Monday, August 29, 2011

Fie! I tell you! Leave the forest of my Life!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

If you kiss another,
I do not desire this to feel;

If you hold them, caress them,
Think of them, or lust!

Exclude me, do not seek me!

As I head into the forest!
Dark and Gloomy Green!
Evergreen trees!
Top the sky in dusky dawn and dark!

And as I head from athens in this Midsummer night!

I ask! Do not follow me!
You are not welcome love!

I flee not to marry you,
Or seek a true love,

But to flee you! Eternal dove of love!
For while I despise you and run,

Even there I sense,
As again you kiss another's lips!

And so do not follow me hence,
Nor let me sense!

For your life! Fie!
Do not follow me as I leave!

As I leave you from all my love!
And seek another life!
Not yours! Which is your own to use and despise!

Do not follow me love!
This Black Forest!

That is lack of you!
Do not follow me love!

I flee Athens to Flee you,
Do not follow me as I flee!

Foul lady of love!

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