Monday, September 19, 2011

Ghost of Guilt

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I'd do anything, commit any sin,
Hurt anyone, as much as need,
If only to escape your grip,
Skeletal skeleton hand,
Rub against my neck, my back,
Grasp my shoulder and my sparks!

I try escape you, any sin,
Anything to cover the curtain,
To hide the stage!

You are pain, suffering!
Ghost of guilt! You make me rue!
But goodness cannot come from you,
I weep I fight,
I'd commit any sin;

But you remain, Ghost, Ghost,
You remain!

And control my life; in entirety!
Thus affect me;
Ghostly Ghostly Deathly Saint,
Of Guilt,
Of death,
Of Destiny!

And I weep!
Any sin I'd commit,
To escape your grasp for good!

Any sin,
But you are with me always,
Deathly Ghost!
Your hand upon me,
Your breath in winds,

Oh! Ghost of Guilt,
Wilt thou not head for hell,
Or leave me be?!

But you are with me!
Until the end of the age...
Beyond... And beyond Death shall we both wade!

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