Tuesday, June 27, 2023

As other stories came and went

I've been here. There.

Walked. Rode out.

Horse and cart; little car.

A dance here; cinema.

But here and there are gone.

And those I knew fell away.

Maybe dead, maybe gone.

Stories, now. Mind bound.

A photograph or ten in a booth.

A night and day. Memories, too.

That shark tooth. That slippery slide.

Injury on a bike. Another — that place.

Crocodile. Water. Boat. 

Too strong rapids.

Mud. Soot.

Gone. Past. And the friendship of the time.

Forgotten. Brought to mind.

Captured. Photographs. And broken lies.

Broken lines. Fractured times.

And through it all, I walked, half asleep.

As other stories came and went,

Stopping by for a moment in my life.

Falling, without resolving, out of my time and life.

Just as I, too, will ... one day ... some time.

- Marc Evan Aupiais