Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lala's Spectacularly Stupendous adventures in the Land of Nodding Llamas

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Lala's adventures in Llama Lands- Art! By Marc Evan Aupiais
No Unauthorised use permitted!
La.. La... lalala You sing, as you tamp along,.
Greeting all, especially the happy,
Singing you tramp, and skip and hop...
In a fantasy, for your own creatings...

You smile, you own all, and do all,
You save all who need, and you draw attention,
Away from need, Distracting, with strange, immoral routines,
Oddly distracting, teaching different values, in a different world,

A fantasy. Where your actions do good... Not long term bad...
Where all who oppose you, are kept from your sight,
And every word, is an attack, if it slightly smells of truth not fun...

Surrounded always by immoral friends,
Discussing all your immoral achieves..
As broken planes and broken panes, and pains,
Do set up, Your conscience is satisfied,

Uneducated delinquent in the realities,
You think you've saved a million lives...

As you sing of lala in Llama Land,

Surrounding you with those who think you help, not hurt,
And forget us, the billions you've truly hurt!

Forget us, as you nod off, amidst nodding Llamas,
Who never tell truth, to you, anyways, Love,
Nod off, Sing Dance, or !AWAKE! !!
Least you cause me and the world quite a permanent ~WAKE!

Babe, upon a cradle of deluded dreams;
Whoever you step on, you only help, they say,
Praising your every mistake in Llama lives,
As a million souls: you trade as slaves Eternally; for at-tentative, attentive attentions, smile!
And Condemn those who love you most, for smiles~

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