it- no more poems or writing

I think I'm finally calling it quits- hanging up my pen- with this and all the scripturelink blogs!

How is it so? What night wind? What blow night dream blown, sand and glow

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Its like I have an intolerance of you,
As I once did milk,
A reaction,
Hatred, horror, revolsion,
But why?

Not why hatred?
Not why horror?
No why revolted?


Why am I here?
I cannot leave you,
My heart and soul,
Cower but seek you out now!

I cannot, will not shall not leave you!
Not for ever or a day!

A sound- a marimba- no the wind chime

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I hope its not a dream catcher I said,
Fearing attracting witches and ghosts!
No- a wind chime!
Sounds like a marimba!

Oh I said in my mind!
As I listened as on the hill,
Where I reside,
The wind hits a chime!

And I lie here,
Slowly erasing elements of you-
From my hope and life!

To my mind and heart!

Always yours,
But slight not said!

I didn't ask for that

Poem by Marc Aupiais

To mock the troubled-
The mentally ill,
And those who thought to care!

I objected rightly-
How could a good person abuse,
Mock and hate,
And merciless - treat like fate!

Human person,

What of mercy?
What of truth!

Do they even exist to you?

Every person deserves truth and respect!
The first of sins-
Lead to death!

Many will die from your words!
Typical of your cast!
Dear murder!
Angel of death!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why you?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

God said stop dating,
And I asked why!

He showed me you!
My love for you!
Like no love I've ever felt!

Yet right now I'm only hurt!
Different morals?
Or selling your soul!
I know you think you haven't!
Not as much as those you admire!
But you have!
How can I love you?

I want to be gone,
But something keeps me!

She wants me to leave you,
To be hers likely!

Yet I can't!
However much I flirt with it!
So I cry!
And wonder why God curses me!
With such a child for my future bride!
Who cares for position and fame!
Before family,
Truth and
My Faith!

Once you were deeper!
But I can't bare to look in your face!

I can't bare your presence!
It constantly hurt!

How dare you so slander God's earth!
And me, you treat arrogantly!

How much longer will I stay?
Why has God cursed me,

All I wanted: a Godly, chaste, beautiful girl!
Instead he gave me you!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ek slaap, ek wakker, but always I dream, and wake- think yet of none of but you | a foreign bride across oceans and seas, across continents, beyond hope!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Ek slaap. Daar is net nie 'n klein klink nie.
Ek is alleen.
En ek droom.
Ek droom van die donker
nag! En van jou: Die Dag in My Wereld!
Ek droom.
Ek droom.
Ek droom van jou!
En ek wakker!

Red My Meisie! Baby Girl My only Love!

I remember that December,
September, June and July!
From that memorable day,
Commemorating the day of my 19th year,
Since at 4:15 I was birthed!

And since then I knew you a bit!
And since those dates,
Like halloween!
Die donker dag van All Hallows Eve!
And I think of none dear but you!

Et J'suis Marc Evan Aupiais,
Yet my heart bears your name,
And my face is made only
for your fame! That is-
your wishes and wants,
Made for you- every hair!

And I pray to God!
Make her greater then all,
And than me!

Ek slaap, en slaap,
Ek maak a klink!
Jy is alles! Jy is my genade.
Ek is jou hoop! Jy is my alles!

Daar is nie genoeg geld nie. Daar is nie genoeg mooi dinge in die wereld nie!

You are priceless!
Worth so much,
Worth beyond all worth!

C'est la vie!
But not without you!

J'adore tu!

And I hope and cry,
Ek slaap en wakker.
Ek gebid! God- ek gebied
God! Vir jou!
You are my only prayer!
Your salvation why Heaven matters!

And I sense you,
You deathly Siren!
My lover, my soul!

And wonder!
What have I?
I have your love for me!
However you it do hide!

Jealous! Thank God!
The black mained mare!
A white star on her forehead!
She rares,
And impossible,
The fur a faux-dress!
And a beautiful,

Cold white woman,
With black hair,
Does not rest!
'Cept in my hand,
'Til death,
No- beyond it!
Never leave me love!

Haunt me,
And my resting places!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I couldn't say no- not as yet!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

She offers but I say no,
She'll have to content herself with thoughts and power of will,
I'm taken- for once I know and want it more,
To be yours forever- dedicated to your love!

Yet I fear my position,
You have not said,

I wait and wonder kneeling,
I pray for you by my small little single bed!

Am I a fool love?
Is it in my head?
Every word of love you said,
Every secretly loving caress,

It would make sense,
At least that's what your competition says!

But I said no,
She'll have to content herself with her will and love!

I said no-
Because to life with you,
I've said yes!

Thought the devil, their lover- offers the world for countless souls

Poem by Marc Aupiais in his saint name Philomena

Thought the devil, their lover- offers the world for countless souls!
Though nothing stops them in their sins,
And the world talks of them,
Adds to them!

And the "good" admire the parts not so blasphemous!
As though the world at large,
Talent starved!

But Papa, he says we should not to them,
Or to power aspire!

Though the Devil offers
them the world, a risk,
Its not just their soul,
They obliterate!

And only for a moment,
Do they rise,
Like the flowers,
Dead by winter!
Though the world loves them,
Breathe no more,

Though the devil offers you the world,
Your soul- it is why I love you-
Nothing else but it would ever!
Make me care my dear!

There be monsters,
And they can't predict past death,
But I can-
To hell itself they've wed,

And in hell lies their torture,
Eternal, living, suffering death,
We all live forever,
They await their death,
That they bet,
6 bullets in Russian Roulette!

The sounds of night- my home without light

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Baby, What is that sound,
The sound of lack of light!
Yet I see- your face, your body,
Your all!

I need not blink,
I would never block you out!
You touch me in the dark of night!
You hold my heart,
As I rest and dream,
And all else doesn't seem!

All there is is you,
My love!

What is wrong, with me dear?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Again I'm writing,
This love poem to you!
To you, to my world, my Girl Universe!

To you my stars, moon, my night! Sky! Black, like your dark brown hair!

My meisie, the only one for me!

En ek hou om te se dit!
Goiemore, goieaand,
Hoe is dit, my meisiekind!

But will you speak to me in the light of day?
You, the owl that comes with death!
My pet hyena-
Beautiful monster lady girl!

The sun does rise,
She beckons the day!

But I don't want day-
I want MyGirlRise MineHereRise!
If want you by me, baby girl!

As I circle you,
And dance my dance-
My moon-love,
Glow with love for me!

And I wonder if I shall pass this year... Shall I even survive, love?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Ill again, I cannot drive,
Can't hardly walk, can I!

And your presence it envelops me,
Like the sheets and duvet on my bed!

I sit and mindless watch music on tv,
I hate the foreign beats!

And wonder at the strange foreign melody!

Ill again, what is new,
Yet I think not of pain,
As some hurt overwhelms,
Flows over me like deathly waves, and banes!

I feel pain, and instead,
Its of you, my thoughts,
Of my brain! Not in vain!
Fill my vein, be my bane!
I'm not quite yet entirely insane!
But make me crazy should you need to!
Should, baby girl- it get me you!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Resisting you... Futility

Poem by Marc Aupiais

She said I was stupid,
Pity I'm attracted to you,
She said it as she, my friend, did leave!
Attaching you to my name!
Bad idea she says!
As I awake,
Sick, from a daze!

My health all gone,
My hope not much,
And I am foolishly in love,
With you!

Resisting you is when it happens,
Life falls, and drops in my autumn,
And I wonder what comes-
Winter or spring.

And again you have acted,
Secret and true!

Yet why, do you not come here,
And lay claim you to me to you!

Or is it also secret-
The rendez-vous of hearts!

Claim me love!
Say I'm yours,
Baby girl my girl!

I stand here pure though in mind it is sin

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I stand high and mighty-
I ride a great white horse!
A war horse, a steed,
It stands against the gates of dear Hades,
It fights our banes and deaths!

I stand here pure my love,
And only pure for you!

I serve our God my love-
For your dear sake!

I stand here pure,
Without much sin,

And yours I wait,
Until or blessed day!

To you alone I do sway!

Yet, but, um,
In my mind,
And in my heart-

There I do sin!
For there I doubt,
I most terrible betray!

May it be noted why I am in the wrong

Poem by Marc Aupiais

My love, I have hurt you,
Heard your voice,
Seen your face,
And ignored you,
And went ahead!

Knowing my actions wrong,
I acted and did instead!

Let us be firm why I am wrong,
For mercy not mine to give!

For a gift you disapprove of!
The giving of something,
Belonging to your terrain,
To which you alone have claim!

I'd never think to say I'm right,
But how often do you my authority overwrite?

Perhaps we both need thought today,
And tonight!

I love you baby,
Girl of mine!

Yet remember also the hurt to countless you have done,
By your mercy to that
which serves our enemy-
The Emperor to None!

I do not discount your good love,
But don't discount it- my love, my mind!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Your Night in shining Amour

Poem by Marc Aupiais

My lady of day,
My warmth,
My light!

My moon,
At night!
Though my emotions do take spite and flight!

And I know it with many a might!
You are my lady in the night,
Of light!

More wiley than the ocean or the light!
Very many things that might!

I am your night,
Your darkness in abyss!
That Godly yet bad influence-
That many shun as night!

Baby girl-
I am your shining, night in amour!
A dieu I say!
And and you my night,
And every circle of earth moon and sun!
A dieu and to you,
My lady of the nights and days of my heart!

Turn me into your night and day-
And every circle of clock,
Earth, moon and sun!
For you are mine-
Be it dawn or the hour of none!

I think of no one... Nothing but you

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Summer approaches,
Hellish November, and December!
And yet I care not!

Not for them, my safety or life!
And this pain fills my entire being,
As though fire, water, Ice and granite combine!

You are present in my microscopic minds!
And full every universe I exist in, in life and time!

I breathe in and out you!
I taste you,
And not the wind!
The night breeze!

I miss your touch,
Though it never stops!
And the rain does pitter patter into the drop!

I fall,
I free fall into you!
And never rise,
Nor pull any shoot!

Your hope in my heart solidifies!
The fires of pain consume,

I hardly concentrate!
I hide in sleep and memory!
The pain I'm in!
Only your love helps!

And every moment I think, I see, I hear, I feel, I engorge!
Baby girl- you play with me!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Am I insane- mad? Insane?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Am I insane, mad? Insane?
Am I my imagination, my desperate bane?

You who loves me,
Who holds me, baby?

Are you really not in love with me,
As they say you've claimed?

Am I an ant to a queen,
The princess for whom I
give up my life?

Do you not love me?
Is it just coincidence,
When our hearts,
And much else clash?

My health goes should I ignore you!
I die a thousand many deaths!

Am I really insane?
Do you not love me?

Denying me to the world?
Your love for me?

What sin wouldn't I do... For you

Poem by Marc Aupiais

When I met you,
Then soon came the pain-
And I stayed up past 12-

Looking at images of you!

I listen as you touch my heart,
You hold me and my pain goes...

What can save me from you?
What can I say no to you?

For should I reject you a moment,
It hurts everything in me!

What sin would I never do for you love?
Then why did I say no?

Did I say that- I did ya know?

I'd do anything- sin or virtue for you!
Yet virtue-
Benefits more!
Virtue- is what I must do for you!

Its so very true, baby true?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sometimes you put me in a state- without much grace

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Surely you know how you hurt me,
Your disposable toy, of joy- is the bruise you make me enjoy,

And the wounds,
Like giant shards of glass!
Do photograph past my last!

I want to end me,
Into every ditch, wall or car!

I cannot comprehend-
E'Cept death-
This doom, damned gloom from you my shining moon!

And it feels like death,
So I want to die,
To understand how you've cast my

Cast in stone is my love-
To every heights!

Yet by your words,
And thoughts-

My heart- my faith-
My love - my cute hope!

You steal,
And barbaric-

Your callous arrogance-
Does my very soul-

My life and all-

A million times and more-
Shards of glass-
In the nuclear wasteland of-
My every hardened days of life!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Baby Girl I hate you, Baby Girl I love you

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Baby Girl I hate you, Baby Girl I love you
In the desert,
Of my heart,
And in the desert of my mind!

My veins, flow with hate and love!
Confusion strikes,
My heart beats, slow, so fast!

The commoners spoke of ghosts!
They told stories,
Of the terrible death,
Of the every sane sanity,

And I think of you in the desert winds,
They scrape skin, hot!
In heart, soul, sold mind!

I think of you with my desert heart!
The only living being,
To ever reside,
To live,
Within my heart!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where is my lover, where is my friend?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I stand on a hill,
My feet still, sweat!
My feet are sore,
I've walked,
Walk- my epithet!

I wondering star,
A broken shooting star!

As I fly-
My life drips-
Out my dear hearts!

Shall you drink my silver blood-
Shall you leave it to sin, and waste?

Drink my heart,
My blood, dear maiden!

Forget of how to sin,
Learn again love!

Do not abet evil,
Nobody wins!

Drink my blood love,
It falls from my wings,
And drops from my heart,
It flows on the winds!

On the winds of your thoughts,
Winds of your heart!
And wheresoever you head,
I float on your draft!

As the sun rise and set!
Set your heart to True North,
Set your heart on our God!
I'll follow you there!

Evil is lack- where good should now shine

Poem by Marc Aupiais

We are not reflection,
Of emitters of divine-
Not mirrors,
Or solar panels mine!

We each commit our own dear acts- good or bad,
Our own horse cart!

And God- however we beg-
Hardly overrides choice!
Make my choice for me I often do beg!

But I lack-
That is evil defined!

And that which is lack,
Which stands and prevents good-
By being less good,
And keeping good out!

That which is lack-
Is all that sends the tiniest and biggest souls to hell!

How our world loves,
These arrogance weapon murders,
It adores the saints of hell,
Who lead all to death!

And so have you claimed to do love-
You say you love the words of death!

Something of a different bin

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Dumped in sea, ocean tide,
After being grilled,
Quite fine,

Nothing like our pathos of sin-
Riches, comfort, life,
But not sin!

I am not a saint,
Never have been one!

Wretched am I,
Pathos- emotional man!

I am not a saint,
Nor basically good!

The sun, shoots rays,
Accusatory light,
The stars- testify,
And even the moon-

All obey the laws to which-
God did subject!

Yet- while I obey the same rules as them-
With additional ability,
More we must not sin!

Often I agonise about you- but I will not to leave you

Picture: Sunset Agony - Marc E Aupiais! Copyright Marc Evan Aupiais! All Rights Strictly Reserved!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I often agonise,
I think of sins and sunrise!
I think of what you said and did,
And my heart skips a nano-second!

It's not enough to make me leave,
Though in past I've considered another to please!

I love you still, my dearest love!
But I won't betray you for your scene!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mother mary and you- love

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I wouldn't say you are Mary- that beautiful,
feminine, wiley, yet chaste figure,
The inspiration of our very salvation,

A woman, as human as eve,
And like Eve,
Born without original sin,
As Christ too,
Was born sinless,
As was adam!

When I think of Mary,
Also of you,
My sinful baby girl,
but sinful, not sinless,
Yet trying,
And moral,
And chaste-
As can be!

Not perfect,
Like Mary!
But perfect as mine!
Though we both do sin!
And that angers me love!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The sound, of music, I have wonderment- found

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The sound of real music-
Not sex, drugs, or other talent trap crutch!
No real music, not money cows!
I hear a real voice sing,
It is your words,
Be true, in loving, symphony!

Few true sounds but you,
I tread!

Yet to dawn- Dawn Treader, dread, tread!
Dear lover- I would come to you!
But you must come instead- to me!
Do you love me as of yet?

Wait until God said,
And find me over oceans,

Love, love me from my bottom to the top of my head,
And from my toes, and hill-
To my bottom's dear rest!

We know each other intuitive- think!
Knowledge of soul!
Future matrimony!

I hear true music within your being!

Sweet nothings she whispers in my ears

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Sweet nothings she whispers in my ears!
Perhaps an angel or the devil,
She leans on me-
Whispers left and right!

It would hurt you what she whispers-
A devil you'd call her-

She says you're evil-
Disaster to me!

She relates her imagine-
All about me!

And I wonder at it,
Could that be of me?

She says things in whispers,
To no body- only to me!

And I wonder at her love of me!

She's not often liked you!
She'd rather I leave you!
All me to her,
Her prize in love for life!

Yet I sit here and wonder with you!
What to do to do!

I'm not yet through with you-
Perhaps my sadness will get through to you!

She whispers sweet nothings in my ears,
Her imagination runs quite simply wild.

But I sit here and do nothing,
Love I wait and think of you!

For rest, of us- life is dull boring dull

Poem by Marc Aupiais

For us real people life is dull,
Constant fear-
Education woes,
Taxi war, guns go off!

Neighbourhood watch,
And robbery!

Blatant rape,
We're colonies!

For the rest of us, love!
Life is dull,
But I don't escape with drugs,
Dance, or alcohol!

And you help them love-
To destroy dear lives!
As we all watch,
And cheer along!

For the rest of us,
Life- dull, dead, smell!

I sing this as I dig a grave,
And wonder if you'd love me safe?

I sing and dance- must I chance?

Picture: Havenly Skies by Marc Evan Aupiais! Copyright Marc Aupiais! All Rights Strictly Reserved!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I sing and dance to French music,
Really it lacks that American non-mystique!

Issues and people!
French, france, love!

J'adore the melodious,
Even drunken sound!

I listen to French music,
European charm,
Must more mystique!

Not American dullness,
Or British lack of sheen,

Class, much more-
French tunes, melody!

Baby girl- revenge against you

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Smile, though you should not;
Baby girl- revenge against you;

They say revenge is sweet,
Indeed it is,
At least when it's hidden kiss,
Is me hurting you-
For you hurting me!

Sin it calls, beckons me!
Revenge she pleads,
Be evil with me!

I see her, sway,
And dance,
Now bray!

Revenge, so grey,
Against you and your name!

Anger come and Anger go,
Revenge she promises,
With sweet pink lips!

Baby girl, don't upset me!
Or suddenly- sin against you-
So much infinite- sweet!

I say this as I wonder-
Shall I take my sweet tasting,
Simply said-

As every man may have said!
So I wonder- revenge- said game, set?
On my faithfulness-
Do you bet?

Baby girl you anger me

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I think sometimes on purpose,
Baby girl you anger me'
Do you prefer me angry baby,
Baby girl,
What would I be if you

would have me become?
Of sin, of love, you priceless, sinless dove?

Purposely it seems,
You choose what hurts,
What's contrary!

You do exactly-
Excite my veins!
Pump my heart-
A drum,
Drummed up!

Baby girl you anger me;
Rile me up, not purposely?
Say exactly what I would not,
You hurt dear me!

Baby girl, you don't anger me,
Instead I'm hurt,
Crying naked on the ground,
As invisibly you cut my skin!

But nobody sees,
Lest least of all-
Do you see me?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I love in love your jealous love

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I know how you feel-
You never got an invite-
What did you expect?
Them to know and truth find!

I know any girl I know,
You'd rather set alight!
You light up,
For my care!

Nothing brings more joy!

Would you love-
Have my manners left behind?

It is not an event-
Which would nigh-
Or at night-

Cause a loss in our love!

Am I so fickle love-
Can we not never trust?

Would I betray you for her-
Never- I have sworn this on God's own gift of my life!

Be wary- be careful-
Indeed, I shall do-

I would never want my desert love-
For you to run dry!

Love- to you I cling

Poem by Marc Aupiais

They keep asking,
Braying donkeys,
Lions after my blood!

No- I shout!
I screech No!

Blue sky grey,
Clouds, filled with desert filled seeds!
I wonder at you!
Foreign, yet local and mine!

Foreign in many things,
Yet like me in others!

Distance between love,
Not distance between us!

Like in the tempest-
Quite quietly separated!

God brings us together,
But grace is his magic stick!

Baby girl, I love you!
I think of you,
Better than a rainfall of gold!

More than a million soldiers or pals!

Not a single drop of hope!
But your ocean in my hope!

A desert holds and ocean!
My love- barren yet not of you!
My love- dry-
Bare- winds!

Except not dry to you!

All I have I've only you!
Your kiss, I tremble at the idea of you!

I shake- and feel you as I write!

In a desert out there!
Searching, though we've long been found!

I know who you are love!
You are my dew, water, rain-
Reign in my life!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The more I know you the more I cry

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I wonder as I write,
Is it worth knowing you,
So bossy in my life,
But callous in what you speak of:

Hurting me-
You really do hurt me, my lady!

And I'm always caught between:
Believing them about you,
And believing you and God!

I certainly don't yet trust you,
I'm not sure if I'm ready for you!

Yes, I'm sure you seem to think
You obey your conscience:

Yet, it keeps causing hurt to me,
The things you say and do!

Dearest Lady, I love you,
Woman in my dreams, lady girl!

Yet you so often hurt me,
And hold me to a standard-
Far, much higher than to you,

And I don't know how you hurt me,
I'm physically harmed by you!

Dear baby I love you,

I really though wonder,
And weep due to your ways of speaking,
And Acting

As though I didn't at all matter to you!