Saturday, August 7, 2010

Everything isn't really as it seems dear

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Dearest lady... You and I do know...
All is not at all as it seems,
All is not as it appears!

That is the sin of the
It makes things appear as
though they are not-

And the sin of her people who were conned
In quite joyous an acquiesce!

Is it not?

And it is a sin to them my dear-
To protect what was- what is...

For their sins cannot bear
to be what they are!
And they too cannot
survive the truth...


We of all know their sin...

But what dear dearest dear!?
Shall we do about it?

And what of our sins, dear lady?

What of our faults...

Surely! Good must prevail!
If not in dark then light!

If not in light!
In dark!

Whatever the world says,
We two are not lost!

Rather, we stand in the water and bath,
And twirl in the water and splash, and play!

And no one sees us as we play-
Too focused on material wealth!

We have that quite enough-

But we have more- we love-
Dear lady girl!

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