Friday, July 29, 2011

To die myself a character- into an ancient book

Picture - of a Park- by Marc Aupiais- all rights reserved!
Poem by Marc Aupiais

If I could write my life;
A hero, I would be,
Cautious as a cat!
A hero, hidden seeing;
Not deceived by life!

Black ink splodges on and sp-l-ashes,
On my page,
Ashen now!

If I could die myself into a book!
An adventure I would write!
My enemies Blackest evil;
The sort some people;
Think quite good!

And if I could write a book;
Magic repellent on me; quite sprayed!
Keeping the wrong sort far-far away;

If I could write myself;
Splodges of ink, upon a page!

Dear.. I think you'd be a question,
For me to make,

My lover, perhaps,
Or my enemy!
DEEpest sort of enemy!~
Which; love, do you seem;

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