Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rhino.. Canned.. Africa - Stranger..

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Rhino.. Stranger

The Rhino.. Stranger.. Stranger yet in a Can..
Africa on the side, tin from our or Chinese mines...
If the government doesn't take them we might call them OUR.

On this continent the Western World So Hates.
Enough to flood our market with inferior goods, Aid and Aids,
Immorality hand in hand with cheapness and poor taste.

And our  animals and game you take,
Our dictators you periodically replace,
As canned Rhino's are set free to hunt,
Once a year or whenever it pleases you to take,
You Set our horn, upon the mantle place?

And set our hopes all ablaze,
With the Freedom of Promises, and false love,
Yes, Love - You Also and Too, Western Westerner,
Upon The Africa Ranch -
Before you hunt and leave in great big plains.

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