Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Devil's wisdom!


The devil, works in graduation,
Slight variations,

The differences between
Fuchsia and Magenta,
This he delights in!

As the sky is azure,
I assure you, as the clouds,
Are granite and metal flakes!

The devil, loves the detailed secrets,
That most can never know!

The difference between fushia and maroon,
In this too, he invisibly strides!

Love, how you love the sunset,

The infinite shades of twilight, unto dusk!

You trick me!
Bit by bit!

Again! I am yours!
Step by innocent step!
Well-meaning! You pave the ways!
Paths, all head to, and fro!

The closer to you,
And the further away!

Either, as I struggle,
You encompass me,
A bog monster,
A shark, in the thrashing sea!

I fall into you, fushia, magenta! Azure as the skies are Azure!

The gravitons if extant, they break through,
And draw me into!
And drag me in gravity to!

The painted figure:
Of your promises!

My lover,
Thy tryst to call me to a tryst with destiny!

But love is sacrifice!
It is not sin!

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