Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If only I were blessed with death or lack of memory of your goddess vision

Picture Winged Angel- by Marc Aupiais! All Rights Reserved!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Perhaps it is man alone,
So blessed and so cursed!
Animals do not feel love!
Petrarchan or of Pyramus,
Nor Adam for Eve unto death,
Or Foolish Romeo and Juliette!

Of Helen and Demetrius,
A clue of mankind's wise foolishness!
If only cupid were to blame?
We would not hold the guilt of shame!

And we do fall to love!
Even long after affection's gone;
When love brings pain and loneliness,
If only we could in love disown,
Or somehow injure to forget the heart and hope!

And I wonder love at the Ghost,
Of the love you once had throes!

And how you once did think of me,
I think of this,
In past or future sense!

For presents only give me pain!

And perhaps if I did not dream your life,
Sense as every day is pushed and pulled, alas,

Alack Alack Alack!
Woe is me who does love,
Like a dog quite and quiet chains!
Unable to escape the heartbreak pains!

Woe oh woe is my love!
I say, for I am become it,
It does become me!
Does it not?

Woe should I love with another's eye;
Perfect are you for me;
I finally admit!

And yet!
I wonder in my eternal bliss,
Painful heart wishing you to touch!

Of God compelled upon the cross!
Unable to resist his lover,
As she, mankind,
Struck him down.

Willingly he fell at her rejection!
Willingly for love!
But to bring life not death,
Unlike Adam, unlike Eve!

I pray, I pray to you,
Dear moon!
Shine my path unto my Day!

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