Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Death, to an American

Poem by Marc Aupiais

They insist!
Upon their human rights!
As long as they serve their human interests,
Not saving human lives!

They teach us morals ...
Of sorts,
And are anti-heroes!
Any wise parent is quick to oppose!
And with evil: them appose!

On the Television set...
In magazines, and multi-colour printing spread!

Enemies to all!
Especially in their death!

"Death to America",
Such an easy phrase,
Wolf's bane! ...that kills all but not them!
Bane to the world!
911 call the world Police!

And as another American dies,
All mourn!
Ignoring the thousands of the rest of us!
For the Celebrities!
The wrongly celebrated fews!
As the rest full cassettes, caskets and pews!

And write fan letters,
A million, billion tweets!
And Facebook treats!

For members of this Army,
World Police!
As bit by bit our cultures die!
And all that was deep in the world,
Is replaced by false truths!
Filmstrip thin!

As all, worship!
These! Our world police!

And indeed: "Death to America";
Is the words of worship, of praise!
An acknowledgement to slavery!
To jealousy,
Green as Al Qaeda steam!

No! World Police,
Our service is to God,
Not their God,
The real one!

Dearest loves!
Ignore America, please!

Do not mimic, or worship them,
Or their mass destruction weapons, please!

We must be better!
You must now, must now,
What we see, see!

And ignore the juggernaut,
The death bringer,
In so many orphaned lives!

This is what not, ignoring,
America achieves!

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