Saturday, September 24, 2011

Seeking... In the blackness of day

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Priest he said... Be aware!
And I was! I sense God everywhere!
I sensed him in the wind,
The cool night breeze!
In the trees! They rustle and tan green leaves!

In the combustion of the car's engine!
As it rushed past me!
Full of pollution!

I sensed God in my knees;
Aching from kneeling!
And in the pretty girl I met!
Also confessing!

I sensed God is grey black once tar, upon the sky!
A painter's ashen,
Crucified brush!
And in my cold hands and face!
In the wind of a breeze!

I sensed him as the breeze did storm;
And grey clouds,
Covered! Storm!
Storm! Overtake!

As sunset skies,
Orange red!
Redeeming! Darkness!
That is! Water! Blood!

And I smile! I am overjoyed!
With my friendly lover upon air and skies!

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