Monday, November 28, 2011

My Revenge

Poem by Marc Evan Aupiais

I want you dead, dying painfully over the hours,
I want you hurt, to have destroyed everything, everyone you love,
I want you murdered,
Every bit destroyed,

May poverty take you, infamy destroy your name,
May you have nothing,
Not even your allies or your name.

May you be ended slowly,
Everyone walking by,
No one stopping or caring,
Wild dogs only enemies.

May everything, everyone you hope in, slowly, inevitably be destroyed!
May none of your wealth help you,

This is what awaits you,

And perhaps, were I not Christian,
Catholic to the core,

Somehow I'd enact this scheme,
This desire to end your core!

Yet, this and worse is your fate,

Anyway! For your sins against your God and our core!

Such is hell, is all perdition.
As much you deserve it,
As the prison!

That you made for the rest of us,
With false kindness,
And targeted affection!

A smile for the camera,
A watching of the crowd!

May that pretty smile fade to dust,
And all you love,
Blink, may it be dead and gone,

May perdition overtake thee,
For it is near unforgivable,
What you have intentionally done!

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