Saturday, September 24, 2011

The broken sun hath set, upon the greyest skies of blackest night sky

Poem by Marc Evan Aupiais

The sun! Still! Broken!
I stare! Concerned!
Will it set! Will it seem!
But it stands! Guarding!
It will not release!
Or allow darkness!
Which spills from my chalice!
Upon the hard, dark, brown, black earth!

Ashen clouds! Serenade the sun!
Darkness pledges!
Unity and some!

And the dark! Broken sun!
And disappears,
Red as my rushing artery blood!

And darkness covers every sky!
Even where the sun is up!

And the last sun does set before my eyes!
As in the background!
A grandmother clock, does tick, tick. Tick.

And then, like cardiac arrest,

And then dawn!
When no sun does rise,
Nothing will ever again set!

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