Monday, August 29, 2011

I sensed My god in the Chapel!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I Sensed My God! In the Chapel!
I sensed My god in the crypt!

I sensed him here!
And... I sensed him down below!

I head to.. Awake from my God!

Fie! I tell you! Leave the forest of my Life!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

If you kiss another,
I do not desire this to feel;

If you hold them, caress them,
Think of them, or lust!

Exclude me, do not seek me!

As I head into the forest!
Dark and Gloomy Green!
Evergreen trees!
Top the sky in dusky dawn and dark!

And as I head from athens in this Midsummer night!

I ask! Do not follow me!
You are not welcome love!

I flee not to marry you,
Or seek a true love,

But to flee you! Eternal dove of love!
For while I despise you and run,

Even there I sense,
As again you kiss another's lips!

And so do not follow me hence,
Nor let me sense!

For your life! Fie!
Do not follow me as I leave!

As I leave you from all my love!
And seek another life!
Not yours! Which is your own to use and despise!

Do not follow me love!
This Black Forest!

That is lack of you!
Do not follow me love!

I flee Athens to Flee you,
Do not follow me as I flee!

Foul lady of love!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

If you'd Only Leave Me ..

Poem by Marc Aupiais

If you'd Only Leave Me Love ..
Think of this,
In stead!

With you! I brave waves, oceans, mountain, in my stead!
In my bed I sleep, past them!

Hospital I do not fear,
And though I hear weeping, quivering moaning scared!
Weeping grave at a loss,
And should my country fall in its stead!

Still, unless without you,
I can take this in my stead!

And should all I care for vanish,
Even family, friends and health!

Should I have you, this is nothing,
I take it, I accept!

But should you Only Leave Me!
A pin prick, and any smallest thing I cannot bare and or share!

And things fall apart quite quickly!
My centre cannot hold!

They ask why I want marriage.. As though it were restrictions on my .. Happiness

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Some men say they want freedom, or other weird ordinary shared,
For me I only want you,
My love, and the space in my bed!

Some men, they want these threesomes,
I truly would not want,
Though love if you insist,
It won't benefit me,
The thought of any other,
Would result in throw up, puke instead!

The thought of another woman near you love,
Touching my girl instead,
I'd cry and weep and weakly stare,
Out the window or cover my eyes!

My soul attached to your soul,
Long ago and in my heart instead!

Some think casual sex is freedom,
What a prison upon my bed and head!

Rather love! I want betrothal,
And marriage, wedding bells ring instead!

And I get you all, freedom,
Only you to bed!

Do you want Toast With Butter, Milk and Chicken eggs?

~And now you face a choice- make it well- permanent

Poem by Marc Aupiais

This is my request, this is my argument, my hook, my line, my rehash,
I love you I say,
You I do not loath,
But you have a choice to make,
I whisper in your ear lobe!

Do you side with him,
Do you side with me,
An opportunity to prove-
Waiting nicely now!

Where do you lie,
Where sit you down,
Where do you play dead,
Or sick or alive?

This is your chance!
One day first day of them,
You time to prove true, truer than true,
Or to prove quite false, and true to dear me,
You cannot be both ways,
Both ways is a sham!

And so as you do choose!
What will you give away,
Up and away!
As winds do blow you close!
To decision anew!

And I will let you make!
The choice permanent!
The choice permanent!
Where you sit is where you lie!
And you've then dug your grave!
Where shall you attend,
With the devil and his lot?
Or shall you be sick,
And give it all a miss;
And miss it with stylishness,
And with some class!

If it is pretend, then pretend it no more,
And if it has been real,
Prove what you will,
Of what is now not,
And never will again,
Or never will again,
Or never will again!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Your remains

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I look at the ripped up photo,
Collected together pieces,
Let's call them your remains,
Like an ashen casket set!

I look at them and mourn you,
And miss you like fiery winds of hell,
Upon the desert plains!
Of the tundra, of my soul's hopes!

You were once my warm hope,
You were once my love,
Why I woke and why I slept,
Why I breathed or spoke a note!

And yet, to me is nothing,
And for me you do not will;
This testimony you gave,
This is what's read out!

And I look at your ashes,
Hardly ashes yet!
A few smooth ripped up photographs,
And the haunted soul of my heart led,

But I was never yours;
You were never mine;

A ghost I miss indeed;
All my hopes were of you;
Who only ever lies;
Wherever, any plateau ends!


Poem by Marc Aupiais

As we do part, a few things should be said:

I do not wish you well;
I shall not see you through;
I do not want your good;
Or feel pride at your success;

I hope you die in regret;
Yes; I do hope; just that you do;
I hope you die in Regret;
Too True Too True;

And that you are hurt ...
Injured to the core;
As much as you hurt me;
Abused to the core;

Dearest love unfair; unfair; oh we well!
To the Wishing well;
Where you wished for... Yourself!

And now as we do part;
Though you parted long ago;
If ever you knew my name;
I hope it you regret!

And as the night of day;
Becomes the day of knight;
I hope your shining armoured one;
Is delayed .. Is too late!

And when it is your turn;
I hope it is ... Much worse;
I hope the heavens fall;
And crack upon your hopes;

And destroy your dreams;
All those phony friends;
In this tango that is life;

Comeuppance is regime!
And to hope: but anticipate!

Farewell to Love;
Love was Never ... YOU!
Sadly I say in truth;
Love was Never In You!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The bed YOU'll Never know ... Love

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Bed You'll Never Know-
Art By Marc Aupiais
(c) Marc Aupiais
The Bed I think of, Love, You'll never know,
Nor the feel of my skin, Nor my warmth in the long cold nights and night!
Your youth you spent partying, Mine I spent suffering,
And When I called out, You were not found,
Or another's arms embraced, when I most needed your so dearly delicate touch!

The Bed 'f Dreams, In This, Our Sleepiness ,
Where Once, so far apart did we fantasize a life!

A Life No More, For in my hopes it is dead and gone,
As With Your Heart, Long Gone,
As This, Our Room, I keep From You, And Any Other, Love!

This Bed Of Dreams, Matrimony,
I Keep From You Love, As You Keep From Me!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Enfant Canvas ... Infant Child

Poem by Marc Aupiais
Infant Canvas .. Moi
Art by Marc Aupiais (c) Marc Aupiais ..
Enfant, Enfant, not Olifant, Enfant!
I am an Infant, A Child,
Or thus is my stylised Art!

It truly is African, she says,
It's Interesting,
Like a Child's impression,

And as for the poem, I'll show you a collection,
An Anthology of your best,

It... Certainly highlights your views on the current events;
But I am in no state to judge .. I had not time enough ..
Though You asked if I had! Time Enough,
And I said Yes,

But I just don't understand your art,
And You Need an Objective Eye To Select ..

And Did I say In-Fant, I meant Elephant!
Olifant, Olifant!

Like A Child drew it, you see, This beautiful work,
I wouldn't hang on my wall ..

Enfant Enfant Enfant Moi
Infant Infant Infant .. child .. Eternity Marc Marc - it -ing Me..
You See!

Rhino.. Canned.. Africa - Stranger..

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Rhino.. Stranger

The Rhino.. Stranger.. Stranger yet in a Can..
Africa on the side, tin from our or Chinese mines...
If the government doesn't take them we might call them OUR.

On this continent the Western World So Hates.
Enough to flood our market with inferior goods, Aid and Aids,
Immorality hand in hand with cheapness and poor taste.

And our  animals and game you take,
Our dictators you periodically replace,
As canned Rhino's are set free to hunt,
Once a year or whenever it pleases you to take,
You Set our horn, upon the mantle place?

And set our hopes all ablaze,
With the Freedom of Promises, and false love,
Yes, Love - You Also and Too, Western Westerner,
Upon The Africa Ranch -
Before you hunt and leave in great big plains.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Flags that Bind

Poem by Marc Aupiais
Flags that Bind
Art By Marc Aupiais (c) Marc Aupiais
The diving man,
You remember him,
The man who dived before the world,

These flags that bind,
These bonds that sever and destroy!

And Your icons, wear upon the breast,
Icons, symbols, necklace, chain,
The flags of wealth,
Insignia of power,
Flags that bind,
Society That Crumble,

Apart from God, to money aligned,
Or some other flag, Unimportant,
Some archetype,
That seems more important,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Choice

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Life is short as a piece of string,
Figurine, as long as the nile mean!

Life is short, as you ballet dance,
A shortened dress,
Lewd to some!

Life is short, life is long!
Long as an aeroplane circumnavigation, and some !

And I sit and watch my life go red, orange red,
Before my life!

Inhibition to truth disappeared!
Long ago, it disappeared, with fears!

And I watch myself outside myself!
Wrestle for life!
Fight! And I will take the winner's side!

In this choice!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lala's Spectacularly Stupendous adventures in the Land of Nodding Llamas

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Lala's adventures in Llama Lands- Art! By Marc Evan Aupiais
No Unauthorised use permitted!
La.. La... lalala You sing, as you tamp along,.
Greeting all, especially the happy,
Singing you tramp, and skip and hop...
In a fantasy, for your own creatings...

You smile, you own all, and do all,
You save all who need, and you draw attention,
Away from need, Distracting, with strange, immoral routines,
Oddly distracting, teaching different values, in a different world,

A fantasy. Where your actions do good... Not long term bad...
Where all who oppose you, are kept from your sight,
And every word, is an attack, if it slightly smells of truth not fun...

Surrounded always by immoral friends,
Discussing all your immoral achieves..
As broken planes and broken panes, and pains,
Do set up, Your conscience is satisfied,

Uneducated delinquent in the realities,
You think you've saved a million lives...

As you sing of lala in Llama Land,

Surrounding you with those who think you help, not hurt,
And forget us, the billions you've truly hurt!

Forget us, as you nod off, amidst nodding Llamas,
Who never tell truth, to you, anyways, Love,
Nod off, Sing Dance, or !AWAKE! !!
Least you cause me and the world quite a permanent ~WAKE!

Babe, upon a cradle of deluded dreams;
Whoever you step on, you only help, they say,
Praising your every mistake in Llama lives,
As a million souls: you trade as slaves Eternally; for at-tentative, attentive attentions, smile!
And Condemn those who love you most, for smiles~

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Leaders head us to hell- sweetened deal, though not ours, alone the joy of damnation theirs!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Gost of the Tempest Horses by Marc Aupiais; Art Copyrighted! No Unauthorised Use!

To HELL! Onward! They scream,
It's the only way! Onward they scream;
As though Adulthood is by sin,
And commerce cannot exist without sin!

To HELL! Onward;
And any who recognise us for who we are;
Are But Jealous, of our reward!
We the Devil's Nights, We lead you on our Frantic Steeds,
A Train Up To Hell, We will let you do as you please!

Every Immorality for fashion,
And for scandal if you please:

The Very Word Jesus chose for the worst sin,
That for which any capital punishment, Even Genocide is better!

ONWARD! To hell! And judge only the Christian soldier,
And any who oppose us,
Or warn we're TAKING YOU To Hell!

Worship US! Demi-Gods, Presidents, actors, hypocrits, liars, singers (of immoral songs), performing money making, Powerful People,
And Most of All, The Celebrated, Nights of Hell!

And don't you dare suggest! We're Going to Hell,
We'll do as we please, only the jealous, and prudent go to Hell!

So is the voice of the world, do you join them love?
These Angels who are truly devils?

For sometimes the devil you don't know is God, or an Angel,
But these, and their way, to justify, still?
And add the souls of babies, and others,
Onto the roasting fires of hell!

Justice Blind, for now, as the devil pulls his curtain across,
But not God, love, if you join their flock now,
You'll JOIN THEM In Hell! Love!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Eye that Cried snow, and ice, still cried!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Crying Eyes of the Ice Celestial - Art by Marc Evan Aupiais
Copyright Marc Aupiais! All Rights Strictly Reserved!

The Eye that cried, snow, cried Ice, Still, Love, it cried and cried;
And in the warmth, still, Ice, Cold, It cried,
And No Warmth could comfort the icy Crying Eyes!

In Paradise it still Cried;
And with every success, wept the snowy dark eyes!
The Eye Wept and Wept,
It wept Love FOR YOU,
These Crying Eyes,
Are mine!

In Heaven Even, when no tears are cried!
For I love You, Always, Eternity, Love;
Me and My latent Crying All Seeing Eyes!
Of Fate Love,
Of Love! Itself! The Truth Fabric,
That Lieth Not!

My Soul, opened, wide!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Tempest: My Soul Reveal! Art by Marc Aupiais! Copyright Marc Aupiais
All Rights Strictly Reserved!

Skeletal instruction skeletal in structure,
Like a manta-ray, did my soul's chest open wide,
Grey in Matter, as a feeding fish might!

I opened you, to you,
I opened me within.
I showed you my lighted darkness,
My shadows deepness within.

Why I trust you,
I know it not!
As I vulnerability become!
As I break and force my hopes!

My soul opened up, I let you in!
And there you stood Scalpel, or lancet in hand,
To hurt or heal within!

As my soul's eye drops a single tear,
Upon your almost black hair within!

Why, I trust you, but am I safe!

A Scalpel, a Lancet Within!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Forest and my soul- a poem - 2009y/04d/05m

Image by Marc Aupiais- All Rights reserved!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Alone.. the forest I brave, I view the twilight serenade...
In Deathly silence do I wade:
The darkened trees, make the stroll an escapade:
Desperate, the silent night's knife drives me on,
Alone, lonesome, terrified, I hardly dare a glance, a breath

All alone I stroll: abandoned by you,
Apart from hope,
Broken, and terrified I walk:
Desiring that you be here to be,

Separate do we, stroll, and walk ...walk: through the wood, and onto the deathly ice!
Hope now wavers: truth near shattered,
In the forest, my soul vibrates!


Poem by Marc Aupiais

There's silence about it all-
All noise quite distantly background!

Grey! Though colours exist!
Grey! And dark!
In the cold of dark,
Colours faded tangerine!

Into greyest of all backgrounds, grey!

There's something I want to say,
As dawn with my heart,
Sculpt a play!
And all, copper grey!

Destroys my heart,
But peach more, then just staid!

For copper forms can do no harm,
Breath, and life,

Beyond sage!

Coldness within

Image by Marc Aupiais- Copyright! No unauthorised reproduction allowed!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Coldness! Is eminent!
Imminently, I must sense!
I am warmly dressed! In this land!
Infinity Minus-
All in reverse!

I am cold! My arms, my legs,
My heart! Frosted away! With melting ice!

And the sun cannot warm away my cold- icy-cold!
No heat can!
Nothing impacts!
On this cold!

I sit here,
Frozen in invisible ice!
Unable to move-
This cold- too cold!

Frosted over,
Covered under the icy snow!
Invisible! You cannot see!
Likely will never discover me,
Invisible for all the ice you see!

I sit here! In the icy cold!
Imagining a cross-hatch,
Image in an adventure book!

I am so cold, all of me is cold! So cold! Too cold!
You have covered me,
Hid me,
As you focus on your ice, and glaciers!

I am invisible,
More so than ice!

I am so cold!
Coldness takes my heart!
My life!

My breathe, drained white,
Soul! On snow!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Poem by Marc Aupiais

You want me to hide it;
My feelings on life;
Silence wins,
You say;
Illusion conquers;

You think I don't know that;
That I'm some pity pitiable dish;
If I'm broken so be it;
So be it if I'm crumbling;

Like Sparta: you tell me not to; not to scream;

If I'm broken so be it,
My integrity is everything~
If I'm broken so be it-

I'm not gonna hide it and be ashamed~

I don't play your life, shame, name games!

Books were my friend.. When I was a child

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Books my friend..
Characters my best mates,
As a child! I read! I read!
I escaped! I read!

And past bedtime, I read!
Instead of homework!
From novels to Quantum Physics,
Primary School Marc!

And that was me,
Fascinated with the world!
Hiding my many pains,
In an Invisible trove!
Just for God!

But the books changed,
As did life!

And here I am!
Reading old books!
In a language many can't understand, their claimed own!
With happy endings;
Which no longer exist!
To me!

In a world, where rules:
Lies; fantasies!

And the honest are to be condemned!

I wonder at my oldest books;
Of something called

... ...
... ... ...Christianity~

I press pause on life, but it goes on, I just don't see, where it goes on!!?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I pause the medium,
It stops!
I can rewind!

Not life! I can't rewind,
I pause. It goes on!
I am worse! Worse off for my break!
The tortoise beat me!
I took a pausing break!

And I blinked! The world changed!
All I valued, All I had!
Had almost begun,
But fades!

And I wonder,
Am I alive yet?

Life doesn't take a pause!
And here I am, behind!
An enemy,
Because I'm too Real!
Too true,

In the world;
Where Illusions Rule!

If there were a heaven for me, Blackness would be imminence, eminence

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I look at the world,
So bright, too bright, flashing lights!
Imminent voice,
Eminent noise,

As the evil always win,
And the soft, become brittle,
Turn to dust!

Your world, love, you encourage it!
All complicit,
In this game,
Of light!

No! If there were hope for me,
Blackness, in it I'd cede!

To nothingness! Void!
Away from the tempting lights of false hope!

This Universe, is all alone!
None in it are company!

To emptiness I'd fight!
But none of it is in sight!

Only the consistent inconstant.. Voice of Noise!

You recite to me, the peculiar rules of play

Poem by Marc Aupiais

You recite these, rules, don't cry wolf,
You speak of these, games, don't cry, wolf!

You speak riddles,
And ignite hopes!

In this desperate world!
Where you take, and I mayn't hate!
You, have, of no truth but co-incidence!
And I've nothing,

No future or incredibly bleak!
A pencil drawing,
You rub, oh joyous glory,
But only to erase,

For the sin,
Of being what I am,
And mortal, I Am,

My Fairytale! Ending!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I look at you, hardly sad,
Affected, not affected!
You live your life,
Breaking mine!

As I struggle,
I break!
I am the wall keeping me in!
My mind is a prison!
Holding me in!

As I leave this world,
I am with you!
But the fall back to graveyard earth,
Hits me like a broken shovel!

As I conjure a thousands millions magic spells!
Illiterate in your broken world!

Punished, scapegoat for others' sins!
In a world that doesn't judge them.
Though it condemns me, in my sickness,

Vindictive for judging!
I fall again! I fall! Again!

Closer than ever,
Reality again!

It's a shame! A real shame!
I say!

As colours re-emerge!
Life goes on,
My life!
In this desert winds,
Fiery earths!

A broken soul,
Walks a broken world!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Poem by Marc Aupiais

Twilight sunset,
Breaking Dawn,
Upon the broken terrain,

Perfect weather,
Serene terrain!

Everything you have,
To make you possessor of all your miniature lands!

To make you queen of your dreams,
Beyond a broken steam!

Everything is yours,
In your infant mind!
Queen of infants everywhere,
Acting just like them!

Everything is yours,
In this land of Nod!

But you don't have me;
But you won't have me!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anyone but you!!?

Poem by Marc Aupiais

They said you did right, I know not!
You're incapable, of good,
Inconstant, foolish girl,

I look at the fork,
In the road!
I see our paths,
Gradually move apart!

Sadly, knowing your fate,
Foolish girl!

I know your path, where it heads,
As the world, ass, hopes,
You'd do right! And not bray!

They know not you,
Your foolish discontent! Your deadly disconnect!

And I cry! Because I love you!
Foolish ancient am I!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Great Un-great Dead

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Mr Lincoln, Republican,
Slavery, civil war, Democrats,
Kill him,
"Great American President";

So goes the obituary,
So works the Western way!

The greatest men are dead,
For cause, whether theirs,
Or accident!

And if not dead,
They made sure to kill,
Blood alone makes a nation!

And in Africa,
To be in prison is great,
And Others acts make you so!
Sporting events,
Bowing to the West!

While pretending to oppose it!

The Great Men, Living and Living Dead!

Who attack minorities;
Who call for our deaths;
Want our property;
To take away our sleeping beds!

Not much different,
Than the great,
Great American presidents,
And the Indians they wiped out!
Or the great South African President,
The Great Kruger,
Who put Animals before man!

And while America committed Genocide,
South Africa,
Enforced cheap labour!

As we do even now!
Under our Great Presidents,
Enslaving little Asian boys and girls!

BRIC by Brick,
We and NATO,
Build Un Monde,
One world,

On born and unborn,

And minorities,
Are ignored,
However vital,

For the special interest,
Minority made up.
Or of actions, for the day!

The Great Western Presidents,
Who take away innocent lives,
Making them seem Great!
Killing children, indirect,
And their own children,
Destroying their wake!

The Great Westerners:
Who know how to praise;
Their own names!

Not the humble,
Who serves truly God, truth!
And you, love!
And you love,
Not his own inflated Mr Material "His-Self"!

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Man on the local street

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The man, is there,

Eyes yellow as the grass!
He intends me harm-
He eyes my stuff, my property!

I feel, I fight, I wage, I salary, or stood tight!

And he couldn't take what's mine!

The man was elected,
The man on the street!
By others like him!
Eye'ing my house,
What's all mine,
My estate!

And as a government,
These men took it,
And the businesses too!

They ran it!
Right into the ground!

And there is my house,
Now an empty plot!

The man on the street,
Yellow eyed,
Eyes now your house!

The uneducated outnumber!
In this numbers game,

Where the outnumbered good,
The laws forbid we, arbour fight!

Be our nation Catholic, or our heart white!

And elsewhere,
The persecuted wise,
Are different,

But the evil,
Uneducated fire-mongers,
Still desire to take,
And cannibalise,
Their house!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don't sing love songs to --about--me

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Don't sing love songs--
You fickle thing--
Prickly as a pear--
Miss little thing--

Don't sing songs of love--
That fickle thing j'adore!

Don't! For I know you--
Prickly fickle thing--

Not serious about life--

Always smiling--
Pickle smile--
Prickly smile--
Fickle smile!

You fickle fickle thing, Love!
Ah! Fickle! Fickle Pickle!