Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Great Un-great Dead

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Mr Lincoln, Republican,
Slavery, civil war, Democrats,
Kill him,
"Great American President";

So goes the obituary,
So works the Western way!

The greatest men are dead,
For cause, whether theirs,
Or accident!

And if not dead,
They made sure to kill,
Blood alone makes a nation!

And in Africa,
To be in prison is great,
And Others acts make you so!
Sporting events,
Bowing to the West!

While pretending to oppose it!

The Great Men, Living and Living Dead!

Who attack minorities;
Who call for our deaths;
Want our property;
To take away our sleeping beds!

Not much different,
Than the great,
Great American presidents,
And the Indians they wiped out!
Or the great South African President,
The Great Kruger,
Who put Animals before man!

And while America committed Genocide,
South Africa,
Enforced cheap labour!

As we do even now!
Under our Great Presidents,
Enslaving little Asian boys and girls!

BRIC by Brick,
We and NATO,
Build Un Monde,
One world,

On born and unborn,

And minorities,
Are ignored,
However vital,

For the special interest,
Minority made up.
Or of actions, for the day!

The Great Western Presidents,
Who take away innocent lives,
Making them seem Great!
Killing children, indirect,
And their own children,
Destroying their wake!

The Great Westerners:
Who know how to praise;
Their own names!

Not the humble,
Who serves truly God, truth!
And you, love!
And you love,
Not his own inflated Mr Material "His-Self"!

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