Friday, July 29, 2011

To Dearest Good, good to hear~

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I whisper! A secret!
In my hidden prayers!
A Hidden Secret,
Hidden, in there!

In thoughts,
In words I hid it!
What Are words, you say?

A hidden secret!
Died another colour,
Green died quite red!

And I wonder at the secret!
The cloth that covers my hidden soul!
Jealousy, it seems, perhaps?

I tell you a Secret! Lord,

As Red does turn from Green to Black;
Blackest Blackness,
Of my soul!

Ashen remains,
Do harden, and fall before,
Blackest flames!

And red turns black;
Then crumbles,
Like a crayon, grey and white;
A drawing burning;
Giving some light!

And as I fall;
Ashes to ashes,
As I fall;
I'm swept below the carpet;
Just as just as grey!

And upon the carpet they do dance!
And sing,
For all the world;
But I am long gone;
Varnish, for the greyest greyest .. Floor;
Danced upon;
Turned to Dust!

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