Thursday, November 25, 2010

I love you but I am not me around you!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I love you,
But I withdraw from you,
I am not me,
I do not tell you,

I love you,
But I cannot trust you,
Not if you Act the way you do!

I love but I don't have to be there with you,
Nor tell you my deep truths,
Or avoid dangers with you!

I watch you head for doom,
In this world and the next,
I do not defend for you,
For you have chose death,
Not my path my love!

And I leave you to God!
Knowing he will condemn against you!
Because you refuse my help,
For love of you!

So I withdraw,
And threaten for you,
Feeling inch by inch,
My losing for you!

Least you turn and seek for me,
You'll find me,
In truth,
Hidden deep!

But though I feel your presence,
Behind me as I sleep!

I know the distance to you,
And that our paths may cross,
Or never cross against each other,

As it is!
You head away!

And I cannot follow away without you!

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