Thursday, August 11, 2011

Coldness within

Image by Marc Aupiais- Copyright! No unauthorised reproduction allowed!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Coldness! Is eminent!
Imminently, I must sense!
I am warmly dressed! In this land!
Infinity Minus-
All in reverse!

I am cold! My arms, my legs,
My heart! Frosted away! With melting ice!

And the sun cannot warm away my cold- icy-cold!
No heat can!
Nothing impacts!
On this cold!

I sit here,
Frozen in invisible ice!
Unable to move-
This cold- too cold!

Frosted over,
Covered under the icy snow!
Invisible! You cannot see!
Likely will never discover me,
Invisible for all the ice you see!

I sit here! In the icy cold!
Imagining a cross-hatch,
Image in an adventure book!

I am so cold, all of me is cold! So cold! Too cold!
You have covered me,
Hid me,
As you focus on your ice, and glaciers!

I am invisible,
More so than ice!

I am so cold!
Coldness takes my heart!
My life!

My breathe, drained white,
Soul! On snow!

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