Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Room I can never Leave

Picture: by Marc Aupiais! Unauthorised use not permitted.
Tempest and the Hurricane Poem- The Room I can never LeavePoem by Marc AupiaisI look at blackness,
Upon my blanket;
A feral animal; far from comfort;I try escape; sometimes yet;
I look at the bars,
The deadly fence;
Love you barricade me-
Imprisoned in fate!And as I head for the door;
You sleeping nerve-nearby;
Peaceful; they said! I look at the darkened silhouette;
Of the freedom door;My hand about to open; my heart to run for safety;
And not your suffocating clasp!
Your deadly hand upon my metaphoric neck!And I turn; something holds me firm;
Something holds me here;
Within ... This room;
You've allowed in your heart!

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