Sunday, April 24, 2011

Loss of life and time

~Marc ~Aupiais~

With my sunglasses on,
An invisible rainbow,
A beautiful day-night sky.

Imagination or intuition,
One waits on hope,
Yet life is swirl and dance,
Magic beyond spells beyond lies~

My world is ~cracked~
You swerve and move!
I cannot keep up!

And I wait~ seeing magic~ no one around believes~
And yet ~ magic~
Lights, swirl, blue and red,
Purple love,

Yet treachery is you ~way~ with ~me
You know not how not to deceive~
Deny my life with every breath~

And I wonder,
As I wait on bait and breath~
My last breath is never distant~

We live in magic~
Or await but death~


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