Saturday, August 27, 2011

~And now you face a choice- make it well- permanent

Poem by Marc Aupiais

This is my request, this is my argument, my hook, my line, my rehash,
I love you I say,
You I do not loath,
But you have a choice to make,
I whisper in your ear lobe!

Do you side with him,
Do you side with me,
An opportunity to prove-
Waiting nicely now!

Where do you lie,
Where sit you down,
Where do you play dead,
Or sick or alive?

This is your chance!
One day first day of them,
You time to prove true, truer than true,
Or to prove quite false, and true to dear me,
You cannot be both ways,
Both ways is a sham!

And so as you do choose!
What will you give away,
Up and away!
As winds do blow you close!
To decision anew!

And I will let you make!
The choice permanent!
The choice permanent!
Where you sit is where you lie!
And you've then dug your grave!
Where shall you attend,
With the devil and his lot?
Or shall you be sick,
And give it all a miss;
And miss it with stylishness,
And with some class!

If it is pretend, then pretend it no more,
And if it has been real,
Prove what you will,
Of what is now not,
And never will again,
Or never will again,
Or never will again!

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