Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Brilliant Saint

poem by Marc Aupiais

Stupidity! ~ Of the heart ~ At war!
We follow us hearts to doom, to doom!
We ought not ~to~ Trust evil, doom!
We ought not to turn to sinners' "sooth"!

We trust again~ Again~ The World!
Golden hours golden time!
We trust again! Again The World!

But Saints and Angels stand Aghast at our sins,
But Saints and Angels! Do not abandon us!

They pray instead on the mountaintops!
On the Distances! On city tops!

And though I foolishness Trust the World,
But a Moment! And It's Proved once again false!

Angel, Protector, Beautiful Saint(s)!

I Pray to Thee,
Three, Free my chains!
Undo my yoke to darkness, Forfeit my sins,
Forget my promises, In Darkest's Dark!
Stop my deception,
Let Lady Lust die!
Stop my foolhardy Heart!
Replace it with one, whiter than
White Rivers' Silt!
And Salt, and Snow,
And the White of my shocked face.

As again the Faith is Proved truth and truth!

Protect Me Angels! Protect Me Saints!
From deception, the woman's evil white gloved hand!

that circles her fingers, and draws in men,
Servant of Hades, Servant of Hell, who deceives all men!
Right unto the grave! Grave Time! When she ceases her game!
Or when her truth, or all truth revealed!

Protect me! Angel;s! Protect me Saint;s!
All Catholic Guardians!
Sift through my soul!
And destroy my wrong!
A New Heart and Soul! Create!

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