Monday, September 19, 2011

Talking to myself

Poem by Marc Aupiais

All alone. No one there.
I started a conversation.
With myself!

Slowly in my mind,
Then near whispers,
Inaudible sound,
I whispered what I spoke in mind,
And soon sang,
And a song did sing!

Of castles, dungeons, armour pieces,

You ask!

But no! This is not my song so I sing!

My song all my own,
A beat on the bar does sound!

And I sing!

And I sing!
And in my mind I write a song!
Height and depth!
My voice does sound!

Creative... Inspiring... To me! It's all that matters you see!

And as I sing, I enter rhythm and breathe!
I fall into the ocean water!
So blue-green!

A green pool!
A reservoir!

Nearby a green snake swims,
And beyond is a Lion,
Quite bayish! And yellow!

And I sing upon the mountaintops!
Slowly regurgitated my thoughts, opinions, beliefs!

And as I sing! I find a freedom!
And a death!

Death to Ghost of
Depressions past!
As hope anew has set!

And my own new song I sing,
Simple to some,
But mine each time!

A unique Aupiais melody!
Me alone! Moi! I alone sing!

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