Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Forget life...

Grand lighting spotlight, it edges... it breaks, it shatters, and lights a human face.
The golden shards break forth and are exclaimed as wonderment and heaven incarnate.

A human awakes... and speaks and interacts, with others of their species,
Vipers, who lie, entangle and in pretence do smile, with calmly furtive falsity,
Scales await to strike, and consume humankind, their own kind.

Murder, is entertainment of a kind,
Leaders are absolved.
Size, is the stature of a kind, physical stature is a standard,
Lies are a wisdom, of humankind, deception is to acclamation.

In this vacuum human kind,
In this stark black world,
Even the moonlight is deceptive, and the goddess of the Greeks,
Leads men to stumble, over shadows that are crevices and chasms,
And fall into invisible human cooking pots, to roast for all mankind,

Indeed, forget life, and all her wiles, and endless array of inhuman wares,
Forget pride and envy, for you are imprisoned with the devil, and his kind,
Do not enjoy too much your kind, You are merely here to do your time,

And hope one day for aquittal, for God to take you from your kind,
And end the misery of you, and all humankind.
In this, the sentence of living...