Sunday, November 11, 2012

Forgotten Trust

Poem, by Marc Aupiais

Strange, I felt myself withdraw from you,
Trust I cannot feel,
Trust you have too often betrayed, in me.

And Trust, I do not know,
Not in you, as I knew in her.

Waves, seas, tumultuous ...
I cannot write, I cannot speak.

Pain, swirls, and drowns,
As I enter into these waves,
And feel the pull, as I am screw driver-ed into the deep grey sea.

Trust I cannot feel,
You never have trust in me.

I look into the deep grey sea...
As smoke and fire hits the coast.

Will you ever dare to trust in me?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

To Trade With the Whore of Babylon!

Poem, by Marc Aupiais

More tempting than Circe, A grip, that rivals Calypso,
And the smarts, that even Penelope did not possess.

A nation, that sells violence, sells sex,
That trades with all the world,
And Enemy of God, and Enemy of Satan and the Devil's angels too.

And with it, we all do trade, this nation Great Babylon,
Enemy of the Devil, and of God, and all the Angels,

And God and all the angels, it does deny,
Daily, as it takes to trade,

And as it attacks Armageddon, and reveals the Apocalypse,
A challenge, even Calypso would not dare reveal!

A nation divided, a nation, that always continues to fall,
A house of trade, of Power Unmatched,
To be destroyed in an explosion, rivalling none.

Great Babylon, and its Towers of Babel.

The men at Byblos, would not have passed their secret on,
Had they known: it would record dear Babylon,
And her death, before all,
For her Harlotry, Enemy of God and Satan,

Lover and Enemy of all Mankind,
Babylon, the Nation, Babylon, the whore!

Enemy of Christ, Enemy of Satan.

Enemy of All!