Sunday, August 21, 2011

The bed YOU'll Never know ... Love

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Bed You'll Never Know-
Art By Marc Aupiais
(c) Marc Aupiais
The Bed I think of, Love, You'll never know,
Nor the feel of my skin, Nor my warmth in the long cold nights and night!
Your youth you spent partying, Mine I spent suffering,
And When I called out, You were not found,
Or another's arms embraced, when I most needed your so dearly delicate touch!

The Bed 'f Dreams, In This, Our Sleepiness ,
Where Once, so far apart did we fantasize a life!

A Life No More, For in my hopes it is dead and gone,
As With Your Heart, Long Gone,
As This, Our Room, I keep From You, And Any Other, Love!

This Bed Of Dreams, Matrimony,
I Keep From You Love, As You Keep From Me!

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