Monday, August 30, 2010

The things I want besides you- love

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I decided to make this list-
Of things I like besides you-
So far I've though of God,
Family- friends and obligatories-
This is public after all!

I want food and water-
To live and to exist-
And to make it to heaven-
In hope you make it there!

I certainly want oxygen-
And I'd say I want some friends!

But you alone are my company-
Gosh- can't I exclude the besides!

For I want food to be strong for you-
Water to survive another day to love you!

Friends to share my love of you-
But also because I love them-
Of course!

And because they sustain me emotionally-
When you are cruel and mean,

And I want to make it to heaven-
As people meet not with love in Hades

I want the world to be better-
I love children- and want them protected-
Women and babies too-

I hate the evils intertwined with life least they hurt you-
Or your soul!

The things I want besides you-
Are those that better us for you!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two things calm the beast which is me

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Two things calm the beast which is me
Two things quite simply seen

You- your look-
Your love for me-
It shakes from me lust-
Every sin-
Your love for me my very beautiful lady- purifies-

And music my love-
Pure sounds of classical harp
Or the beauty of opera-
Flute, trumpet: Grand Piano;

Singing and classical sounds!
Drain from me anger and lust!
I listen to be calm!
I listen to praise you and God!

Two things calm my soul!
You my love- your soul and love!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do I know you at all, I ask myself

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I was upset with you love,
For what I thought-
But all the more-
For a long time now-
Furious with you!

And yet I wonder- why,
When I feel your soul-
It seems I don't know you at all!
Hate you almost!

I wonder at us-
And at your stall!
At what you say and what you think-
Is that you,

I wonder-
At God!

Was he telling the truth!
I was quite upset-
Unbelieving when he said it was you!

It took so long-
Such an amount of exception-
To accept you-
Your heritage-

And I watch you in pain-
Its why I do hate!
And betrayed you-
As you knew-
Another day!

I once trust you with my soul!
But now I don't on the surface know!

While I waited on you-
You walked round-
You say!

While I focused on God-
You served the devil!

Perhaps God wants selflessness!
You're sure my crucifixion!

A white dove rests on me!
Why does God demand this love of me?

Is it true-
Do you still love me?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am sensitive my love

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I am sensitive my love,
Easily upset!

Any simple event,
Can set me quite upset!

I am sensitive,
To the smallest plight!

Slight thing upset me!
Smallest things can give joy!

How great the joy!
Should life come of me!

But should you destroy your soul!
That unseen part that danced with me,
With God! As well! Too!

Do not suspect me to survive,
To watch!

Do not expect me to arrive,
Or expect my smile on the face!

I care for wealth not jewels,
Wealth in soul,
Not fame!

And my prayer to God,
Take me to heaven or hell,
But do not make me watch,
You destroy your soul...

My reason for heaven is you,
But take my body and have it burned!
Take my soul and roast it on fires and coals!
Torture me a thousand deaths!

Before the pain in my heart!

If you were one tiny bit-
To destroy your soul-

My life in all this-
Is you,

You'd end me should you sin!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The music follows me so far and so far

Poem by Marc Aupiais

There is no other woman
as the music plays again!
Beautiful classical music!
Opera I think!

Whenever I walk away!
The music stops quite still!
As it may when I kiss you!
Or when I do look away!
Quite ashamed!

Should I tell you I love you!
Despite my betrayals!

Should I say I adore you!
Just below Mary and God?

That my lust leaves me!
As the music does clearly
politely play!

That when I'm with you!
I love you to bits, and
pieces for what is my heart!

It stimulates me- the sound!
As does your breath on my neck!
Breathe on me baby girl!

Speak! Sing! Shout!

Let me out it! As life!
Your breath!

Never sin in word or deed!
I love you so much dear love!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I watch a rapper- a pointless task

Poem by Marc Aupiais

My lover- I wonder- at the 7 hills, and the Tiber-
Green and beautiful-
Is it only in my mind!

And I watch, as I am to be

By rap- fast talking-
Sometimes to music!

Filled with dirty politics,
And vulgar dirty mouths!

Yet I am to be entertained they say!
Not by the 7 hills,

But by some dirty young man?

Who cannot imagine the 7 hills,
Or the Tiber?

Instead of the symphony of our world!
A fast talker? A vulgar malcontent?

Thank God, I pray you feel the same!
Our world is beautiful!

Entertaining enough!
Without fast talking!

The hills are alive!
Let us hear singing and music!

Let us sing,
As we watch,

Let us observe- what is good!

I do it is- I believe in ghosts

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I do believe, it seems-
In ghosts...

As I feel your warmth,
A living ghost!
A wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful!

You are not dead!
You are with me!
A tempest in my hurricane,
A hurricane in a storm!
A hurricane in my tempest!

As I am to you!

And the horse did rear!
On hind legs, the jealous beauty!
And the world shuddered at her noise,

Her voice! Beauty!
Her mouth life!

As she galloped in a circle!
And consumed me,
In ravishment!

And I look to my ghost!
To you my lover!

And I wonder!
Does the world know?

What is coming!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My love I wonder at you

Poem by Marc Aupiais

And I hum, a song you love,
In my mind, it entered!
And it was you!
For why else would I hum,
But of your love!

I hummed and softly ' sung!

Monday, August 16, 2010

True love sees, it judges the lover- as God judges the church!

Poem by Marc Evan Aupiais

True love judges,
It sees a speck-
It removes the plank from its own eye-
That it may remove her speck!

True love is good!
It tries to do right!
It judges the lover,
Holds them to standards which are tight!

True love doesn't leave,
But it insists on change!

It demands the highest standard,
As it does not leave!

Confess for me love!
Confess to a priest!

And attend church

-whenever obliged,
By Our Law!

You see- true love, is why I'm acid!
Is why I attack you so,
With passionate love!

For I hold myself to the highest high,
But hold you a little higher,
Or the same,
As I know you hold me too!

Believe in me love,
Here at my low!

For I will only reach my high, by your demand!

That is love which does not leave

Poem by Marc Evan Aupiais

Because that is love which does not leave,
Which is uttered with condition,
Of the person it is uttered to!

And that love cares, it does not leave!
It attacks the lover, and the love!
And holds them to the highest standard!
For it would not leave at the lowest!

Such is the love you have from me,
Such is my love for you!

And your love and my care for you, alone, hold me to goodness!

And that you will not leave! As I won't leave you!
This is why I try not sin!

I love you conditionally,
On it being you,
Your identity!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beautiful quote

"@CaelumEtTerram: When you truly care for someone, their mistakes never changes our feelings because it is the mind that gets angry but the heart still cares."

Love you Kels! Awesome close friend!

Sorrow I find, looking from the hind

Poem by Marc Aupiais

A little removed, through a performing double lens
I look at a distance-
Like a soldier who decides to scout behind and ahead!

Remorse I feel! I did sin!
Sorrow! Beyond sorrow!

Fiend I am- I hurt my friend!
And took their love- their gift!

I pray it not be sin!
That their way forward!

Is my way within!

Terrible is my sin!
For my sin is not of me!

My character- my soul tarnished!

I feel sorrow for my sin!

Baby girl I sin

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I sin, it is quite unreal-
That I am a fool-
For it is a fool to sin!

It weakens,
And makes!

Extra grace needed
To cover our mistakes!

Yet you wrap my sins in lace!
And place them by God's fireplace!

We confess- and that is when God
Most of all aids!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ask God! Take My life! Give it to the broken!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I'd never ask a man to kill me-
Though many times have I asked it of God- Himself!
To end my life, I've daily prayed!
But never man- do I give my life to!

Though I adore death-
And lust after her curves!
Though I stroke her sleek black hair!
Adore her black angel wings!

I adore life more-
Her skin, like silk at that-
Her wonderment-
Her hatred of death!

And for her do I hate death!
And all her lusts and vices!
And for her I adore
The tree on fire,
Should the tree still grow,
And thrive,
And survive by the ways
and paths
Of everlasting life!

I wonder at life!
When good! I can be awkward!
When bad! My heart hurt!

I look to you! Girl! Life!

I wonder and wonder!
And I see you!
Half death! But not quite!

And I look and see you!
And hear your siren call!

I see you! And pray you be life!
For death!
Doesn't hardly exist!

For me! What is dead is gone!
And good shall pass with me away!
As I walk and fly and run,

As I approach the knight-
The Sun! And the Son!
My path! My tainted one!

Pass away with me dear-
Only when God takes life from you!
Least you tell him you do not want it!
Fight for life!

With all you have left-
With truth, hope- love!

My love if yours not suffice!
God's if mine is too unkind!

Would you betray me? Would you tell me truth!?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Baby! Lovely lady!
I look for you day and night!
I look for you! I know your face! Your name! And every else!

I look for you baby! Every
moment! In your eyes!
Your body! Your soul!
You are no malcontent!

I look at you wondrous!
I cry a thousand tears!

I love you wondrous!
Yet would you ever admit it to-
To our universe- our world!?
Why do you deny me today?

A private matter! Dear girl?

Winds from east to west

Poem by Marc Aupiais

With tears I look west. West!
The enemy of man!
I cry at what I am to become!
The wind blows me! East!
East to West!

West! To death! The exiled Babylon!
To the very problem with our world!

I look in our pond love!
My girl I stare at it and see your face!
I had once felt disbelief!

And often! A moment!
I feel a fool!

I cry as I look to the west! Winds blow my tears East and back again!
West! My enemy! West! Death!
The cancer that breaks the world!

West! I walk west! Into ash and death!

West! The corruptor of my world!
West I head to- for West I must become!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Does my hair blow in the wind! In the night! Moonlight

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Does my hair blow in the
wind! In the night!

Baby girl! I ask!
Baby girl! I love you!
Even as you pull and push!
And swing me around!
And spin me out of control!

Even as you swing me
... ... ... around- as I
wonder when last my feet
touched the ground.

Solid ground- what was that!
You push and pull me-
In a swaying dance!

I listen to music-
And a friend also hears!

But they don't hear you much here!
Even as you are with me!
And dance the night every night... Away!

And fast forward time!
In hope of meeting me!
As though once again...
And evermore!

Baby girl! I adore you
love! Lovely! Lovable!
Cuddly! Godly! Yet mine!

And you swing me around!
My feet hardly touch the ground!

And you are my solid sound!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tell me baby... I love you

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Tell me baby- that I love you-
You have my heart!
And yet! Yet! You don't have all of me!

And we know it both!
Lady beautiful!

That while I give you all-
I don't have all!

I'm missing- inadequate!

And I fear always!
You'll want for someone other!

Baby girl! Don't leave me!
Tell me that I love you,
And the "I love you",

Say you're the girl I love!
That I was made as for you!

Tell me that I care for you,
And the "I care for you too Marc"! Your "Mr Aupiais"!

Say you love me baby girl!
And "you love me"

Please baby love me!
Tell me- lead me- guide my heart!
Chastely baby- my love!

I ask as there you are-
Even there in your's... my mind!

And here I am-
In your heart soul and life!

My lover- why do we shower or bath

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Dearest love

A friend asked me,
Quite in everlasting
despair... She was...

Now... She said unto me...

Why should I confess...
My sins... With my being me...
I only sin a thousand times more...
I sin as I breathe...

I wanted to cry for her...
She hardly understands...

Why bath...
Why shower...

We only need to again...

Confession is like water...
We need it regularly...
It cleans out the bad toxic sin,
And gives us a clean slate again...

Besides... Sins build up...
And there's only hell...
Or sin to bin...

My love... What of this...
Do we confess our own sins...

Write I say, write, write, write

Poem by Marc Aupiais

My dearest love- I wrote to a friend!
Dearest love, hear what I wrote my friend!

Write- for I long for it!
Speak! I want your view!

Be human- not some animated soul!
Talk! I want to sing and dance-
And want you to take that chance!

Shout! To the heavens least they fall-
Least they crack bending to hear your whisper!

I wrote this to a friend dear love-
Yet shall she write?

Shall she share her precious words?

Would you my baby girl-
Love ... ?
Had I asked you to?

Shall you write?
And tell my friend too!

I talk to God

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Baby girl- I talk to God-

He says love you-

I ask of sin-
He says c'est la vie-
But not for you!

I ask of suffering-
He says I should comfort when he stands by.

I ask are you good-
He doesn't answer me-

He says instead I Am!

Can one judge reality?
The aquarium in which we all rest?

I ask of sin!
He says- not for her- not for you!

I ask of love-
He says you are mine!

Birds blue and red

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Birds blue and red-
Green sky- through broken trees,
Below me water- rain puddle- quite cold.

I sit in it- cold- unable to move!

Quite abandoned in exile!
Without your love I'd be dead.

Your love is my water-
My nutritional light!

Black rocks, broken branches

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Sharp edge- I feel it- as I went.
Burned my hand- as I lean on it!

A vibration passes my head,
I collapsed!

Black rocks! Broken branches-
I look high above-

To where I subtly fell from!

I know I'm in pain-
For I know what hope- love- life: is!

Death mountain- mountain of death

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Trees. I walk under trees.
The hot sun blazing gently down.
Thirst- my mouth is now dry!
I have a headache-
Sun makes me tired.

In the distance there are wild creatures,
It isn't hardly safe.

Safety in reality,
I search for a cave,

A shelter is better than-
Acquiesce to death!

I hide in a cave, least I cave!
And there you are-

Again my dear-

And we search and we hunt-
You help me live to bear- all!

And more can I bare!

Broken letters written with me

Poem by Marc Aupiais

You write my life dear-
What happens to me-

Mountain brookes,
Dripping streams,

Evergreen tree, winter is why I knew,

And there was my name,
There is my name,

You write in broken letters-
My life- my blood-

I'm your work-
Dearest dear!

Lady of truth!

I live in fear of your threats

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I fear that you'll leave-
Constant is my fear-
That I shall awake- without your presence softly or harshly there!

You threaten me dear-
With pain... With suffering...
With absence dear!

Without speaking- you speak to my fear!

Everything isn't really as it seems dear

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Dearest lady... You and I do know...
All is not at all as it seems,
All is not as it appears!

That is the sin of the
It makes things appear as
though they are not-

And the sin of her people who were conned
In quite joyous an acquiesce!

Is it not?

And it is a sin to them my dear-
To protect what was- what is...

For their sins cannot bear
to be what they are!
And they too cannot
survive the truth...


We of all know their sin...

But what dear dearest dear!?
Shall we do about it?

And what of our sins, dear lady?

What of our faults...

Surely! Good must prevail!
If not in dark then light!

If not in light!
In dark!

Whatever the world says,
We two are not lost!

Rather, we stand in the water and bath,
And twirl in the water and splash, and play!

And no one sees us as we play-
Too focused on material wealth!

We have that quite enough-

But we have more- we love-
Dear lady girl!

I know the truth a double edged sword

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I wrote those words in duty...
In love... For the LAW is love...
And even for you I must speak of truth...

My job. a photographer. a photographer of words, of Rome...

Girl, I know I've hurt you...
And your enemies have gained of my words...

Yet! What is the material in comparison...
What is gained here at loss at risk of your life...

I should attack you... With truth... And death...

With hope... And love...
Though love is death...

I shall risk me and the Universe, and Universal Faith...

And all else- should it save your soul...
Even to my own eternal death love...

Though my ways are righteousness...
Evil does not benefit...

And I am not a man for weapons...
But words...

Baby girl I've hurt you...
I pray to hurt you more...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My love for you- my broken love in sorrow finding, parting

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Night! Shatters!
Day! Breaks!
Time reverse!
World anti-clockwise!

Breath! Tears!
Night! Day! Fears!

My love, love me!
For sorrow takes me!

I need you to! Believe!
I need you to care!
To hold what I do value so dear!
And hate what I hate!

And this my dear is why!
Hold your true inner intuition- don't let your own views abate!
That I'd hate!

A road I drive on

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Through the darkened lens,
Light hits my iris,
My eyes see colour,
Dancing laser light,
As trees filter light,
An engine and movables shudder and sound

Slightly dizzy, the road moves up and down.
It is tired, exhausted, sleep deprived.

I drive, and wonder at the tired, twisting path.

Such is life,
A tired, winding line!

One must soldier past
One must focus on.

And stay awake,
Aware least one crash!

A half broken glass

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Half broken?
Half fixed?

What is a glass half shattered?
Can we call it whole?

For the word good means whole,
Thus wholesome means good!

Evil is lack,
A glass isn't half fixed,
Perhaps half still preserved!

A glass half broken,
A splinter of what was,

Can be fixed!
But not if we deny the other missing half!

How else to fix it!
To make it whole- good-
Useful for its purpose again.

A glass half broken,
If replacing a full glass,
Is quite evil,
Quite a calamity,

Though slightly less broken,
Is better than ever slightly more inadequate!

Some are broken for their purpose,
But there is goodness and lack!

Aim to be a whole glass,
Try fix yourself, it's hard,

But worth it,
Aim not at your own broken standards,
But at God's

For "the spiritual man judges all"
Says our God's scriptures,
In the Testament, the Gospel's epistles' that is New!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A strange noise

Poem by Marc Aupiais

A tribal drumming,
Like a buzzing in sensitive
ears! Yet! To me! A
thunder! Deafening! To my

broken hopes of hearing life!

And the distant elephant agreed,
Almost in Jest!
As it stomped softly on the
African ground!


Trance like! My head started
Almost to throb.


I withdrew for some air,
Least I get sick.


In the distance was a fire,
And more European sounds,


Out in a wilderness: a parish,
I entered it!


Salvation from what I couldn't comprehend,

"Ave" I said to it and to Maria,
And Pater I said to God,


Nothing changes of Mother church,

Hail I say, Father I,
Petition, I pray!


Where elephants were- now are trains and trucks-

And taxis, all more
... dangerous than beasts

And white clouds rest above,

As on Sunday morning we say an hour's prayer-

And devour our God!

More close to nature-
Than the pagans I watched!

I flee to the church-
The elephant agrees!

In her quietness is historically-
Deafening silent noise!

And unlike the pagans I watched,
She is not foreign-

Not to a foreigner in the world-
Not to me!

Sweet joy of honey scented daffodils

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I look to you baby girl,
Where are you?
In fields of flowers?
Is that a river?
The river of your heart,
Your arteries and rushing veins?

I eat and drink and move
in your graceful presence!
Baby girl! Where are you!
Today! You are mine baby!
Mine! Love! Today and the
morrow's today! Infinite
Promptly and so!

Roses, I smell,
But your sweat is more sweet,
Violets and daffodils-
Mean nothing much to me,

But your smell,
And your looks,
Your face,
Your body,
Your sound-
That voice!

Honey scented daffodils-
May do much for a bee-

Quickly serving his master-
His queen!

Yet, you are more beautiful than any ordinary monarchy's broken, stupid, foolish- scene!

And I fly, fast into your light,
The flame I'll flammably never resist!

Monarchical- the buzzing bee-
Knows not life-
For I know your love!

Broken clouds over endless white, grey and infinite contrasting dark and light

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Elephant skin- is how I'd describe the cloud.

Elephant skin, maybe a dry rocky desert,
A highveld, Kruger style drought!

She spoke to me, standing barefoot on Mother Earth.
She stood softly in front of a grave,
In the graveyard of Mother Church!

And on the grave- engraved her name!
Dead now, but always alive,
Buried in the graveyard in the bowels of Mother Church,

Set several feet below dear Mother Earth!

She spoke- standing on an elephant like cloud!
It shook its ears,
And began to charge!

Yet mist turned to mist,
And every threat was gone!

Sucked in by her grave,
Her death- chaste life!

She spoke to me of love,
Of the blackness of hearts-
And how to love she taught!

A dead woman- centuries mist!
She spoke to me of passion!
Of promises,
The deadliness of Caesar's lust!

And she spoke to me,
An anchor tied around her neck,
Three arrows in her heart.

Her bones all splintered and broke!
She stood there,
Fire arrows flying left,
Flying right, right into the vision of eternal light and finite timeousness of night!

And then my ankles were below the dirt, and the sand storm of time came-
I was buried un-timeously-
In night!

Hyenas- cleaned my bones clean,
And together with her, stood my grave,
Kindly engraved-
With the name others in mankind-
Did call me promptly by!

Comment-allez vous?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Bonjour Monsieur, Comment-allez vous

Je dis,

Yet he is British, and he will not reply, while he does understand,
Even adore the language.

J'adore parler francais.

He looks at me with a vague disdain.

Goiedag ek het gese.
I said it to a Zulu man,

And likewise the Afrikaner refused,
My kindly worded:
How are you!

Broken in death at Babylon,
Language holds us apart,
Held us together!

How can we another comprehend,
When everything his blood is,
We softly can well despise!

Death beseech me,
She told me not to fear!

She said language,
Is one of many ways to speak,
Not all require the use of human ears!

She swooped down on her blessed black wings,
As though softly calling me home!

The way we live here matters,
And it is our duty to live for Life!

She looked at me and spoke to me,
Of how language isn't life!

Of how we may not understand another-
Yet we can all understand the love of husband and wife!

C'est la vie- we are different, and that is life-

Yet some are chasms,
Others puddles,

Which of us is swimming, to lay a bridge to life!

Sometimes it is better not to understand,
But rather to despise-

Not our fellow but his galloping horse,
... which heads the dark not the light!

Light of broken hope- washed without soap

Poem by Marc Aupiais

In the distance a tower- with a light above,
In the night, a hallowed scream,
In darkness which endlessly does it not repeat?

Shadow and water combine in this night,
A flash of lightning,
A sound in my living death,
In endless depth,
Of darkened death-less night!

A light of hope, not of man,
A light he cannot wash away or make clear with human soap,

A light of hope- within of mankind.

She looks at me, this light of hope,
The tower bends,
Looks down at me,
And lifts me up,
The tower of death's life hopes!!!

The night makes noise, a crackling sound,
Whips of sound,
Whips of light,

A circle,
Then hope in the night!

The moon stares, and guides my life,
She shall lead me!

My only reflection of light!

A man I am- I am a man

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The French ancestor, humble artist painter,

Oft, I am true man think of him,
Oft I wonder at the poverty stricken man,

I wonder at my ancestors there,
Artistic but in monetary,

I am a true man,
Caught up in emotion,

Yet so strong is it,
I pushes me down a painted current,

And into the painted winds of life,
Into the tainted blood of what was settled, quite trite,

I look into past times,
I weep, contrite,

My woman I look to,
My child I won't spite!

I look to you standing there,
The Madonna in my mind,

But if one were to paint with you,
To draw your dear life,

You are not paint,
But one day my blood and one day my flesh!

Dearest girl, paint with me,
Make life out of death!

Who am I really

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I wonder this now as I write in the dark!
I don't know God for I don't know me,
My weaknesses in loss of self control,
Or rather in perfect control,
But by a me I despise!

A me who uses others,
A me who can lie,
A me who seeks his own pleasure,
His own every desire!

Treachery! I look and cry into your eyes,
I let you down again my love,
Hug me while I cry!

I live my life for you my love,
But emotion and fear and foolish lack of pause,

The void that is where I'm lacking you,
The void is my sin,
And whenever I am missing you,
That is the void I mustn't fill.
I compromise in sin, but an inch is a mile,
And evil takes what I bargained for oft!

Have faith in me baby girl,
Least I lose faith in my map,
Least I lose faith in your faith in me,
And depths never cease to weep and tremor in death, my death for loss of your love,

I am not who I am,
I'm selfish, not a true man,

Common is my sin,
Even if I weep in shame,

I do not know God,
For I do not know me,

Don't lose faith-
Don't lose love-
Don't stop hope-

You're all that I have-

Have faith my very faith,
Trust in my love,

Its all I have,
Least of all,

Its all I have,

Most of all!

I give it all to you!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Silly baby- wise lady- I love you baby girl

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I want to say: Silly Baby- I love you;
Never doubt me babe;
I am yours forever-
Trust me ever baby girl!

I wear you, my silly baby;
Within my depths of heart;
I hold you, and clutch and hug you baby;
Innocent and clean;

I want you to me mine baby;
Forever; and ever and ever and ever;

To lock me to you;
Shackle me;
Take my freedom;
My entire life;

All my ambition-
You are my only want!

None but you are my life!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What is want to God? What is your death, christian fool!

Note by Marc Aupiais

What you want does not matter,
Realise truth as the desert sands swirl, and destroy.

What you desire, is hardly a concern,
It means little if anything,
It isn't even what you really desire,
You don't know what you want,
You are a fool,
Worse than an infant,
Less intelligent than a donkey,

Ask your self what you want, then look back a bit,
Say: why: why do I really want this?
Ask: what lead to this:
What did I want when I decided I want this?

Simply because a line of thought is no longer popular, does not make it wrong,
Popularity of thought, is as pointless as fashion.
You don't want what they say you want,
They don't especially know you,
Not more than God,
And they only want to destroy you.

Anyone can follow fashion- few ever learn style.

Ask what you wanted, realise your deep despair and loneliness,
Know why you sin,
Why you store up what is not yours,
You infinite fool,
You finite idiot.

Why would God help you if you don't trust him?
You have a duty to yourself,
But not in sin.

You will die by tomorrow's noon,
In this dark evil night.

But some raise again in dawn not dark

[Analysis of today's Gospel and readings brought here by Chastitysa and Tempest and the Hurricane, by Marc Aupiais]