Friday, October 29, 2010

Baby girl, betray me... Make me cry... Yet again... Shall I? Or shall I not be too? Don't make me leave dear you...

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Its intimate, close,
I rest within your heart.
We are one flow, one meaning.

And then you betray me,
As though in safety,
I cannot fight you!

And I know you've tricked moi,
To insure I won't leave,
Over your deep hurt, in my soul!

You make me cry love,
Weep within my heart!

And though I smile and laugh,
I try to be distant,
For you take advantage when close love,

You hurt me, betray me,
As though safe.

And I wonder- should I still stay?

Friday, October 22, 2010

The aliens landed in Africa, they destroyed: our culture, our lands, our hope at freedom, my love

Poem by Marc Aupiais

They landed in birds with wings,
And came on swans across oceans,
Some were white as some of us are,
Some were black,
Others Asian.

They landed on our shores,
And now nothing grows,
Due to the witchcraft of economics.

They offered us free water and bread,
For our souls and culture shredded.

Unicef, Red Cross,
And nothing grows,
And pets- we wait in queues,
And change our values,
To death do we head.

And who'd buy food with
what little we have,
We spend our days working,
Waiting in food queues.

The economy stopped,
Since the aliens arrived,
Western Aliens.
Nothing, no longer grows!

Empathy for us,
A cute dear pet.

And I sit in my home,
By my tv set,
And I wonder at Africa's people,
Doomed by whites like me,
Asians and blacks!

Who came on evil winds headed West!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rape, murder, torture, abduction, I speak of like a thunderstorm

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Rape, murder, torture, abduction, I speak of like a thunderstorm,
And the water unsafe,
Electricity and internet irregular,
Crime, another murder,
Another death.

Another suicide of someone I know.
A friend says I internalize it.
I just don't care.

But I see you love!
And I too care!
And I cry!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I may falter and ice may break

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I may falter-
As suncast ice,
Like iron cake.

As the lightning strikes,
And thunder shouts love!
Electricity vaults through my veins!

I may falter and fall-
And break!
But my love for you will be strong!

For whenever it leaves it returns,
Like the winds!

I hope you feel my love,
I hope you feel me today!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The secret of the death of dusk

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Flashes of light,
Turn to sights.

Like a small string,
Light sprinkles and splatters,
Beautiful but dead.

Red, murky bright blue and purple,
Death throws of light.

I lie and moan, and groan.
Anger again takes to a race,
From my mind and heart,
My soul! Anger swells, swirls,

And the tears drop from my soul's heart!

I look down at you baby girl, as though dreamt on my form,
And my anger!
Where is it?
I feel insecure!

I know my enemy,
And I cry!

And I do nothing,
But love and weep!

I wish my death,
Yet then you do too,
Ask to join me!
And I can't and don't.

And I lie here,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tolove Tohate ToBeSoScaredToCare

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I cannot stand for grief.
I collapse an sit here-
I write!

You've strung my heart,



I want you
To realise whatyou'vedone!
ToTruth ToMe!

IHate ILove
All at once!


Your sins love

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Should I sin, even mortally I take heart,
Should I cheat on you or one day commit Adultery!

You've certainly set the standards high.
Any sin, even murder or rape,
Or should I drop a nuclear bomb.

Nothing I can do can make me as evil as you,

And should I betray you I take heart,
For there is nothing you could say-
To make me feel slightly ashamed-
Compared with you love!

No- should I betray you-
Why should I feel guilt?

Except to God-
The giver of life!

But not for you love-
No limits with you!

Nothing worse could I do-
Than what you've done,

Really! I'm free,
To do whatever I'd have now have done!

And there's nothing-
That would guilt me-
That you could say!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Where are you my dreams- you slip away!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

How long have I been alone?
Dreaming of your touch!
Of your shallow kiss,
Of your beautiful laugh and smile?

What kind of woman,
Makes her man promise,
Then makes every sort of delay,
In coming to his hope,
And learning,
Of heart and home?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

And my love for...but you!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

And the threat does grow to the land,
It crosses our border into our land,
Africa Blessed, cursed by the threat,
The threat keeps us Africa shackled to poverty straps,
Destroys our morals,
Condemns our people to death!

And I pray God reign on the threat,
Let the skies pour out,
And rain rain and fire!

But the skies are magenta, tangerine, red!
Winds billow and bred!

Hatred in me for a foreign land,
And I said!

They hate us and pretend to love,
They infiltrate our hearts and heads!

And I wept,
Because God said love!

You and the nation of all's death!

And the skies rained tears,
From Africa's barren womb,
With you, my soul has bred!
Must you end our lives for
flashing lights and bread?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby girl

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Baby girl, lady beauty!
Justice within me!
Without you I don't question me,
Without you I have no God, no faith, no hope or way to life!

Baby girl, your words and acts affect,
Change, hurt, may one day kill,
Not proximate cause-
That would be me,

But baby, baby, lady!
Your every action,
Because I love jealously!
Affects me,
Deadly or life,

You never know with the poor

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Something to tell you love,
Something quite grave,
I'm not ashamed of it love,
Even if it caused a grave,

You never know with the poor,
Perhaps they'd have a grave.

When I stop at a robot,
What you call a traffic light.
I stop a few metres back-
To avoid accidents and the poor!

They tried to take my car by force,
I've never cared to help since!

And every day my morning route,
Takes me past a madman.
He thinks he not the robots controls the traffic,
He almost dances,
And speaks to demons past!

The government dumped the madmen on the streets,
Let their families throw them out like meat.

And one day he lay in the street!
An epileptic fit,
Collapsed in my path.
I adjusted my steering wheel and drove on by.

You never know with the poor!

And perhaps my imagination,
A false guilt memory,
Or a dream,
Of guilt not mine,

I imagine later I saw a man,
Lying in the road,
On the other side,
Perhaps the madman or another,
You never know with the poor!

A knife wound in his stomach,
I drove on by!
And I know I would real or not!

You never know with the poor my love,

And looking at them causes pain!

Friday, October 1, 2010

You'd presume

Poem by Marc Aupiais

You'd presume you were my only constant,
But she is love!
I love you,
But can I trust such a girl?

So independent,
But not always right?

So much so I often plan to leave you,
And have to fight for you,
Against you!
Jealous I am!

But for my daily sustaining!
I turn to her not you!
I cannot trust you, much!
Not when you,
Focus such on worldly stuff!