Sunday, July 17, 2011

Reflecting "greatness"; they said

Tower of Darkest hope- by Marc Aupiais; no unauthorised use permitted;

The Tempest and the Hurricane: Reflecting "greatness", the said;

Poem by Marc Aupiais

In the alleys of Paris;
The slums of greatness;
Our hero scavenges;
Scours; seeks; Truth;
Beauty; Hope; Love:
An answer!
To a secret he's seek;

Oh; all the journeys;
Miles and miles;
He's sought; an answer, our hero!

And in dark pursuit,
He seeks and alley;
And chases shadows; ruins;

And ruin; it seems;

Oh! Our hero;
Seeking ruin; we mean truth; ahh! It is so!!?

And he seeks down every alley;
And upon the musky cold street!
Ah? Where is it! Where is it what he seeks!
Our hero; he seeks!
Magnifying glass upon the world!

Deluded perhaps;
Quite well dressed!
This man!

Searching the back~alleys;
Where danger is upon him;
Now even; today!

Dear ~ dear man!
Seeking truth;
Where Angels have since not tread;
For fear of him;
Who's heart so bled!

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