About this blog! yes, its a blog!

Life is an art, and art is life, this blog is my way of speaking my art- my life, my voice, sprinkled with my own sachet of salt!

For copyright conditions:


As for my views, my opinion, and un-poetic works, and my poetic masteries:

Yes, indeed, this is a blog, not a news service, not an advanced website, not a discussion forum, just a blog, my own literary work, information, truth, work, opinion, and my poetic log.

When I first wrote this, created this log, I said:

It works as a personal opinion column for Marc Aupiais, a South African editor, webmaster and student. It covers whatever I, Marc Aupiais desire to cover. All contents are copyright to myself, unless it be a quotation, or an embedded video or someone else' photograph, and all rights are strictly reserved.

Do I want to promote this blog much, no, is it connected with Scripturelink news, which I edit, no. Is it a blog of the South African Catholic News Service? Nope, just me, and what I want to speak of. Does this blog have an ethos? Just mine. Do I guarantee to post often? Nope. Will it be interesting? To me possibly! Will it be Journalism at its peak? I prefer to embrace my youth here. Rely on any information here at your own risk. Its just me, and my thoughts!