Saturday, August 20, 2011

Enfant Canvas ... Infant Child

Poem by Marc Aupiais
Infant Canvas .. Moi
Art by Marc Aupiais (c) Marc Aupiais ..
Enfant, Enfant, not Olifant, Enfant!
I am an Infant, A Child,
Or thus is my stylised Art!

It truly is African, she says,
It's Interesting,
Like a Child's impression,

And as for the poem, I'll show you a collection,
An Anthology of your best,

It... Certainly highlights your views on the current events;
But I am in no state to judge .. I had not time enough ..
Though You asked if I had! Time Enough,
And I said Yes,

But I just don't understand your art,
And You Need an Objective Eye To Select ..

And Did I say In-Fant, I meant Elephant!
Olifant, Olifant!

Like A Child drew it, you see, This beautiful work,
I wouldn't hang on my wall ..

Enfant Enfant Enfant Moi
Infant Infant Infant .. child .. Eternity Marc Marc - it -ing Me..
You See!

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