Friday, December 30, 2011

Translation of my poem: The Journey Over Convex Shapes!


A Blizzard! Snow! It pushes with violence,
Angry winds, make the heavy thick snow,
Veer to the edge of sight,

As I scale mountains,
And seek crevices, caves, so shallow,

Still, my eyes, which observe green, red and blue to see all colours,
Are overloaded with white,
The combination of all other types of light,

I am overloaded,
My threshold of sight reached,
I cannot see any but white light.

The only heat here is from my body,
But the icy cold surrounds it,
And takes away my heat,
Which saturates,
Into cold!

I am blinded by white,
And losing heat!

Snow surrounds me in isolation,
And hypothermia!

(I wrote this in English others did not understand, so this is the simpler version)

The journey over convex shapes


Points, drawn, they move to the horizon,
Drawn, connected to gravity,
Heavy gravity,
Points, of high frequency,
In a low threshold of space,
The combination of Red Blue and Green,
White light,

And I journey over deep convex curves,
And into concave circles!

And the combination of all red blue and green light: white! This tends towards an overload, to hurting my sense of sight!

And infrared vibrations are view,
All emitted by myself

As this frequently contrasting part of the curvature of our sphere:
Encompasses my infrared light!
Tending towards this threshold,

As over threshold of Red Blue Green,
I travel, all of it,
And dots of threshold Red Blue Green, do overload my sense of Red, Blue and Green: Sight!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I care not for your connections


I care not! I say not! I care not!
I care not for your connections!
With whom you befriend!

I care not for your money!
Or where you come from!

I care only for your integrity,
That you remain in your strong threshold, deepest domain!

Sounds! Silent! To human ears!
Light! So bright! But invisible to us!
Heat! Unseen light!
All these speak to me!

Of integrity,
Domain! Threshold!
Of you to me!

Don't betray me!
Not even for me!

Restore to me,
In your domain,
My threshold, potential strength!
Withhold not in me!

But have a tight threshold against,
What is but been!
Or will be!

Hold true! To Deep threshold,
Deepest cave depths!

Catacombs! Of complexity!
Crystalline trusting truth!
Not insanity!

Hold always threshold!
It is what holds you to contrast!
And not to sinful- similarity!

Who Am I- with you? I don't know who I am, with you- alone~


We spoke!
You speak! Manipulate me!
With words, you move me,
My body, you change and alter me!

I become someone-
Someone I don't know how!

I lose my threshold- on integrity,
I fall! I collapse!
I set myself to you!

And become one with you,
Spiritual set!

Distance I sought!
But nothing can hide!
I am in the threshold of you,
Of your domain,
Your authority over me!

And again!
You Ask- I obey!

Though I resist hours on end!

And my threshold does break!
I do your loving instructions!

I seek after thee!
Ever in your domain!
Never but in you!
In your true domain!



Overload! Threshold Reached!

I squeal with frequency and length!
My form is concave!
I squeal like a teething puppy!

Threshold! Suffering!
Too much,
Sharp! Blunt!
Senses overload!

And I give out,
I squeel!
I release!

Like a small animal!
Overload! Another word!
For pain!

I'm for sale


My Soul! It Isn't Set!
Its Easily Changed!
Easily ExChanged!

My Soul! Don't ya Know!
Is For Sale! For Penny Or For Pound!
I'd do Anything! You See!

My Soul! It's For Sale!
Unreasonable Price!
Easily Charged! Or Changed!
If You Pay Too Much!
I Might Give you An Exchange!

My Soul! For My Life!
Charge My Account,
Before Midnight

Sale Applies While I am Still In Stock!

You Broke me!


A Spectator! I Watch!
As Hurricane! YOU!
Wash Over me!

A Object! Of Affection!
Tossed and Turned!
Thrown Aside, Chewed by You!
Teething Moment!
Of An Adult Woman!

The Satin Black!
The Lotus White!

Lace Upon your Form!
Written Upon your Broken,
Altering Form!

Wash Over me!

You Say- I Say- Say- Say! Say!


You Say I'm Different!
That Others Misjudge!

That you Misjudge!
Say the Truth!

That in Spent, Done, Gone!
You Misjudge!
I play It Again!
You Misjudge Me!

Everyone! Everyone Of You Alone! Do Misjudge!

You Say I am Special!
Not Different Enough!
To Kiss or Violently Hit My Heart!

You Say I'm Different!
I'm Different For You!

The Sanity of Utter Contrast!


The Definition!
Of God! Of Child!

How Great! How Small!
Is the Difference Between Our Only TriUneGod!

Oh! God! Of Bethlehem!
One Child! Who Is Two Men!

Oh! Great Angels!
You Must Weep!
For God Is Born!
God Must Die!

Timeous Mortality!

Eternity in the Tears Of Man!
As Blood! Unchanging Is Spilled!

And Corruption Wins!
Only to Fade!

Not Contrasting of Earth!
But of its nature- Dust!

I Serve a Contrasting God!


I serve a God, Who's One!
I serve a God Who's Three!
I serve a God who is utterly Good!
Who Made The Devil and The Trees!

I serve a Contrast God!
Who made the Garden and the Fruit of Poisoned Deaths!

I serve The God Of Children,
And of Old Age!
Ages Past and Present!

I serve The God of Love! And Death!

Contrast in His Depth!

The Different One


I sought you in the Wheat Fields!
And Upon the light of Day!
At midday I risked a burning sun!
I sought you in the Night of Day!

In the difference of the quantum Mechanics Quantifi-Differentiation!

I Sought you In-a Scarlett Cloth, and Scarlett! And Winds,
As Willows crack after they sway!

I sought you in my Scarlett sparkling Rosé!
And upon the sands of the endless beech! Of Day!

I sought YOU! Maroon! Pink! Magenta!
Different One!
Because I hoped We Were The Same!

And where was this! My Only Hope! Was Chained, made Sameness to Change!

I want Contrast


Death! Life! Same!
Life! Death! Same!

Same! Sameness! Basis! For death!

I want different!
Separate! Saint!

Different! For that is I-
I won't accept same!
Different! Ferent-iation!
I want not death! Different!
A different Death! I want!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Silent Stranded Sounds

Poem by Marc Evan Aupiais

Fiery orange, deathly
beige! Desert Sunset!
Life is fading, to the
blackest dusk!

Ahead a fish-eagle still flies!
As the Sun Thirsty, Does
all too suddenly, hungrily

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Devil's wisdom!


The devil, works in graduation,
Slight variations,

The differences between
Fuchsia and Magenta,
This he delights in!

As the sky is azure,
I assure you, as the clouds,
Are granite and metal flakes!

The devil, loves the detailed secrets,
That most can never know!

The difference between fushia and maroon,
In this too, he invisibly strides!

Love, how you love the sunset,

The infinite shades of twilight, unto dusk!

You trick me!
Bit by bit!

Again! I am yours!
Step by innocent step!
Well-meaning! You pave the ways!
Paths, all head to, and fro!

The closer to you,
And the further away!

Either, as I struggle,
You encompass me,
A bog monster,
A shark, in the thrashing sea!

I fall into you, fushia, magenta! Azure as the skies are Azure!

The gravitons if extant, they break through,
And draw me into!
And drag me in gravity to!

The painted figure:
Of your promises!

My lover,
Thy tryst to call me to a tryst with destiny!

But love is sacrifice!
It is not sin!

My Realisation

Poem by Marc Aupiais

A slave! A man, with no control!

I am a slave, a man with no control!

Pushed back! Forced forth!
By tidal forces, tidal waves!

Broken! Over a surface of the beach! Beech, tryst of the sea winds!
Trade winds,
Of slaving swaying tree!

I realise! No! Now! I am!
I but slave!
To your desires! Of death or love!

My hair does tangle and tear,
Split ends,
The blow in winds!

And slowly! I do age!
And wrinkle, like one chapped in water!

I am your slave,
My hair tangles and swirls in the tidal breeze!
Nearby the beach on the beech,
Under the branches!
I sit near a breech!
of the beech! Treetops!
Nearby the rocks, tormented with affectation, on the beach!

I am a slave to you,
Drying skin, split ends,
My vision may start to go!

I am a slave to you!
All through my li...fe!

Love, where to now!!?
Shall you free me- to love you!!?!!



I turn on the water
Col!d Ho!t!

I sit, causally(casually)(lly), utterly nonchalant! In my somewhat!
Warm! Cold! Bath!

M!practicing(practising)! so!unds!
Of languages! As !Y!Y!E!T!
Except in the heart of the course depths of a heart!
Court, caught!
U!p! In s!O!U'N!Dssss!

And it sounds!
In the distance!
It calls,
Like three talon($sssssss) claws!
The Fish eagle cries!

And I try to write down his sounds!

Tseuo Tesuo! Tesoo!

In the limits of Roman Al,ph!'abe•tical sounds!

The beauty of the common creatures


Hello Mr Impala,
I have missed you,
And that black tail between your buttocks,
I say!

He shrugs, as do his 50 temporary wives,
Many with children!
Their secret lovers also nearby!

I look at that African animal!
The tail which keeps away the insectile nuisance,
Very well placed!

Everywhere I see Impala,
Every place I love to see them,
As much joy as my cheetahs,
As wondrous as the Lion!

Truly African,
The Impala and his many many nagging wives!

Everywhere they and Wildebeest run,
Or rather, with Impala- graze!
And they give such joy,
Common, impala!

Beige foolishness!

These flourishing commoners!

Beautiful, common,

Truly African,
Following a common design,

The Impala and his nagging wives!

Common because he's successful!
The Impala, with a hot coal tail protecting his butt!

And his many many many nagging wives!
Their secret lovers waiting nearby,
For a chance to best Mr Impala,

Or sneak a moment with one of his common wives!

Uh-OH I feel something new

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Cold affection, freezing affectation.
Ice is my love,in mountains, where the Zebras graze, all alone.

The glassy ocean,
Thick with loving ice!

Oh!U:h! U:h!O:H!

Was that me?
Was that you?

Who chose this feeling;
Colder than zero or death!
As the Zebras graze,
And Eland shiver,
And the Big Cats prowl the day and night!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The coward within


I am a coward!
In my cowardice is my strength!
In my weakness is hope;
My timidity is my hope,

My basis is stronger than,
But platitudes on tin cans,
My hope is deeper than,
The words of artists and liars,
Than gypsies on the ship fronts!

My hopes in life,
Swirl and are not lies!

I am a coward,
Held firm by fear,
Hold still, I say!
Secretly, I am Strong!