Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Black Mare

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Ur white white complexion,

I wonder at you,
You beautiful woman,
With such black hair!

Ur, I say,
You, Your, Yours!

It belongs to you!
As I do not!

I realised that today!
Any company but yours,
But yours, traitor girl!

But anyone's company;
From moment deny yours,
So dark, cold!

Madness takes me;
When not yours!

But when I trust,
When I give my soul!
Then you betray ..
You then deny ...
You then hurt me!

So for a moment,
I seek warmth and comfort,
A hug,
A kiss,
A sound!
A hope,
Of love and friendship,
In another ground!

For I am not yours love!
I am not your property!

Not now, not now!
Not in a while,
It does seem!

And though I adore you,
I turn it to her,
Whoever she be,
A friend!

And indeed I love my friend,
And hear her voice,
Comforts my soul!

And hug her!
As her warmth caresses my being!
And need her!
I cannot need you~

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