Saturday, July 23, 2011

Be Gone Blackbird

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I know not what,
A Blackbird is,
Nor much, is it a Crow?
A Vulture maybe?
Or a Sparrow or Eagle!

I know not what you are:
Either ...

No, not one bit!

And I wonder at the Eagle!
Whom Years Past! I loved!
The Eagle, so Beautiful!
So Gone!

And I wonder at the Migration,
And a bird,
Never at home, not here, not here!

And, Blackbird,
What are you Blackbird?
A Raven?
Or funeral bird?

Oh! Blackbird,
I know not!

And then I see you!

Memory ..
Blackbird! Black Bird! B-Lack B-ird BL-alack Bi-red!

And I wonder!
Foreign Bird!
I know you not!

Away Blackbird!
Leave me Blackbird!
Away Blackbird!
Beware Blackbird!
Leave my Thoughts!
I am not to be your haunt!

Dear dear Blackbird, Begone Blackbird Begone bygone! Begone!
You Nightingale!
You Raven!

Be-Gone! Bygone!
Fall into the moon!

Away from me Raven-black Blackbird!
Haunt not, My heart is not your haunt!

Dear funeral bird!
Morals you have NOT! Got! NOT!

Be-gone bygone winds I beg, blow you away Blackbird!
Begone! By-gone!
Fly back up to your pray!

Leave me Blackbird!
I beg of you!
I pray!

My eyes are not for you eyes!
My heart not your haunt!
To rip out!
And feed your Raven-black chicks!
In some foreign land!
Far Far North!

Where snow falls,
Upon your West-Nest!

Be-gone Blackbird!
Hibernate, Migrate!
Leave me! Good Blackbird!

Long since has your good kind good!

Be-gone be-gone Blackbird!
Nest in Skyscrapers!
Away! A-way! Waya! From here!
Be-gone! I beg of you!
My dreams ought be your haunt!
Be gone Blackbird!
My dreams shan't be your haunt!

And nor shall I be your cloak!
Warmth in winter!

Be gone! You who betray me!
For Summer's treacherous yokes!

Learn not Blackbird!
My Song!

Of Winter Yokes!

My heart oughtn't be your haunt!
My dreams beg of your leave to leave!
I beg of you Blackbird!
Find another to call The Late!
Late! I am! My clock strikes 10 to 12!

Late! So be-gone Blackbird bygone!
Be gone!
Never again call M.E. late!
For for you I wish I could!
Somehow reserve hate!

Shouting and batting you away!
But crying Blackbird!
For you peck out my heart!
Raven Black Hair!
Oh! Dark Eyes!
Bid me my doom!~

Away Blackbird! Away!
Treacherous Bird!
Give me Back My Heart!

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