Saturday, August 27, 2011

They ask why I want marriage.. As though it were restrictions on my .. Happiness

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Some men say they want freedom, or other weird ordinary shared,
For me I only want you,
My love, and the space in my bed!

Some men, they want these threesomes,
I truly would not want,
Though love if you insist,
It won't benefit me,
The thought of any other,
Would result in throw up, puke instead!

The thought of another woman near you love,
Touching my girl instead,
I'd cry and weep and weakly stare,
Out the window or cover my eyes!

My soul attached to your soul,
Long ago and in my heart instead!

Some think casual sex is freedom,
What a prison upon my bed and head!

Rather love! I want betrothal,
And marriage, wedding bells ring instead!

And I get you all, freedom,
Only you to bed!

Do you want Toast With Butter, Milk and Chicken eggs?

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