Monday, September 19, 2011

Can't you hear: inaudible sounds

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I sat and had a chat with God.
Inspiring as it was.
I do rue to regret!

I had a chat with God!
I asked him where he learnt to forget!
How he, forgiving let you,
And others take what's mine...

I had a chat with God.
A simple, ordinary chat!
We went though a whole pot of tea!

And I asked Him!
How it is, you got so rich,
When the good, and sinful alike,
Toil under his curse!

And he answered me quite in full,
He mentioned you by name,
This God!
And offered me a cup of blackest coloured tea!

And we discussed horses,
And ponies,
And human mankind!

And birds and bees,
And humanity, your sleaze!

And he explained to me the fate of all,
This God! Of Almighty!

And as dusk neared,
Twilight overcame,

And I asked him a favour,
A simple one!

His company again for tea,
I truly enjoyed it!
Pleasant it seemed!

The problem, sadly is:
I must invite you,

So if you'd only be quiet,
And over your head a paper bag,
I think no one will have trouble,
Bringing you,
You see!

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