Friday, August 5, 2011

The Man on the local street

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The man, is there,

Eyes yellow as the grass!
He intends me harm-
He eyes my stuff, my property!

I feel, I fight, I wage, I salary, or stood tight!

And he couldn't take what's mine!

The man was elected,
The man on the street!
By others like him!
Eye'ing my house,
What's all mine,
My estate!

And as a government,
These men took it,
And the businesses too!

They ran it!
Right into the ground!

And there is my house,
Now an empty plot!

The man on the street,
Yellow eyed,
Eyes now your house!

The uneducated outnumber!
In this numbers game,

Where the outnumbered good,
The laws forbid we, arbour fight!

Be our nation Catholic, or our heart white!

And elsewhere,
The persecuted wise,
Are different,

But the evil,
Uneducated fire-mongers,
Still desire to take,
And cannibalise,
Their house!

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