Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Poem by Marc Aupiais

As we do part, a few things should be said:

I do not wish you well;
I shall not see you through;
I do not want your good;
Or feel pride at your success;

I hope you die in regret;
Yes; I do hope; just that you do;
I hope you die in Regret;
Too True Too True;

And that you are hurt ...
Injured to the core;
As much as you hurt me;
Abused to the core;

Dearest love unfair; unfair; oh we well!
To the Wishing well;
Where you wished for... Yourself!

And now as we do part;
Though you parted long ago;
If ever you knew my name;
I hope it you regret!

And as the night of day;
Becomes the day of knight;
I hope your shining armoured one;
Is delayed .. Is too late!

And when it is your turn;
I hope it is ... Much worse;
I hope the heavens fall;
And crack upon your hopes;

And destroy your dreams;
All those phony friends;
In this tango that is life;

Comeuppance is regime!
And to hope: but anticipate!

Farewell to Love;
Love was Never ... YOU!
Sadly I say in truth;
Love was Never In You!

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