Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Without the storm

Poem !!!

I am! I am Without!
A storm in the teacup!
A tempest in the Teapot!

I am without!
I am unaffected!

I watch the winds stir!
I see the precipitation destroy!
The humidity, rise into blackest clouds!

The storm, I watch, I observe,
Sense! Ridiculous! Sense!

As it overtakes and destroys!

And yet, should I be all alone,
I'd prefer the storm,

Than to be all alone,
With no one to love,
No one who dearly deeply, firstly, only truly:

Loves Only Me!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Boredom fights with every scratch and every bite


It may excite you,
Sin, wrong,
Strangers bare,
Or seeming bare.

You may justify,
You may even fight!

And bite and scratch,
To defend what's wrong!
What's always, always, objectively wrong!

And fight, once on the top branches,
Now upon the lowly mass of floor boards-bored;

Sin, it bores me,any
image worn bare,


Sinfulness, boredom,
All blasé all- same.


But love,
It does not bore me, not in any way!
Love- I want,
Sinfulness is just raw, uncooked,
Not love, I am not bored!

Friday, February 3, 2012



I emit my beliefs,
I deflect what is not,
I absorb the truth,
In what sometimes ,
To some only seems.

And I wonder,
Loudly, without sound,

Resonating, soundless, sound!

Of this simply,
Truth and untruth,
And if a lie,
That which is not,
Can truly resonate!



They say you are above me,
That I am below.
There was a fall,

And my entire kind did drop.

They say the stars are famous,
The Southern Cross,
Orion, the Warrior- kind of the night sky.

And the superstars,
Blackness in the skies.

The heavens are above me,
The heaven,
The territory of The All Mighty,
Above me,

The Divine Might,
Beyond every human sight,

Far more famous,
Than pathos skies,
And stars, human might,
From our Babylons and Babels and our beginning pathos heights!

As we look to Origin,
The Territory,
In which we subsist,
Upon the Will of Heavenly Might,
The Potential,
That drops From Heavenly Heights,

As Might is Now Actual,
And Actual Is Never by Yahweh past, spent!

Thought all us are soon enough spent,
Long since fallen dropped-eds.

Fallen, ever climbing,
Ever falling,

Is this the state of Man?

Of My Kind,
Fallen from the heights of Heaven,
By knowledge,
Of what is not!

Of Sin!